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Xervo is shutting down on April 28th, 2017

In January of this year, Tangible assumed ownership of Xervo (formerly Modulus). Our objective with the acquisition was to clean-up infrastructure inefficiencies, introduce a new monetization path in the public cloud and bring the product back to a healthy baseline before focusing again on growth in the public cloud and enterprise platforms. As is often the case with SaaS businesses, our ability to overcome the risk inherent in the product would hinge out the outcome of a few big-bets made in mid-to-late 2016 as we were preparing to assume ownership.
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About: Modulus provides a portable, scalable and uniquely customizable hosting platform focused on Node.js deployment. With both public and business options, Modulus frees developers from time-consuming set up and maintenance tasks, enabling them to more quickly and securely run applications in any on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment— including behind your firewall.

Modulus helps everyone from the individual developer to the most complex corporate development team. Built from the ground up on an API, it’s easy to integrate Modulus into your environment, while also gaining free support for custom SSL, WebSockets, wildcard custom domains, and more. In addition, integrated MongoDB marries data to your application environment, while real-time analytics allow the user to make informed decisions on scaling their applications to meet demand.

Modulus is extremely dedicated to helping the Node.js and MongoDB communities through teaching workshops, sponsoring conferences, hackathons, and [...]

Modulus | Node.js and MongoDB Hosting Platform (est. 2012) is a Public Company entity having 412 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
About: Modulus was created to solve a real problem. Modulus set out to create a scalable and reliable solution for developers. It’s a story you may have heard a hundred times; Developers sitting in a room trying to do something and realizing the solution they want doesn’t exist...yet. Recognizing a gap in the market, the founding team at Modulus began building. They did something we all wish we could do; they fixed the problem.
Modulus account is having 53 followers and 272 plus one count. See recent Google+ Posts:
- Last day to stop by our @nodevember booth to get your promo code for 2 free months of hosting!
- SourceLair lets you develop Meteor apps that frictionlessly deploy to Modulus from inside the browser. Details: http://hubs.ly/H03ZjMC0 Frictionless Meteor development and deployment with SourceLair and Modulus
- Modulus now supports Lets Encrypt!!!! http://hubs.ly/H03Rf9B0 Let's Encrypt
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Modulus bills on servo usage that wasn't used.
First of the customer service is non-existent.

They keep billing me for servo time that I have NOT incurred. I have zero projects and no databases hosted on modulus but they seem to love to charge me $2-$5 a month for just having an account. Seriously, just to have an account costs money?

That's why I do not recommend this company as I've interfaced with their customer support 2-3 times and have told them I have nothing open or active for them to be charging me and they could never give me a straight answer and that's just when playing around with Modulus I couldn't imagine hosting a serious application with this company. It's better to get someone to build out your server on AWS than to use this useless abstraction.

I removed my credit card and closed my account and they are still trying to bill me. Stay away from this company and be careful when dealing with new companies that claim to be the best solution for Node or Meteor.js. Just don't buy into it.

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