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Phone(+257) 22258363 (Burundi), (+254) 724445740 (Kenya) 
RanksAlexa Rating2,081,610▲297,790 (lower is better)
Alexa Rank in RW 665
Alexa Rating10,314,024▲2,626,395 (lower is better)
InfoAfriregister your registrar that always goes the extra mile‏ to serve you. The Domain name you are looking for is one click away. Choose from a wide range of African ccTLDs and gTLDs Read full reviewSince its establisment back in 2005, Esicia Ltd has been building great teams to develop, migrate or maintain high-end, mission-critical software.

We are a Rwandan based company that is specialized in the software development and system integration. We help private companies, and other organizations to integrate themselves into the new Information and Communication technologies. We develop programs and applications that allow organisations to be managed easily and we also give advices to [...]
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