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The company has 4 products on Managed and 1 products on Domains (with the following platform distribution: 4 plans on Linux and 1 plans on Unknown).

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Email step by step Setup for iPhone (iOS7) Just Added - Feb 26, 2019
i Phone customers has asked for this tutorial we just added it today, ...
Account Statements Implemented - Jan 31, 2019
Account Statements Implemented for all customers.

Yes, you can now download your customised statement from the Billing menu chose Account Statement.
PHP 7.2 Now implemented on all USL servers - Jan 25, 2019
You welcome to test PHP 7.2 with your website or application.
USL Main Server and webpage update 11pm (23:00) Today 24 Jan 2019 - Jan 24, 2019
USL Main Server and webpage update 11pm (23:00) Today 24 Jan 2019

We will be working on the USL Main Server Enterprise updating PHP etc.. and also ...
David Theron you where a Fighter and we will miss you RIP dear friend. - Jan 13, 2019
It is with great sadness that we write here today, David Theron a friend and a fighter has crossed over. Blessings and condolences to David's family ...

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About: Servers Hosting Webpages Domains & Hosting, Internet Radio.
Web: Skype:
Description: Universal Solutions Lab, We are a South African company that specializes in hosting, radios & dedicated servers and re-sellers for both. Our primary focus is quality. This quality is accompanied by affordability, support and most of all reliability. With an average up-time of over 99.996%, we are well and above the industry's standard.
Mission: USL is the best Partner for You
We Own a range of dedicated servers, ready to serve you

Deal direct with us the SEVER OWNER!

Great value Hosting, Radios & Private Dedicated Servers.

Why will you want to share resources with neighbours on a Server? Never knowing how much bandwidth or Computing power you might have from one moment to the next?

With a Private Server from USL, you enjoy both the easy configuration of WHM & Cpanel and the consistent high performance of a dedicated server.

You could even resell Hosting or Radios to your clients.

USL's transparent and supported hosting in our state-of-the-art data centers, at incredible value
prices, with help & support on hand whenever you need it.
Products: Hosting UNLIMITED C-Panel
Your Own Internet Radio Station
Your Own Hosting Company
Your very Own Server (limited time offer)
Phone: +27733674787

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