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Discovery House, 154 Southgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2EX,
United Kingdom.

Fasthosts is the trading name of Fasthosts Internet Limited.
Company registration No. 3656438. Registered in England and Wales.
VAT No. 720821857.

Support 0808 1686 777
Sales 0333 0142 700

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The company has 3 products on Shared, 6 products on Dedicated, 1 products on Reseller, 5 products on Virtual Dedicated, 2 products on Exchange, 8 products on VPS, 3 products on Cloud, 1 products on Domains, 2 products on Website Builder and 1 products on Emails (with the following platform distribution: 1 plans on Linux, 4 plans on Windows, 3 plans on Unknown, 16 plans on Linux/Windows and 8 plans on Cloud an).


Since 1999, Fasthosts has been designing new ways to give customers everything they need to manage and control their online space. Innovation drives everything we do, ensuring we offer the latest internet technology across our range of services including domain names, shared web hosting, business-class email, dedicated servers, cloud servers, secure online storage and online backup. We also maintain a highly successful reseller channel.


Our own UK-based data centres

Based in Gloucester, our two state-of-the-art data centres house thousands of web and mail servers, operating at full potential and maintained 24/7 by our team of expert engineers.

You can be 100% confident that Fasthosts technology delivers the reliability, security and performance you need to bring your projects to life. Since our inception in 1999, we’ve continuously invested in our multimillion pound data centre infrastructure. Whatever the size of your business or organisation, we take every possible step to ensure your website, email and other online services can always be relied upon.

ISO 27001 certification
The safest place for your data
Climate controlled environment
Uninterruptible power supply


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About: Hi! We are the Fasthosts Social Media Team. We're here to connect with people who have made us an Industry leader for over 14 Years.
Company overview: **Unlikely we know but our bank would like us to remind you not to post credit card details to us via open social media channels**

Fasthosts Internet is a leading provider of Hosted IT Solutions. We have over 10 years operational experience and continue to deliver market-leading online services.

As a leading web host, Fasthosts offers a comprehensive range of web solutions including domain name registrations, email solutions (including mobile email services), shared web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, online payment services, reseller web hosting and feature-rich broadband packages.

Fasthosts is well placed to deliver business and professional users a high quality service.
Products: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, Domains, Online Storage, Reseller Hosting.
Phone: 0333 0142 700
Founded: 1999

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Fasthosts has delivered market-leading online services to the home, home office and SME markets since 1999. We have a successful track record in providing high value, award winning products. With Fasthosts, you can be confident that the technology that brings your web project to life is of the highest calibre and 100% secure.
Company Type: Privately Held
Industries: Internet
Employee Count Range: 201-500
Specialties: Dedicated ServersInfastructure as a ServiceChannel PartnerVPSWeb HostingEmail HostingStorage SolutionsBroadbandReseller Hosting

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Hi! We are the Fasthosts Social Media Team. We're here to help your business Work Better Online.


On our Google+ page you'll find lots of great content on everything from online marketing tips to building you brand.


Feel free to get in touch and talk to us, we'd love to hear from you!

Fasthosts Internet is a leading provider of Hosted IT Solutions. We have over 10 years operational experience and continue to deliver market-leading online services.
Tagline: We aim to help businesses Work Better Online.

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