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Webmasters.com is owned by NetTuner Corp. (f.k.a TheNet.com), a privately held online investment company headquartered in Tampa, FL. We were originally founded in 1994 by a group of techies with an idea to create a web hosting company for webmasters that would be run by webmasters.

Unlike most of the high flying Internet companies of the 90's, our primary focus has always been on customer satisfaction versus attracting investors or venture capital. We have been profitable since our very first month in operation, and we have never had any long term debt. Lean operations, and financial discipline ensures that we maintain profitability while offering the highest level of service at the lowest possible price. Relentless dedication to this simple strategy has helped us become one of the leading Internet presence providers for thousands of customers from around the globe.

To provide the most comprehensive, reliable, and effective Internet presence solutions at the lowest possible price.
We have been hosting and designing websites from their early stages of static HTML pages back in 1994 to dynamic database driven multimedia applications of today. Most members of our staff and management team are highly trained webmasters who have had real world experience in running their own websites. Trusting the support and daily operation of your website to us ensures that all aspects of your online presence from email to DNS and content delivery will be handled by the most experienced team of professionals using the most advanced technology available. Click here to tour our state of the art data center.
Our Difference
To help cut costs and time to market, most web hosting companies use one of three widely distributed control panels. Generally, doing so means that their features are identical to those of other companies using the same software, and higher level support is outsourced to a third party. When a security gap is discovered or an improvement is needed, an outside vendor must be contacted for a solution. That vendor would then contact the developer, who in most cases is located in another country. If the developer feels the request has merit, they would implement a solution and release a patch. Due to so many parties being involved in the process, the amount of time from the initial request to a final solution could be days if not months.

We have developed our own control panel from the ground up. Many of its features are unique, and are not available anywhere else. A dedicated team of in-house developers maintains our software, with a large portion of their time being devoted to security enhancement and new product development. When a new feature is created or an upgrade is released, our proprietary Rapid Updateâ„¢ utility instantly updates every server at virtually the same time. This technology enables us to perform software upgrades within minutes across our entire network of servers (click here to see the upgrades we have done within the past year). The ability to provide real time solutions in direct response to market demands gives us an unmatched advantage over our competition. We always stand behind our product, and are committed to making it better, one idea at a time..
Our many years of quality service, and our never ending quest to improve the web hosting experience has earned us widespread recognition in the webmaster community. We have been featured in Yahoo, DMOZ, CNET, and other popular technology review websites. Our service and control panel were also profiled in many technology related magazines and publications, such as Hot Wired and Greg Holden's top selling book, Starting An Online Business For Dummies (Wiley Publishing, 02/2005).
ICANN Accreditation
Webmasters.com is an ICANN Accredited Registrar. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a quasi-government agency responsible for overseeing the Internet's domain registration system. They have set up strict financial and technical guidelines which must be followed by companies wishing to become a wholesale domain registrar with a direct connection to the global registry. The accreditation process usually takes 6 months or more to complete, and requires applicants to submit independently audited financial statements to demonstrate financial ability, as well as undergo technical testing to ensure a high level of competence and redundancy. The cost to maintain an ICANN accreditation starts at a minimum of $17,000 per year, and is usually much higher depending on the registrar's volume.

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FiberRacks Launches Staffing Firm - Web hosting provider FiberRacks (fiberracks.com) announced on Thursday it has launched a personnel outsourcing firm, Outsource Webmasters (outsourcewebmasters.com).
Outsource Webmasters is a staff leasing company specializing in high quality, low priced, full service personnel. The activities of the employees offered by Outsource Webmasters are mainly focused on e-business companies and feature programmers, designers, writers and video editors. The company also specializes in customer support. Its 247 Support Reps (247supportreps.com) Web site offers a shared support service and dedicated customer support personnel for hire."Over the last years we had a lot of FiberRacks clients that expressed the need for low-priced, high-quality personnel," says Dennis Bruin, Outsource Webmasters CEO. "We decided to offer them that extra service and fill the need for them. This is an excellent opportunity for any company to finally be able to focus on what is really important: strategy and growth." [search all webmasters.com news]

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