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The company has 4 products on Managed and 1 products on Domains (with the following platform distribution: 4 plans on Linux and 1 plans on Unknown).

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David Theron you where a Fighter and we will miss you RIP dear friend. - Jan 13, 2019
It is with great sadness that we write here today, David Theron a friend and a fighter has crossed over. Blessings and condolences to David's family ...
Happy New Year!! - Jan 7, 2019
May the light of faith shine bright and may all the negativeness blow out.

Let us start a fresh New Year with trust, faith and cheerfulness. Happy ...
Thank you for being a valued customer throughout the year 2018. - Dec 19, 2018
To all our USL Customers,

Thank you for being a valued customer throughout the year 2018.

Thank you for your kind support & trust. Much ...
USL will be on skeleton staff until 7 Jan 2019 - Dec 19, 2018
USL will be on skeleton staff until 7 Jan 2019

Tickets will be answered in 24 hrs. Turnaround time up until 7 Jan 2019

Urgent Matters please Phone,
Free FAX 2 email - For All SA Customers - Sep 9, 2018
USL has partnered up with and all South African Customers Hosting with USL can have a free Fax 2 email service attached to one of ...

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About: Servers Hosting Webpages Domains & Hosting, Internet Radio.
Web: Skype:
Description: Universal Solutions Lab, We are a South African company that specializes in hosting, radios & dedicated servers and re-sellers for both. Our primary focus is quality. This quality is accompanied by affordability, support and most of all reliability. With an average up-time of over 99.996%, we are well and above the industry's standard.
Mission: USL is the best Partner for You
We Own a range of dedicated servers, ready to serve you

Deal direct with us the SEVER OWNER!

Great value Hosting, Radios & Private Dedicated Servers.

Why will you want to share resources with neighbours on a Server? Never knowing how much bandwidth or Computing power you might have from one moment to the next?

With a Private Server from USL, you enjoy both the easy configuration of WHM & Cpanel and the consistent high performance of a dedicated server.

You could even resell Hosting or Radios to your clients.

USL's transparent and supported hosting in our state-of-the-art data centers, at incredible value
prices, with help & support on hand whenever you need it.
Products: Hosting UNLIMITED C-Panel
Your Own Internet Radio Station
Your Own Hosting Company
Your very Own Server (limited time offer)
Phone: +27733674787

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