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Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
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Web Werks is perfectly great manage services and supports in responding to the query. Great Experience with all Web Werks team members.
Vipul Gajjar (vipulgajjar13@y...)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
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Great support, personalized service, and deff recommend.
So I was checking the stats on my site I listed here and see a link from here. Well its been 15 months and I am still a Webwerks customer.

Great support, personalized service, and deff recommend.
I'm also happy with the performance and reliability of the service. I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all.
Highly recommend them!
Praveen Thaniwil (praveenthaniwil@y...)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
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My experience with Indian Host Webwerks.in!
Well, I have VPS hosting account at Webwerks.in in India regiod.
Frankly speaking it was very hard to me to find a good web host with servers in India. I browsed many Indian web hosting discussion boards and finally found this company. I bought one of their VPS hosting accounts - they helped me to choose the best fit.

I have been very happy with their courteous, consistent, and fast customer service - they'll even answer stupid questions courteously, professionally. They are available 24 X 7 (unbelievable but true). I have also referred many friends to them and all say they are good.
For me, reliability is very important and so far so good with Webwerks.
Highly recommend this web host for any webmaster looking for professional hosting service.
webwerks.in logo!


About Web Werks

Established in 1996, we have a client base of more than 50,000 customers spread across the world, and cater to the needs of large to small businesses and industrial groups. Web Werks is service-oriented Internet company that provides a turnkey menu for Business on the Net. Web Werks has the innovative answers to your toughest web challenges and spearhead in cutting-edge technology that is guaranteed to give your business a competitive advantage, improve your bottom-line and create lasting value. Web Werks DataCenter has been audited as CERT-IN compliant by CERTIN Empanelled auditors. Web Werks accords high priority to compliance with recognized international standards and in addition to its status as an ISO 9001:2008 company.

Business Units

Web Hosting and Data Center Services

Dedicated Server Hosting both in USA and India.
2 US and 1 Indian Datacenter along with POPs in Germany, Hong Kong and UK
Shared Hosting to Resellers/end-users.
Application Hosting.
Database Hosting.
More than 50,000 Hosted Sites.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Unix Servers (Linux -Red Hat, CentOS, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris).
Windows Servers( NT/2000/XP).
MCSE, CCNA, MCP, Hubbell Certified Cablers and BISCI Certifications.
24 X 7 Support.
Customers in US, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, India and other countries.

ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar www.dfordomains.com

ICANN Accredited Registrar
Premier Partner of Network Solutions (A Verisign Company)
Platinum Partner of Online Nic. Inc.
Partner of Tucows (OpenSRS)
Partner of Webnic.cc
Competitive pricing and the best support for your domains

Web Werks is a premier web solutions company with global delivery engine that houses a team of technical, creative and business experts who leverage best practices, proven expertise and resources to deliver the best in Internet products, high-impact software and e-commerce solutions

Why Web Werks

What Others Promise, We Deliver.

Customers expect great customer support, uptime, security, infrastructure and so on - while others can only promise - we deliver. That is why we have fully satisfied customers. Data center space in India strategically located in the Financial Capital Mumbai to cater to all major cities. For high growth customers, we are the right choice.
100% Network Availability Guaranteed

We realize every second of network downtime is a potential for business, customers and revenue for you. We fully understand your concerns. We guarantee 100% network availability so that you can focus on your core business. We ensure 100% uptime through bandwidth-redundancy using multiple providers for our bandwidth requirements.
99% Up Time

Translate to 99% of hardware-uptime to absolute terms - that is just 1% of scheduled downtime in a whole year. And that shows we do not make empty promises. With just 1% scheduled downtime, you know, your online-business is in safe hands. We ensure this using hot pluggable hardware module with built in redundancy and mirroring technologies.
24 x 7 Support

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. All round the year. Do we need to say more? At Web Werks real-time support is not just a promise, it is a way of life. Even when you are off, we are on. We have global clientele and understand their work cycles and keep our facilities open round the year on all days.
Experts Everywhere

You no longer need to wait endlessly to speak to the experts. At Web Werks, everybody is an expert and they understand your every need.

