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Shared Hosting
Shared web hosting, with many websites hosted on the same server, is the most common form of web hosting service. Numerous clients' websites are housed together to share the same resources (processor, memory, bandwidth, software), and the number of sites per server can be up into the thousands. In recent years, this hosting option has dynamically grown to become the most popular one.

Advantages of shared hosting

* Shared hosting plans are cheaper than other types of web hosting plans because the cost is shared among many similar clients or end users.
* Clients can pay for only what they need and upgrade their plans when their needs grow.
* It isn't necessary to know a lot about web hosting to get started with a basic website using a shared web hosting account.
* Web hosts pre-install server software and updates and (usually) control panels.
* Clients aren't responsible for server maintenance.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

* Clients typically have limits on disk space, monthly bandwidth, and other resources such as CPU, RAM, and i/o.
* Because the resources are shared, some problems with one site can affect other sites on the same server.
* Root access is not available with shared hosting accounts.
* Sometimes it can be a difficult or impossible task to make and restore backups.
* Spammers on the same server could get the I.P. you are sharing blacklisted, resulting in having trouble sending email to

PS Hosting
A Virtual Private Server (abbreviated as VPS) is a dedicated section of a server that is divided or partitioned into several parts to operate like multiple servers. Virtual Private Servers are usually the next step up from shared hosting, and they're a step below dedicated hosting.
Virtual Private Servers afford the operator complete control over the dedicated section of the machine, which acts as its own operating system.

Advantages of Virtual Private Servers

* Operators maintain full administrative access (root access) to their section.
* Accounts are isolated (to some extent) from other accounts on the same server.
* Hardware and network infrastructures are maintained by the hosting provider.
* They're less expensive than dedicated server plans.

Disadvantages of Virtual Private Servers

* They're more expensive than shared hosting plans, so they're cost-effective only if the allotted space is used.
* Operators are responsible for some of the server-side administration, such as application installation and maintenance. Those who don't have the necessary skills may have to hire someone to administer their VPSes.
* Hardware assets such as CPU, RAM, and Disk I/O are still shared. (it depends on what type of virtualization)
* If you don't secure your VPS properly, it may be open to hackers.
* Most VPSes typically do not allow the modification of the kernel. This can prevent the use of some software that does require kernel modifications.

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TestimonialsCustomer testimonials

"This is one of the best hosting companies out there !
I have been using xsltel for a few months now and the uptime has been great . The service is even better !!! I have never seen this great quality service before. If i want something changed /tweaked it gets done RIGHT the first time within minutes !!!
If your looking for a good hosting company with allmost perfect support than i would recommend xsltel .

Keep up the great work xsltel !!!"
KingGoon ( blakamoni@g... ) / kinggoon.net

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- XSLOVZ Released for FREE - Hi There, this module was developed in 2013. I wanted to share it with you so we can all benefit from it. and may be extend it. Description : This is a server provisioning module made for WHMCS. ...
- XSLKVM panel overview 24/2/2015 - So the XSLKVM is our newest in-house developed panel to control your VPS remotely. below are screens of what you get when purchasing our Customizable KVM VPS : * Panel Overview * Webbased Console ...

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Time Hosted: under 1 month.
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they were hacked and they were exposed this month by hackers and also their websites with mostly all domains are available on zone-h.

Plus, they are hackers and ddosers
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