Palo Santo vs. Servicom - Nov 2018

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Palo Santo ( has been added on Dec 17, 2006.
Servicom ( has been added on Oct 27, 2008.

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Cdla. Nueva Kennedy, Calle E #222
Guayaquil ec090112
Quito pichincha 593
RanksAlexa Rating2,369,481▼-549276 (lower is better)
Domains153 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in EC 15,128
Alexa Rating9,511,296▼-3412182 (lower is better)
InfoPaloSanto Solutions - Soluciones en Linux en el Ecuador, y desarrollo de software. Read full review.You need space on the web, you need to advertise your products & services in the wide world of the www?

Let us give you the solution, we present the best hosting plans and resellers, manage your own email accounts, manage your control panel to your liking and best of all advertise your products and / or services not only nationally but also worldwide.

Stability to 100%, secure servers with the highest standards of quality and security.

Plans according to your budget including domain [...]
Read full review.
Site speedFast, load 1.2 sec. 69% sites are slower
SEO Links count 50
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Palosanto Solutions
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