Aptg.com.tw Domain Type (DV) - RapidSSL, TWD 1.000,00/Jahr

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💳 Zahlungsarten :Kredit- / Debit- / Prepaid-Karten
🔨 Systemsteuerung :Plesk
🔧 Kategorie :DNS
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📜 Planbeschreibung

Encryption protection
The transmission channel between the browser user and the web server is encrypted to protect the information transmission process

Increase user confidence
Provide up to 256Bit encryption bit protection, encryption strength is the same as network ATM, increase user browsing confidence

SEO search engine optimization
In August 2014, Google announced that it will improve the search scores of SEO on encrypted websites and improve website visibility

Individual evidence
The personal data protection law is increasingly valued. When a user submits that personal data is illegally collected, processed, or used by a website, the SSL certificate will provide effective evidence that no intention or negligence

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    Weakness scans 20 times,
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    giving suggestions for improvement
    , which can catch 85% of the vulnerabilities