Imagine a day when the systems are running perfectly and nothing is amiss. Imagine a day when you are focusing on your business and not on your IT infrastructure. Imagine a day when everything is perfect. Too good to be true? With Web Werks as your partner, it is a reality. Good understanding of IT owing to the presence in this industry for the past 15 years.

At Web Werks, we go beyond contract clauses. We go beyond service agreements; We deliver more than what we promise; To meet your expectations.


India Datacenter Information
Data Center Features:

Superior Network Reliability
Cisco based Network
Constant Surveillance
24 x 7 monitoring
24 x 7 on-site staff
Raised floors
HVAC with separate cooling zones
Multiple levels of security
Off-limits for unauthorized persons

24×7 card key access
Biometric scan entry system
Video surveillance
Kidde Early Warning Fire Alarm System
FM200 Gas-based fire suppression system
Multiple redundant Power back-up
Continuous, uninterrupted power supply (Redundant UPS)
Standby generator
Environmental Monitoring Systems
Maintained consistent temperature and humidity

Unique Industrial Estate is the original site for the Web Werks data center concept. Opened in December 2008, at 1200 sq.ft. in size, it provides up to 16 Amps per cabinet location with N+1 redundancy at all times.

All India-based servers are deployed in the Data Center, a state-of-the-art facility situated in Prabhadevi, the heard of Mumbai. This makes it an excellent choice for all clients from Mumbai, India and Asia.

Fully Redundant Network

We have chosen the heart of Mumbai for our data center with only two things in mind: over-engineering and quality. We are committed to makinga solid investment in the best infrastructure and equipment out there for our customers.

Global Connectivity via:


Currently, we have 90% more cooling capacity and electrical input, which allows us to provide sufficient electric power and cooling. We are one of the few facilities that are able to provide access to fiber traveling to any point in India, Asia or the World, so that you can host your mission critical services.

The data center provides redundant power systems with an Inline power backup using MGE UPS systems and diesel generators with ample standby fuel. In the event of a power outage the generator is started within a few minutes and transfers power to the UPS for charging.

The MGE UPS, controls and constantly monitors the quality of power so that all equipment receives 240-volt power, all the time. Moreover, the UPS and generators are tested weekly to avoid power disruptions.
Cooling Systems

The data center is safeguarded by redundant indoor cooling systems that are kept at an optimal 22°C +/- 2°C temperature. The cooling systems offer an accurate and reliable control of humidity, airflow, and room temperature that improves the working conditions for the susceptible electronic equipment.

The data center has been constructed with 1200 sq ft of 300mm raised flooring and an N+1 LG Air Handling system.


The data center has a high level of security, protected by 24x7 secure entry via proximity card system with 3-layer entry which restricts access to authorized personnel only.The facility is protected by FM200 Fire and HAWK Burglary alarm system that directly dials out essential numbers in case of an emergency.

24x7 Security Surveillance via CCTV with 30 days of 24x7 recording archived.

The data center is built inside a secure industrial compound, with 3-meter wall, boom barriers, and 24x7 security guards.

100% dedicated well-trained professionals

Technically advanced, well-trained and fully dedicated professionals are responsible for the maintenance of our hardware and the normal functioning of the offered services.

If you have any questions regarding our Datacenter and Infrastructure , we are happy to assist you. Contact us and our technical experts will work with you to discover the best solution that fits your business and hosting needs.


At Web Werks, we have redundant bandwidth connections to the Internet via fiber optic cable systems and comprehensive peering arrangements with other industry players to ensure maximum uptime, scalability and availability.
Local Area Network

Web Werks proactively increases connectivity both domestically and internationally, either through comprehensive peering agreements or bandwidth acquisition.

Local Loop Connectivity

Local Loop connectivity is established through state of the art SDH standards based optical MUXs. This connectivity, initially at STM-1 speed (155 mbps) is between the Prabhadevi (Mumbai) exchange and the Web Werks facility. Diversity in fiber connectivity is achieved through a direct connection to Prabhadevi (Mumbai) and a redundant fibre connection via a separate Worli (Mumbai) exchange.

