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swizards.net is inactive webhosting brand!

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The company has 4 products on Shared and 4 products on VPS (with the following platform distribution: 8 plans on Linux).

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About: Hosting and Web Design services crafted for low latency, high speed, quality, non-stop security & 24/7 fast - expert support! https://www.kyneticweb.com/
Description: Hosting and Web Design services crafted for low latency and high speed, quality and non-stop security, 24/7 fast and expert support! With our hosting and web design solutions you can be assured that what matters most to us.. matters to you. That's Hosting In Motion!

Solid Hosting - Reliable, Fast & Managed
KyneticWeb offers hosting on a stable, tested and reliable platform that will provide you with unmatched reliability and speed. We offer several packages giving options that are just right for your business, that's plenty of space and bandwidth. It doesn't stop there, we also monitor our servers for security and any technical issues. In the concept of providing an solution, we can easily upgrade your hosting plans to accomodate your growth.. with no downtime! Our servers are crafted with precision and loads of care. Hosting sites based on Joomla!, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento and the growing in popularity Office Solution - Offiria.. just got easier!

Web Design
In today's digital world simply having a website is not going to cut it. Demands are becoming increasingly higher by visitors to web sites, visual appearances and usability are among the most important. At KYNETICWEB Designs, we not only understand this importance.. we live by these facts. Engaging, captivating, simple, elegant and brimming with branded uniqueness. Our methods of web development are unique to what others have to offer and we stand behind our innovative techniques 100%.

Virtual Office Solutions
Social networking has become an important part of our everyday lives and now we bring you that same interactive experience to the workplace. Introducing, the KyneticWeb Virtual Office Solution powered by Offiria. With familiar social media concepts, our virtual office solutions make office collaboration simple. commerce websites.
Mission: To provide an innovative and extremely reliable complete web solution for businesses online.
Products: Shared Solid-State-Drive (SSD) Hosting
Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
Managed Solid-State-Drive (SSD) VPS Hosting
Web Master Solutions
Social Media Management and Marketing
Online Office Distributions
Web Design and Development Services
Websites: https://www.kyneticweb.com/
Phone: +1 (956) 524-3375
Founded: 2014

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About: From Design, Development, SSD Hosting, Social Media Management &
phenomenal Webmaster Services; KyneticWeb takes it's work seriously and
we hold our clients as a top priority. Break away from
the generic drag and drop site schemes and impersonal hosting saturating
today's web-scape.
Tagline: Web Consultation, Hosting, Social Media Management & phenomenal Webmaster Services

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LiteSpeed Web Server Technologies provided for KyneticWeb Hosting Clients.LiteSpeed uses far less CPU and memory than other servers such as Apache and Nginx. The memory and CPU usage remains constant and predictable under nearly every situation, including traffic spikes and DDoS attacks. Upgrading your system to run LiteSpeed instead of Apache can double, triple or quadruple your server capacity. A server with a greater capacity is more stable and is less likely to suffer from overcrowding, resulting in a more responsive website. LiteSpeed Web Server Technologies provided for KyneticWeb Hosting Clients. - https://www.kyneticweb.com/blog/technologies/litespeed-web-server-technologies-provided-for-kyneticweb-hosting-clients/
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