Orion Telekom vs. VeratNet - Aug 2018

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Orion Telekom (oriontelekom.rs) has been added on Nov 10, 2016.
VeratNet (verat.net) has been added on Sep 27, 2007.

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Zemun Polje, small lines no. 8
Zemun 11080
Kralja Aleksandra I Karadjordjevica 97
Kragujevac 34000
Phone+381 (0) 11 4100200+38134366110, Fax: +38134366110
RanksAlexa Rating331,726▼-2390 (lower is better)
Domains3,995▼-307 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in RS 968
Alexa Rating595,478▲23247 (lower is better)
Alexa Rank in RS 3,283
Languagessr-RS en-US Lt-sr-SP
InfoThe company Orion Telecom was formed in 2010 in Belgrade, the integration of the three leading alternative Internet service provider (Media Works, Neobee.net and SezamPro). Although we are a young company, behind us standing experience in telecommunications 20 years old. The name was obtained by the constellation Orion - brightest constellation, visible from every part of the planet earth. For this symbolism, powerful enough to announce the company's ambitions.

The ownership structure of [...]
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VeratNet is Internet Service Provider with the fastest development in this field and one of the biggest players in IT industry in region.

Through strong developed strategy, VeratNet has reached the top of technological development, representing itself as innovative promoter in telecommunications field.

Expansion and development are the results of intensive cooperation between sectors, as well as knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication of employees.

VeratNet is focused on services that [...]
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Established-June, 1998
Site speedFast, load 1.1 sec. 78% sites are slower
SEO Links count 215
Slow, load 3.2 sec. 18% sites are slower
SEO Links count 126
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oriontelekom.rs Iconozbiljna_veza
Started from: February, 2013
  • Tweets: 911
  • Followers: 1,526
  • Friends: 1,201
  • Language: sr,und
  • Last activity: Apr 19, 2018
verat.net IconVeratNet
Started from: April, 2009
  • Tweets: 356
  • Followers: 403
  • Friends: 292
oriontelekom.rs IconOrion Telekom
  • Likes:1
  • Talking peoples about them: 116
  • Last activity: Jun 02, 2018
verat.net IconVeratNet
  • Likes:1
  • Talking peoples about them: 1
  • Last activity: May 19, 2016
  • Followers:173
  • Entity type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 2008
  • Employee Count: 2-10
  • Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
-verat.net IconVeratNet
  • Circled accounts:30
  • Last activity: Jan 10, 2012
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