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Dream VPS (dreamvps.com) has been added on Dec 29, 2018 and last updated on Dec 18, 2019. Trusted and verified by WHTOP on 2019.
up.co.il (up.co.il) has been added on Sep 16, 2008.

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HaHistadrut Ave 246

Phone+18452031154, (+972) 079-5599-110073-232-00-32
RanksAlexa Rating487,118▼-40,505 (lower is better)
Alexa Rank in IR 99,333
Alexa Rating9,079,817▲3,643,127 (lower is better)
Alexa Rank in IL 51,257
Languages en-UShe
InfoEstablished in 2007, DreamVPS is a web hosting company dedicated for individuals or entrepreneurs worldwide. They claim they have over 10K hosted WordPress sites, over 2000 servers and what is more, their servers can be customized by users.

They offer the following services: VPS Hosting; Shared hosting; WordPress Hosting;
DreamVPS guarantees shared hosting packages designed by top-notch engineers, promising high performance with their servers, security protection, backups, as well as [...]
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up.co.il - אחסון אתרים בישראל על שרתי ווינדוס ולינוקס. Read full review
Site speed-Very fast, load time 0.4 seconds 97% sites are slower
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Shared Hosting - 4/2
Plan NameSTARTER [Linux/Windows]Business [Linux]
Price$ 3.75/mo.$ 14.76/mo.
Disk Space500 MB2 GB
Data Transfer150 GB20 GB
Hosted domains1unlimited
Free Domain0 
Control Panel CPanel
Server LocationIsraelIsrael
DescriptionINFO (mouse over)One Click Installs
Unlimited Subdomains
800Gbit+ Bandwidth

Have a peace of mind knowing that your site is operating at highest performance.

We take care of security, backups, troubleshooting and software and OS updates.

We’ll monitor your service to ensure 99.99% uptime and optimal server [...]
Date PlanDec 2019Dec 2018
Plan NameADVANCED [Linux/Windows]Ultra [Linux]
Price$ 4.75/mo.$ 26.84/mo.
Disk Space1 GB5 GB
Data Transfer300 GB100 GB
Hosted domains3unlimited
Free Domain0 
Control Panel CPanel
Server LocationIsraelIsrael
DescriptionSame as previous plansN/A
Date PlanDec 2019Dec 2018
Plan NamePREMIUM [Linux/Windows]-
Price$ 7.75/mo.-
Disk Space2 GB-
Data Transfer500 GB-
Hosted domains10-
Free Domain0-
Dedicated IPs0-
Control Panel -
Server LocationIsrael-
DescriptionSame as previous plans-
Date PlanDec 2019-
Plan NameSUPER PREMIUM [Linux/Windows]-
Price$ 12.99/mo.-
Disk Space10 GB-
Data Transfer750 GB-
Hosted domainsunlimited-
Free Domain0-
Dedicated IPs0-
Control Panel -
Server LocationIsrael-
DescriptionSame as previous plans-
Date PlanDec 2019-
VPS - 1/0
Plan NamePREMIUM [Linux/Windows]-
Price$ 76.10/mo.-
Disk Space80 GB SSD-
Data Transfer5 TB-
Hosted domainsunlimited-
Free Domain0-
CPU4 CPU Core-
Dedicated IPs1-
Control Panel -
Server LocationIsrael-
DescriptionINFO (mouse over)800Gbit+ Bandwidth

Fastest network speeds up to 40 Gbit/s per server

Latest Xeon processors and unbeatable server speed

Zero-latency VPS hosting
Date PlanDec 2019-
Supported Operating Systems
  • Linux/Windows
  • Linux
List of products
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS
  • Shared Hosting
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