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15, rue du Cendrier, Geneva, Geneva, 1201

Phone: +1-650-681-9663

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The company has 4 products on Shared and 4 products on VPS (with the following platform distribution: 4 plans on Linux and 4 plans on Linux/Windows).

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About: Keep your bits under the radar!
Description: BlackHOST offers a vast range of IT services for businesses and technophiles in particular. From web hosting to virtual datacentres, dedicated servers and storage solutions, all our services benefit from continuous innovation and are regularly enriched with new features.
Company overview: BlackHOST is a web hosting company dedicated to protect internet freedom and liberty. We provide large variety of web solutions, hosting products and protection services which help our clients feel free on the net.
Mission: Protect Internet Freedom
Products: Shared hosting
VPS Servers
Unmetered Dedicated Servers
DMCA Ignored Servers
DDoS Protection
Server Management
Secured Backup storage
Phone: +(1) 650 -681-9663

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