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Host Malabar
No: 388
Gs2, Heavenly Plaza
India - 682021

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This company is listed on WebHostingTop since 2014 and last updated on Oct 21, 2016

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  • 102 customer reviews ;
  • 0 customer testimonials
  • no hosting discount ;
  • 6 plans into categories: Shared, Dedicated, Reseller, VPS ;
  • OS platforms: Linux, Windows ;

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The company has 2 products on Shared, 1 products on Dedicated, 2 products on Reseller and 1 products on VPS (with the following platform distribution: 4 plans on Linux and 2 plans on Windows).

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Linr1 Server Down due to Maintainence - Jul 14, 2019
Linr1 Server Down Due to Maintainence

End Time: 14/07/2019 14:00[IST]
Massive Hike in cPanel Price !! - Jul 11, 2019
s we all knows cPanel announced a massive price increase and a complete change to their billing model, by adding an additional layer of billing per ...
Win1 Server Maintainence Scheduled. - Jul 9, 2019
Win1 Server Maintainence Scheduled.

Start Time: 10/07/2019: 10:00 AM[IST]

End Time: 10/07/2019: 18:00 [IST]

During the maintainence Period Plesk
BharatPe QR Code Added for Payment - Jul 3, 2019
BharatPe QR Code Added for all payments
Linux12 Restarted - Jun 28, 2019
Linux12 Server Restarted for software Updations.

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About: We are a hosting Provider located at Kerala,India. We are Providing low budget Linux/shared Hosting on SSD Servers located in Europe or US.
Description: Verified
Mission: Verified
Products: Domains, Shared/Reseller Hostings[Linux & Windows], Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Server From 400+ Locations
Phone: 9745930060

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