The TTML RSU, adjacent to the Web Werks facility, augments existing infrastructure. This RSU with SDH ring connectivity adds to the stability, capacity and reliability of Web Werks WAN / Internet connectivity.

We are continuously adding more and more local loop providers in order to enhance connectivity and ensure faster transfers.

Dedicated Servers India

Dedicated Server plans lets you choose and customize your own hardware, operating system, software and any additional managed services that you might need.
When you need help our support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Get all the advantages of Managed Dedicated Server hosting in India.

When you purchase dedicated hosting in India, you not only get a server, you get a (complete) managed hosting solution. We will provide you with the tools, resources and support you need to run your business on the web. No matter what challenges you face, Web Werks will help you every step of the way so that you can focus your valuable time and resources on growing your business. Every dedicated server is fully secured, configured, and customized for your specific business needs. All servers are delivered to you virtually production ready.
Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Web Werks provides cost effective Windows Dedicated Server hosting in India. Web Werks can provision a Windows based server on 2003 or the Server 2008 platform. Your Windows Dedicated Server is monitored 24 x 7 to ensure high-availability. You will be able to manage your server with Windows Terminal Services. We recommend Windows Server to host popular corporate applications such as database or e-mail applications. You should also choose Windows Server if you serve ASP pages or use Microsoft FrontPage extensions.

Please click here for more information on Windows Dedicated Server Hosting
Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Linux enjoys a widespread popularity among those seeking a Unix based solution. Some of the facilities included in Linux are true multi-tasking, virtual memory, the world's fastest TCP/IP drivers, shared libraries and multi-user capabilities. The Apache web server is also the fastest and most reliable web server in the world. At minimal cost, we provide advanced features, and a stable as well as scaleable hosting solution to meet your growing needs. With Web Werks Linux Dedicated Server in India you can run your websites and enjoy the performance and security of the Linux-platform. Our Linux Hosting solutions are the most economical, reliable form of web hosting.

All dedicated servers are delivered with the following standard features:

High Speed, Flexible & Customizable Dedicated Server Hardware Options
Uninterruptible power management system and redundant power
Uninterrupted air cooling and security system in the datacenter
Generous amount of Disk Storage Space & Monthly Data Transfer
99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee
Hosting on Premium Server Hardware with inbuilt redundancy for high availability
Superior Performance, Security, Reliability & Connectivity at India Data Center
Rapid Response to Any Hardware or Software Issues
Full Administrative Access to your server for complete control
Real Time MRTG Bandwidth Utilization Reports.
Powerful Software Options for Your Server
Dedicated Account Manager to address all your technical needs.
Unlimited Reboots & Patch Management.
Managed Services available
Easy to use & feature rich Plesk Web based Control Panel.
Advanced Firewall Protection & Intrusion Detection to protect your server from hacking attempts
Knowledgeable Technical Support Staff
24x7x365 Server Monitoring & Proactive 24 x 7 Support

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is a hosting environment that provides you your own unique virtual private server. Each VPS is a private and secure area that operates as an independent server. At Web Werks, our VPS solutions allow customers to share the expenses of hardware and networking connections and control their own private servers without compromising on performance.

Web Werks can provision a Linux Virtual Private Server or even Windows Virtual Private Server based on customer needs. Checkout out VPS Web hosting options for your virtual server hosting needs.

Virtual Private Servers VPS

Your Needs

You're here because you need hosting, but not just any hosting: you know the time has come to move beyond the limitations of traditional shared hosting and the frustrations of managing dedicated hardware.

Control: You need to have full root access to make your server work the way it's supposed to.
Performance: You won't settle for a sluggish, over-sold shared hosting server.
Reliability: You want to know that your service is up and running day and night with regular backups, support, and a top-tier network connection.
Flexibility: Upgrades should take effect as fast as you can click a button - no hassles, no delays - so your VPS can adapt on-the-fly and weather heavy traffic surges.
Affordable Pricing: You have no interest in overspending for features and services you don't need.

