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1Gb.ru (1gb.ru) has been added on Apr 14, 2014 and last updated on Dec 26, 2016.
Major HOST (majorhost.net) has been added on Apr 12, 2017.

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Пресненская набережная 12
Moscow 123100

Phone8 800 555-1540
RanksAlexa Rating69,005▲2,723 (lower is better)
Domains1,813▼-4 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in RU 5,434
Alexa Rating0 (0 is bad)
Languages ru-RUen
InfoWe have been working since 2002, our customers are many tens of thousands of individuals and organizations, we serve more than hundreds of thousands of sites.

Our specialization - virtual hosting and virtual servers. We are proud of the quality of services, usability, support team that interacts with our customers. Our company is one of the leaders of the Russian market leader in virtual hosting and effective hosting on the Microsoft platform.

Key principles 1Gb.ru work

Maximum ease [...]
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EstablishedFebruary, 2002-
Site speedAverage, load time 2.0 seconds 45% sites are slower
SEO Links count 13,556
Very fast, load time 0.6 seconds 93% sites are slower
SEO Links count 6
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Social Media 
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1gb.ru Icon1gbru
Started from: July, 2009
  • Tweets: 38
  • Followers: 576
  • Friends: 103
1gb.ru Icon1Gb.ru
  • Likes:289
  • People talking about them: 0
  • Last activity: Apr 6, 2018
1Gb.ru Blog
  • Blog Posts:40,203
  • First post from: Nov, -1
  • Language: ru-ru
  • Last written post: Nov 30, -1
Shared Hosting - 1/0
Plan Nameoptimally [Linux/Windows]-
PriceRUB 239.00/mo.-
Disk Space4 GB SSD-
Data Transferunmetered-
Hosted domains6-
Free Domain1-
Dedicated IPs0-
Control Panel[In-house]-
Server LocationRussian Federation-
DescriptionINFO (mouse over)Domain RU, the Russian Federation as a gift
processor load 7 %
number of mailboxes 20
Quality of Service Agreement
automatic backups
clouds Seafile (free!) or Skylable / S3
free SSL / HTTPS from LetsEncrypt
Date PlanDec 2016-
Virtual Dedicated Hosting - 1/0
Plan NameVZ-Pro [Linux]-
PriceRUB 855.00/mo.-
Disk Space20 GB-
Data Transfer2 TB-
Hosted domainsunlimited-
Free Domain0-
CPU1 core Xeon E5500 @2400-
Dedicated IPs1-
Control Panel[In-house], ISPmanager, OpenVZ-
Server LocationRussian Federation-
DescriptionINFO (mouse over)The amount of virtual memory, MB 2304
Disc load averaged over 5 minutes up to 8 Mb / s

The maximum capacity of the CPU, MHz 2400
Linux x64 (AMD64) / OpenVZ
Traffic outgoing / incoming> 2/1, more than 30% of the Russian
Linux / Gentoo 2008, 2011, Ubuntu 12.04
1Gb Panel - combination of [...]
Date PlanDec 2016-
Supported Operating Systems
  • Linux/Windows
  • Linux
List of products
  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated Hosting
Support Options
  • Email
Payment Options
  • Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
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