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lynn ( -kein email- )
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You may find it surprising because I am one who wouldn’t recommend justhost to anyone. Justhost is very unethical and thief! Justhost suspended my account with no warning and send me email with so little details. I had to email them request information about files back up, transfer domain, and domain dns. I had to bother them to get what I need from justhost. I felt like that justhost held my domains like a hostage. It should have emailed me with all details that I need to get all information to transfer along suspension email. It would save me from stress and calling justhost selfish. Justhost is like other hosting who treat other customers a crap!

The reason justhost suspended me is my website use more than 10% of cpu. It should have contact me and warn me first and resolve it with me, but it chose to suspended me without a warning.

This information is the fact. It is up to you believe me or not. I wouldn’t want anyone face same fate like I did, so I am not recommending anyone to use justhost. Justhost is good for website which won’t get real popular.

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