Our Solutions

Your web hosting needs are unique. We'll help you find a plan tailored to your needs from the range of VPS hosting solutions built and backed by our years of experience and technical acumen.
All VPS plans include unrestricted root access so you can configure your VPS to run however you like.

We know that quality and consistency are inseparable. Our datacenter is stocked with the latest servers and our support center is staffed 24/7/365. Every solution we offer comes with the promise of performance, reliability, uptime, and ease of use you won't find anywhere else.

As you gain customers and traffic grows your needs will change - we're here to make that change happen and ensure you have everything you need when it does.
We're certain you'll see the value we offer from the day you begin hosting with us.

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Diwali Dhamaka Sale 2017 - Web Werks - Flat 20% discount on the Cloud and Dedicated Hosting Services packages. Just enter the code HappyDiwali during check out in the box marked Promo Code. This offer is valid until 31st October, 2017 . Call on +91 8828335555 or email at sales@webwerks.in. Hurry! Offer Limited. - Expire: Oct 31, 2017 Verified: Oct, 2017

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PlansWebsite Products

Linux - VPS Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
Budget Basic VPSfeatures
RAM : 1000 MB
CPU : -
$25.66/mo.50 GBunmetered 1 GB
Enterprise Basic VPSfeatures
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : -
$55.25/mo.100 GBunmetered 4 GB
Budget Standard VPSfeatures
RAM : 2000 MB
CPU : -
$78.93/mo.100 GBunmetered 2 GB
Enterprise Standard VPSfeatures
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : -
$94.72/mo.200 GBunmetered 4 GB
Enterprise Advanced VPSfeatures
RAM : 8000 MB
CPU : -
$134.19/mo.400 GBunmetered 8 GB
Enterprise Advanced VPSfeatures
RAM : 8000 MB
CPU : -
$142.09/mo.400 GBunmetered 8 GB
Linux - Dedicated Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
Budget Basicfeatures
RAM : 2000 MB
CPU : -
$108.94/mo.1000 GBunmetered 2 GB
Budget Standardfeatures
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : -
$124.73/mo.1000 GBunmetered 4 GB
Budget Advancedfeatures
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : -
$140.52/mo.2000 GBunmetered 4 GB
Power Standardfeatures
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : -
$181.57/mo.1000 GBunmetered 4 GB
Power Advancedfeatures
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : -
$197.36/mo.1000 GBunmetered 4 GB
Enterprise Basicfeatures
RAM : 16000 MB
CPU : -
$284.12/mo.2000 GBunmetered 16 GB
Enterprise Standardfeatures
RAM : 16000 MB
CPU : -
$315.70/mo.2000 GBunmetered 16 GB
Enterprise Advancedfeatures
RAM : 16000 MB
CPU : -
$347.28/mo.2000 GBunmetered 16 GB
Linux/Windows - Dedicated Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
Power Basicfeatures
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : 2 x 2.8GHz
$150.00/mo.1000 GBunmetered 4 GB

