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Lancashire Web Company launches high-performance global serving for UK businesses LogoJuli 22, 2015 - Lancaster-based web agency and hosting provider Nublue has released a new Smart Serve CDN (content delivery network) service for its web hosting clients. This method of serving significantly improves websites' speed and performance in other countries, giving UK businesses the opportunity to increase their market reach on a global scale. Some of Nublue's clients have already been testing the benefits of Smart Serve CDN for their own hosting, and the web company has now made the service available to all businesses through their website.

CDN is a way of serving websites which makes them faster and more responsive for visitors in other countries, shortcutting the distance involved to transmit parts of a site's content. Faster, smoother websites can rank higher in search engine results and create a better user experience for customers, which could increase businesses' conversions too. CDN has also been shown to decrease bounce rate and increase website page views, and can reduce site owners' hosting costs too – so it could be an ideal solution for many UK businesses.

Smart Serve CDN works by ‘outsourcing' the processes involved in sending websites across the internet from servers to screens (in tech speak, caching sites' static content such as HTML, images, CSS and JavaScript on localised ‘edge' servers based in overseas users' home countries). Using CDN, it takes less time and less data to put a website together on visitors' screens, whether they're in Budapest or Buenos Aires – and websites run faster and smoother despite the distance. In essence, it's “many servers make light work”.

With a faster, smoother user experience of UK sites for visitors overseas, plus the potential for higher search rankings, Smart Serve CDN could be a highly effective tool for UK businesses looking for more international exposure.

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Clients can target specific continents or a global network with the click of a button
Prices start from 15p per GB on an unmetered Smart Serve CDN package, while metered options range from £6.99 to £59.99 per month. Nublue can also tailor bespoke CDN packages to suit businesses' individual needs and ambitions
Personalised, first-class UK support as standard from independently rated hosting experts

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