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127 N. 7th Street
Salina, KS 67401
200 ARCO Place, Box 130
Independence, KS 67301
Phone(877) 334-4474888-332-1616
RanksAlexa Rating1,683,638▲168,550 (lower is better)
Alexa Rank in IN 169,371
Alexa Rating9,175,731▲7,140,585 (lower is better)
Alexa Rank in BR 26,260
InfoISG Technology has leveraged its 30+ years of IT infrastructure experience to build high availability data centers that provide our clients with world-class hosting. All of our locations offer advanced power and cooling, redundant systems and hardware, emergency backup generators, and redundant connectivity.

Whether you're looking to colocate a single server or are needing multiple dedicated cabinets, ISG can accommodate your needs. Our customized colocation packages are designed to ensure [...]
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At Valnet Telecommunication we connect people and businesses with information and tools to make their online experience fast, easy and secure. We bring the latest innovations to the door steps of your home or business. Our goal is to provide our customers with bandwidth, software, hardware, and other tools that are critical in their everyday experience. We also believe in the empowering of communities one life at a time, which we show through our participations in the E-rate program. Through [...] Read full review
EstablishedJuly, 2004-
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ISG Technology Inc
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  • Founded: 1982
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  • Industry: Information Technology & Services

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