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(Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania) - 1&1 is one of the world’s leading Web hosting providers. 1&1 currently offers a wide range of Web hosting products, including email solutions and high-end servers in 10 different countries including Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the United States. 1&1 introduced its distinctive ... updated Jul 2016

  • .com
    : $ 0.99/yr.($ 14.99 after 12 mo.) : Domains
  • No. plans: 40
  • No. testim: 4
  • Alexa Rating1,025
  • Links Count: 35,726
  • No. plans: 26
  • No. testim: 6
  • Alexa Rating1,948
  • Links Count: 27,284

(Los Angeles, California) - The year was 1997. The scene was a college dorm room. Four friends with a love of technology, open-source software, and a strong desire to help people get online banded together to create DreamHost. Built on open-source technology with a commitment to customer success, DreamHost provides domain regi

  • .com
    : $ 13.95/yr. : Domains
  • No. plans: 22
  • No. testim: 1
  • Alexa Rating10,595
  • Links Count: 15,931

(Alexandria, Virginia) - Founded in 2004 by a few university friends, SiteGround gradually but steadily turned into a leading web hosting service provider. With only a handful of people working from their university dorm rooms in the beginning, today the company has more than 320 employees and is constantly growing. We proc updated Apr 2016

  • .COM
    : € 15.95/yr. : Domains
  • No. plans: 13
  • No. testim: 1
  • Alexa Rating5,460
  • Links Count: 17,610

Quick comparison of the last added cheapest plans for brands in Domains hosting products

Plan NameBrandPriceDate Plan£ 9.95/yr.2018-08-17 79.00/yr.2018-08-14
.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .nl, .be,€ 0.75/mo.2018-08-09
.tz Domain Registrationdudumizi.netTZS 25.000/yr.2018-08-03
.comz.comPHP 715.00/yr.2018-07-31
Domain Name Registrationinfoquest.comon request2018-07-24$ 11.99/yr.2018-07-21€ 15.95/yr.2018-07-21
.com Domain$ 10.99/yr.2018-07-18
.COMhostnic.idIDR 150.000/yr.2018-06-23,.com,.org,.net,.info,.biz, 299/yr.2018-06-06$ 10.00/yr.2018-05-30
.москва$ 6.77/yr.2018-05-28€ 10.99/yr.2018-05-28$ 3.95/yr. ($ 15.99 after 12 mo.)2018-05-25
.COM Domain Name$ 6.90/yr.2018-05-24$ 10.00/yr.2018-05-23$ 7.99/yr. ($ 8.99 after first term)2018-05-23
.NET.AU Domains$ 13.00/yr.2018-05-23
.comename.comCNY 60.00/yr.2018-05-09
.com .biz .co .info .net$ 12.95/yr.2018-05-07
.com .net .info .org .eu€ 13.33/yr.2018-05-04€ 116.00/yr.2018-04-25
Sunrise Domain 99.00/yr.2018-04-06 700.00/yr.2018-03-27$ 34.99/mo.2018-03-25
.com .net .org .info .biz .us$ 14.95/yr.2018-03-23$ 13.80/yr.2018-03-21
.comweb.comon request2018-03-21
.com$ 9.99/yr.2018-03-21$ 10.99/yr.2018-03-21$ 9.99/yr.2018-03-21£ 11.99/yr.2018-03-20$ 10.99/yr.2018-03-19$ 14.99/yr.2018-03-19
.CO.KE Domain Nameskenyawebexperts.comKES 499/yr.2018-03-17$ 8.99/yr. ($ 12.49 after first term)2018-03-16$ 14.95/yr.2018-03-13
.com .net .org .biz .info .name .mobi$ 12.95/yr.2018-03-13
.NG Domainhub8.comNGN 1.490/yr.2018-03-12
.infordxhost.infoINR 20.00/yr.2018-03-09 12.75/yr.2018-03-08 17.99/yr. (AUD 17.99 after first term)2018-03-07 99.00/yr.2018-03-05€ 8.80/mo.2018-03-03$ 8.99/yr. ($ 12.5 after first term)2018-03-02$ 10.95/yr.2018-03-02
.com .net .org .info$ 19.95/yr.2018-03-02$ 13.95/yr.2018-02-27$ 8.99/mo. ($ 16.99 after first term)2018-02-27

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.FR Domains Now Free With A Hosting Plan - Jul, 2017 - The .FR domain extension was introduced to the public back in 1986. However, for years on end it was available only to registrants who have a local presence in France. It was not until 2011 that the .FR domain registration process was liberalized and the local ...