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Emails hosting is a very valuable resource nowadays, with the explosion in demand for email services and the huge number of people who send and receive email messages every day. Email hosting can be a very attractive option for companies, especially as a means of gaining new customers.Hosting companies that offer email hosting necessarily have large server resources. Email hosting is potentially a very large enterprise, depending on how many bells and whistles are offered. Email hosting [...]

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(Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania) - 1&1 is one of the world’s leading Web hosting providers. 1&1 currently offers a wide range of Web hosting products, including email solutions and high-end servers in 10 different countries including Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the United States. Known for its comprehensive and ... updated Sep 2018
  • No. plans: 58
  • No. testim: 4
  • Alexa Rating1,262
  • Links Count: 35,726
  • Email Essentials
    : $ 1.99/mo.($ 4.99 after first term) : Linux Emails
  • Email Plus
    : $ 3.99/mo.($ 5.99 after first term) : Linux Emails
  • No. plans: 38
  • No. testim: 7
  • Alexa Rating174
  • Links Count: 66,506

(Leeds, West Yorkshire) - Webhosting UK (WHUK) was established in the year 2001 with a pivotal aspiration to offer the best quality unmatched services and customer satisfaction that was in everyone's price range. Since it's inception, Webhosting UK has been committed to entrust customers with effective & easy to use web ... updated Jul 2016

  • No. plans: 54
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating169,862
  • Links Count: 421

(Pearl River, New York) - World Class Web Hosting Services Consistently ranked among the top ten web hosting providers worldwide, EasyCGI has demonstrated its ability to provide reliable and advanced hosting services. EasyCGI has custom developed an infinitely-expandable shared web hosting platform, which allows ... updated Jun 2016
  • No. plans: 9
  • No. testim: 1
  • Alexa Rating321,355
  • Links Count: 461

(Toronto, Ontario) - is a leading worldwide provider of superior, affordable and reliable hosting services. With over 50,000 web hosting customers located in more than 170 countries, continues to demonstrate an extraordinary level of value and choice to their customers. Founded in January 199 updated Jun 2016
  • No. plans: 17
  • No. testim: 1
  • Alexa Rating232,183
  • Links Count: 1,928

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Plan NameBrandPlatformDiskSpaceTransferPriceSetupDate Plan
Business Iconlicosys.comLinux5 GB SSDunmeteredHKD 120.00/yr.02018-10-15 Iconregister365.comLinux5 GBunmetered€ 4.71/mo.02018-10-12
Business Email Iconwebhostsg.netCloud5 GB SSDunmeteredSGD 0.95/mo.02018-10-06
Mail Icon1and1.comLinuxunlimitedunmetered$ 0.99/mo.02018-09-26
Email Iconhostpresto.comLinux1 GBunmetered£ 3.50/mo.02018-09-23 Iconfreeola.comLinuxunlimitedunmetered£ 2.00/mo.02018-09-17
GIGA Iconthegigabit.comLinux20 GBunmeteredMYR 350.00/mo.02018-09-15
EBiz Mail PRO - 20 Iconexabytes.myWindows20 GBunmeteredMYR 69.99/mo.02018-09-14 Iconlcn.comLinux10 GBunmetered€ 1.32/mo.02018-09-13
Mail Iconstrato.deLinux50 GBunmetered€ 0.70/mo. (€ 1.5 after 6 mo.)€ 102018-09-09
Email MBunmetered£ 0.99/mo.02018-09-09
Hosted Exchange Iconheartinternet.ukWindows50 GBunmetered£ 10.00/mo.02018-09-06
Dedicated Email Server Iconpipeten.comLinux/Windows20 GB SSDunmetered£ 15.00/mo.02018-09-02
Office 365 Business Iconrackspace.comWindows50 GBunmetered$ 8.00/mo.02018-09-01 Iconregister.comLinux15 GBunmetered$ 4.99/mo.02018-08-31
Mail Hosting - GBunmeteredIDR 80.000/mo.02018-08-31 GBunmeteredAUD 99.38/yr.02018-08-31
Premium Iconthexyz.comCloud25 GBunmetered$ 1.95/mo.02018-08-28
Email Icongodaddy.comLinux5 GBunmetered$ 1.99/mo. ($ 4.99 after first term)02018-08-26
Private Mail Server GB SSDunmeteredNGN 9.800/mo.02018-08-23 Iconnamecheap.comLinux3 GBunmetered$ 9.88/yr.02018-08-22 Icongaranntor.ngLinux2 GBunmeteredNGN 1.500/yr.02018-08-22 GBunmeteredAUD 9.95/mo.02018-08-15 GBunmeteredAUD 104.99/yr.02018-08-14
Bulk SMTP | Dedicated Mail Server | Email Marketing | Send Bulk Iconinstantbulksmtp.comLinux/Windows5 GB SSDunmetered$ 1,000.00/mo.02018-08-04

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