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MidPhase Services
(Hosting Services, Inc)
517 W. 100 N.
Suite #225
Providence, UT 84332


1-866-MIDPHASE (Toll Free Phone)
+1-435-787-7101 (International)
Sales Hours M-Th: 8AM - 7PM CST
Sales Hours Friday: 8AM - 6PM CST

1-866-MIDPHASE (Toll Free Phone)
+1-435-787-7101 (International)
Billing hours: M-F 9AM - 5PM CST
Central Time

Tech Support & Customer Service
1-866-MIDPHASE (Toll Free Phone)
+1-435-787-7101 (International)
24 Hours per Day - 365 Days/Year

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This company is listed on WebHostingTop since 2005 and last updated on Nov 19, 2018

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  • 19 customer reviews ;
  • 3 testimonials ;
  • targeting one country (United States ) ;
  • 1 hosting discount
  • Is awarded brand by whtop.com ;
  • 27 plans into categories: Shared, Dedicated, VPS, Cloud, Domains, Website Builder ;
  • OS platforms: Linux, Unknown, Linux/Windows ;

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The company has 3 products on Shared, 6 products on Dedicated, 7 products on VPS, 4 products on Cloud, 1 products on Domains and 6 products on Website Builder (with the following platform distribution: 9 plans on Linux, 7 plans on Unknown and 11 plans on Linux/Windows).

About midphase.com

Started in 2003, Midphase has grown to over 150,000 customers. They began working from a couple home offices and have grown on their current Utah facility having by now over 75 employees.

Building a team of talented people revolves around the place they’re found. We’ve hand selected a few communities throughout the world to set up shop and form the team who delivers the service you want. Our teams are located in Providence and Salt Lake City, Utah, London, UK; Lviv, Ukraine; plus an office in Cochin, India.

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About: As part of the UK2 group, powered by THG Ingenuity, Midphase is committed to provided quality, affordable hosting services.

"I imagine Midphase is a big company - how can it not be? So I'm always surprised at how fast they were available through chat, and how fast they fixed issues with my domain.
They really seem to care about the customers, and they definitely pay attention to your needs. Thank you, Midphase for helping a freelancer out. It's greatly appreciated."

"I've used MidPhase since 2008 and can't recall ever having a single issue with outage, slow load-times or back-end functionality. Customer service has always been spot-on and ready to assist.

Also, another big thing for me is that they stay current with upgrades to their system so security is a non-issue. I'm currently hosting over 10 websites with MidPhase and recommend their service hands down over any major competitor out there."

Luis G. from JLinfotech.com
"Every time I get a fast response and a knowledgeable person."

Alex K.
"Best shared hosting service I ever used with best-in-class support!"

Ross A.
"The standard for a great customer experience."

Jason H.
"You guys really knock it out of the park."
Mission: Midphase aims to provide the absolute best web hosting by focusing on speed, price and reliability.
Products: Shared web hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, domain name registration, and reseller hosting.
Websites: http://www.midphase.com
Phone: (866) 643-7427
Founded: 2003

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Midphase is the all-American web hosting company. Since 2003, the company has been helping businesses and individuals from the 50 states get set up online. Midphase offers website addresses, web design, and the full spectrum of web hosting from shared to dedicated.

The company can also get you established with an ecommerce store or a blog. Whatever you need, though, Midphase’s services don’t come with a shelf life. The company has everything businesses need to grow from grassroots to canopy level and beyond.
Company Type: Privately Held
Industries: Internet
Employee Count Range: 11-50
Specialties: Website HostingWebsite BuilderDomain Name RegistrationCloud HostingDedicated ServersReseller Hosting

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About: Midphase a leading web hosting company, is part of the UK2 Group,
which provides service for over 1,000,000 domains in 140 countries.
Founded in 2003, Midphase has grown from no customers to having over
120,000 customers. We began working from a couple home offices and have
grown and expanded to our current facility in Providence, Utah. Our
staff has grown from the original two founders to over 200 employees.
Tagline: Cheapest Shared Website Hosting Services

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