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DomainInvest.LU (DI S.A.)
11, rue de Bitbourg
L-1273 Luxembourg

VAT no: LU23697759

372 Old St,
EC1V 9AU London

This company is listed on WebHostingTop since 2006 and last updated on Mar 20, 2019

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  • 25 plans into categories: Shared, Dedicated, Reseller, VPS, Domains, SSL Certificates ;
  • OS platforms: Linux, Unknown, Linux/Windows ;

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Listed and verified since 2006

Current product offer

The company has 8 products on Shared, 4 products on Dedicated, 4 products on Reseller, 4 products on VPS, 1 products on Domains and 4 products on SSL Certificates (with the following platform distribution: 16 plans on Linux, 5 plans on Unknown and 4 plans on Linux/Windows).


Reasons to choose

Price lock guarantee
We guarantee to never raise your hosting prices for the lifetime of your hosting account with us. The price you see and pay on the website (excluding specials – which are clearly indicated) is the price you will pay when it is time to renew your hosting account. Any special offers with an introductory phase are clearly indicated with no small print.

24X7X365 In-house Customer Service
We work around the clock to provide you with friendly, helpful support when you need it. And when we say 24×7, we mean it! Websites and servers never sleep and that means no matter what the hour, what the day, our team is here to support you – including Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays.

We're green
We are green web hosting providers, our datacentre is highly power efficient with a PUE of under <1.3. The servers we use are the latest Intel powered low power CPUs offering great performance with economical energy usage. We recycle the vast majority of our datacentre and our office waste, and we firmly believe in doing right by the environment.

Our Datacentre and Servers are in the UK
Many competitors offer hosting from France, The Netherlands or either further afield! Our network, datacentre and servers are all housed in the UK. Our Tier 3+ Midlands datacentre offers lightning fast speeds to visitors across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.


Web Hosting
cPanel Hosting
Free Hosting Migration
Cheap Web Hosting
Reseller Hosting
VPS Hosting
CubeCart Hosting
Free Startup Package

Dedicated Server Hosting
WordPress Dedicated Servers
CentOS Servers
CloudLinux Dedicated Servers
cPanel Dedicated Servers
Debian Dedicated Servers

1-click apps

Joomla! / eCommerce / WordPress / phpBB / Zen Cart

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About: Fast and affordable Hosting Packages for all your needs.
Description: We offer the combination of fast servers, a reliable network, great customer service and all at an affordable price.
Products: Webhosting
Reseller Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated servers
Phone: +442035145647
Founded: 2012

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We understand that choosing the right web host can be difficult. We understand you want the combination of fast servers, a reliable network, great customer service and all at an affordable price. And that's exactly what we offer at Do not hesitate to contact us for more info
Company Type: Privately Held
Industries: Internet
Employee Count Range: 2-10
Specialties: Web HostingVPSReseller HostingDedicated Servers
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3514

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About: We understand that choosing the right web host can be difficult. We understand you want the combination of fast servers, a reliable network, great customer service and all at an affordable price. And that's exactly what we offer at Do not hesitate to contact us for more info
Tagline: Powerful UK based Web Hosting from

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