Ezecom vs. Host Asean - Aug 2019

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Ezecom (ezecom.com.kh) has been added on Oct 04, 2016.
Host Asean (hostasean.com) has been added on Jul 24, 2015.

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Email marketing@h...
Phone023 888 181+855 966122972
RanksAlexa Rating562,560▼-51,885 (lower is better)
Domains26 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in KH 509
Alexa Rating3,781,512▼-879,454 (lower is better)
Domains89▼-2 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in KH 12,096
InfoWe are a leading provider of innovative communication services, mainly in quality fiber optic internet connection, but also a whole host of other internet-based VAS solutions and services such as DDoS mitigation and web hosting. EZECOM also provides world-class data center services with a comprehensive fibre optic network, the latest connectivity technology, and we have been serving both the SME market & the corporate market in Cambodia for many years, which has propelled us to become one of [...] Read full reviewCambodia's first dedicated website hosting provider. We offer fast and affordable business website and email hosting based in Cambodia. By hosting your email near to where you and your customers are, you can enjoy much faster speeds over hosting in Europe or North America. Read full review
Site speedVery fast, load time 0.9 seconds 83% sites are slower
SEO Links count 118
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Social Media
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Started from: May, 2015
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ezecom.com.kh IconEZECOM
  • Likes:273,329
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hostasean.com IconHostAsean.com
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