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P.O. Box 1166
Milwaukee, WI 53201
PO Box 1616
Hudson, WI 54016
Phone1 414 7580249, Fax: 1 414 2243466+1 602 850 4044, Fax: +1 602 850 3660
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Alexa Rank in US 287,655
InfoAcclivius Software is a solutions provider for organizations and individuals, with a focus on resolving problems related to information management. We work primarily with small to medium business (SME), and as such we know that our solutions have to be cost effective and implementable with a minimal amount of technical knowledge by our users. We also provide full support for all of our solutions, to help ensure that you get the most out of the technology that we provide.

Let us handle your [...]
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Datarealm's super-fast network and web servers will quickly serve your website to your visitors - no matter where they are.

Founded in Philadelphia on October 1995, Datarealm is one of the original hosting companies that has held its position as a hosting leader by staying on the forefront of web hosting technologies. Datarealm currently hosts thousands of websites, from small non-profit churches to huge Fortune 5 companies and has been perfecting their hosting service ever since. Every [...]
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EstablishedJanuary, 2004July, 1995
Site speed-Fast, load 1.3 sec. 66% sites are slower
SEO Links count 118
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Started from: April, 2009
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Acclivius Software
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  • Industry: Education Management
Datarealm Internet Services, Inc
  • Followers:16
  • Entity type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 1995
  • Employee Count: 11-50
  • Industry: Internet
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  • Blog added on: 2012 Mar
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  • Last written post: Jun 02, 2016
Shared Hosting - 0/4
Plan Name-Datarealm Basic Plan [Linux]
Price-$ 11.21/mo.
Disk Space-250 MB
Data Transfer-10 GB
Hosted domains- 
Free Domain- 
Control Panel-
Server Location-
Description-INFO (mouse over)Datarealm Basic Plan will comfortably hold a small website. If you are looking to put a few pages on the net, this is the package for you.
Operating System:LinuxWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLWeb Hosting Server Features:BackupPassword Protect DirectoriesSe
Date Plan-Oct 2008
Plan Name-Datarealm Base 1 Plan [Linux]
Price-$ 18.71/mo.
Disk Space-1 GB
Data Transfer-20 GB
Hosted domains- 
Free Domain- 
Control Panel-
Server Location-
Description-INFO (mouse over)Datarealm Base 1 Plan is perfect for businesses looking to carve out a home on the web. It's an affordable way to take advantage of Datarealm's best hosting features and to present a very professional image on the internet at the same time.
Operating System:LinuxWeb Server Software [...]
Date Plan-Oct 2008
Plan Name-Datarealm Base 2 Plan [Linux]
Price-$ 37.46/mo.
Disk Space-2 GB
Data Transfer-30 GB
Hosted domains- 
Free Domain- 
Control Panel-
Server Location-
Description-INFO (mouse over)Datarealm Base 2 Plan was designed to offer the flexibility to experiment without penalty. With the plethora of features that they've loaded in this account, you can try a variety of new plans and ideas without having to sacrifice anything in your current setup. This package is perfect for [...]
Date Plan-Oct 2008
Plan Name-Datarealm Base 3 Plan [Linux]
Price-$ 56.25/mo.
Disk Space-3 GB
Data Transfer-50 GB
Hosted domains- 
Free Domain- 
Control Panel-
Server Location-
Description-INFO (mouse over)Datarealm Base 3 Plan has a special feature that Datarealm's other accounts do not offer: The ability to point domain names to directories within the account. This feature makes this account the ultimate match for a person or company wanting to run several websites from one source.
Operating [...]
Date Plan-Oct 2008
Supported Operating Systems
  • Linux
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LLM (erinsolg@g...)
on Jan 16, 2008
More and more UNreliable. Poor support. Common mail server problems and web server problems. Seems to be deteriorating.
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