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Owner: Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.
Web Site Title: Dedicated Servers | VPS Hosting| Data Center Colocation India
Website Description: Web Werks is a Leading Web Hosting Service Provider Since 1996. We are offering VPS hosting, Cloud Servers, dedicated server hosting and data center colocation services.
Targeting: India, United States
Site in business since:
Links to the site: 116
Details for https://www.webwerks.in/
Website DNS: MX::aspmx4.spamshooter.org => ( Mumbai ) / Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.
MX::aspmx1.spamshooter.com => ( Mumbai ) / Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.
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ns1.rapidns.com => ( Conshohocken ) / Web Werks - webwerks.com
Server Software: Apache|PHP/5.4.45
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: India / Maharashtra / Mumbai - see top providers in Bhārat Gaṇarājya
ISP Name / ISP URL: Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. / webwerks.in
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Web Werks becomes the First Data center in Asia to have OIX-1 Certified IXP in an OIX-2 Certified Data Center - Web Werks the leading data center and web hosting provider in India is the first Asian data center to hold OIX-2 and host an OIX-1 IXP Mumbai-IX. In addition to this, they also fulfil all the requirement for being a full OpenIX supporter.
The OIX-2 certification is an indicator of the excellency of Web Werks data center validating its infrastructure security, reliability, and quality of services. The OIX-2 additionally guarantees that the Web Werks hosting infrastructure is completely complaint with details of the standard for the diminishment of complexity that limits interconnection in fragmented markets and additionally the usage of business-critical situations, universal IP core network or content platforms (CDN, cloud computing, and so on). Mumbai CH and Web Werks are a proud supporter of OIX and supports fair, reasonable and transparent interconnections and open peering. The OIX-1 Internet exchange certification defines standards for Internet exchanges like Mumbai-IX's ... [search all webwerks.in news]

Social Networks

About: Established in 1996, we have a client base of more than 50,000 customers spread across the world, and cater to the needs of large to small businesses and industrial groups. Web Werks is service-oriented Internet company that provides a turnkey menu for Business on the Net. Web Werks has the innovative answers to your toughest web challenges and spearhead in cutting-edge technology that is guaranteed to give your business a competitive advantage, improve your bottom-line and create lasting value.

Web Werks has a team of 700+ Technical staff working full time. The company is ISO 9001 , 27001, 20000-1 Certified for Quality, Data Security and Services respectively.

Web Werks is also an ICANN Accredited registrar.

Web werks India Pvt. Ltd. (est. 1996) is a Privately Held entity having 297 followers on LinkedIn and 201-500 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
Web Werks Data Centers account is having 128 followers and 484 plus one count. See recent Google+ Posts:
webwerks.in Icon
- Converged Infrastructure for Data Center Modernization Converged Infrastructure for Data Center Modernization - Web Werks
- All the hype and negativity about dedicated hosting makes the features and benefits seem so unreliable. Let’s see the true value of dedicated hosting and clear the misconceptions about the hosting solution. 3 Common Myths About Dedicated Server Hosting Busted - Web Werks
- Data gravity is a term coined by Dave McCrory stating that data keeps accumulating (building mass) and with that increases the probabilities of additional services and applications being attracted to this data. Data Gravity in the Cloud Industry
Web Werks Blog  Using Wordpress version 4.1. First blog from Mar, 2010, with total 59 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- Is Server Monitoring Possible in Cloud? - It's safe to state that most organizations depend intensely on the security of their IT system and infrastructure and in reality, the cost of downtime is turning into an inexorably developing concern.
- Facing Network Challenges in Cloud? Solution is here! - With more and more companies choosing multiple cloud and hybrid cloud, the network becomes a challenge. However, solutions developed for these challenges would result in the more efficient network. ...
- Is Two Factor Authentication Really Safe? - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is winding up perpetually prominent as organizations manage developing worries over cyber-insecurity. With 2FA, account-holders approve their personality online by ...

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Ming Ke (mk@b...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Highly recommend Webwerks Servers.
I am happy using Webwerks service. They used to be a solid hosting company - affordable pricing, good uptime and features. The OS images used by Webwerks are all properly configured, and I can confirm that the 64 bit CentOS image will install WHM/cPanel no problem out of the box.
Server performance is excellent - the hardware they are using for the Dedicated server machines are well specced, and appear to have very high performing disk mounted.
they were able to help me with some general PCI compliance issues I found with my scanner. Great customer service and support!
Uptime is great and i must also say that the speed connectivity is pretty fast.
In summary, Webwerks are highly recommended by myself and several colleagues. Their support is highly responsive.
Celia (cycopoo@y...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I'm happy with Web-Werks.in they have amazing client servicing at any point in time.... their response time to tickets are fabulous we have been associated with them since quite long and find them best hosting provider, cost effective hosting and we have huge domain + hosting business with Webwerks ... they are our solely service provider...

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