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Unit 5 Westergate Business Centre, Westergate Road, Brighton, BN2 4QN

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9.00 - 17.30 Mon to Fri
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We believe in doing everything we can to help individuals and small businesses maximise their online presence

To date, over 30,000 people have made websites using Create, which has developed from Simon’s original platform into a simple-to-use but powerful website and ecommerce builder.

In 2009 the company rebranded as, and since then the team has grown to 18 people, one occasional dog, Jelly, who thinks she’s a human and a tank of tropical fish. Our head office is based in a sustainable development in Brighton, UK - our building is made with local materials such as sweet chestnut timber cladding and East Sussex clay, and we’re powered by wind turbines, solar heating panels and collected surface water.

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About: Grow your business online with our powerful website builder and ecommerce tools. Start your free trial today at
Description: Create is the easiest way to make your website. Start your free trial today at
Company overview: We love helping businesses to build their own successful websites and start selling online.

Create gives you the power to design and run your own website and online shop. Inexpensive, professional and easy.

Use Create to get your business online today.

Visit our website at to try us out for free now.

Want us to showcase your products or website? Use #createpicks and you could be featured.

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