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arshakyanash (arshakyanash@m...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
uCoz used to be decent until 2014. Now they are just evil. Not providing any kind of improvement whatsoever since 2013 they changed the plans and terms of service silently to basically rip off existing customers.

This is what happened: few months ago we were sent an email where they told us they didn't want to change the prices of their services and just wanted us to have more options to choose the best for us.
What happened in reality is now they want $10 a month for people who want to have online shops on their websites compared to the $5 before.

The other disgusting thing they did is made the payment automatic. So the next month I found out I was charged $10 again even though I wasn't planning to stick with them anymore.
And the icing on the cake was when I contacted them asking for cancelling the (automatic!) order and refunding me, they not only refused to refund because of their new terms of service, but I had to not only pay for that month but also pay a freaking [read more...]
vetsky (vetsky@y...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
boorish, incompetent staff
My site was hosted by Yandex but this year Yandex decided to transfer hosting to Ucoz promisig that all the sites will remain safe and have the same addresses. Nevertheless many sites were damaged and Ucoz opened a forum http://forum.ucoz.ru/forum/56-53244-1 where the Ucoz moderators answer questions of sites' owners. These Ucoz moderators demonstrate rudeness and ignorance. For example the moderator with the nickname SOFTOLAB_COM uses such phrases as "nobody will read your trash site" and "turn on your brain".
My site hasn't been available on the Net for about a month and I lost all my customers.
cmerlin (cmerlin@m...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
One of the best free hosters in the world!
I use UCOZ services for multiple websites for five years. The system is perfect for small business websites (http://www.tsuricom.com.ua/) and even for large scale and heavy-traffic fansites, as my Mass Effect 2 fan-site (http://www.masseffect2.in/).
The community is very responsive and the support is responsible.
I use the cheapest plan (Remove Ad Banner)


About UcoZ

About uCoz Project

uCoz is a project called to help anyone who wishes to create his/her own Website. An existing site can be made more rich and interesting by expanding it with new capabilities in a very easy way. No professional experience in Web design is required and all offered services are FREE!

Among the offered features there are some, peculiar to a classic web hosting:

* unlimited FREE disk space
* files can be uploaded through web interface or FTP
* in addition to one free domain name got during registration, any other domain can be attached (it can be purchased from any registrar, e.g. www.godaddy.com)
* backup

peculiar to large CMS (Content Management Systems):

* database of site users with division into groups
* assignment of different access levels depending on a user group
* a variety of modules realizing (not only) classical web applications (see below)
* full control over the design of web applications by means of HTML templates
* built-in visual HTML editor for those who are unfamiliar with this markup language
* RSS import and export
* blocking of activity from certain IP-addresses or subnets

and unique, peculiar to uCoz:

* special template language which allows to check different conditions when generating pages
* templates builder which allows to completely change the design in a very effective way

Modules are web applications which can be combined in any way to form a site of any complexity: from simple home page with a guestbook to rather large web portal. We improve and extend our modules on a regular basis. At this moment we offer the following:

* Forum (Bulletin Board)
* Site News
* Blog (Web Journal)
* Publisher (Article Catalog)
* File Catalog
* Site Catalog
* Tag Board (Mini Chat)
* Ad Board
* Photo Albums
* Web Polls
* Guestbook
* FAQ Service
* E-mail Forms
* Page Editor
* Statistics (Hit Counter)
* Search - searching for specific content on the site;
* Online Games - allows to add online games at your site;
* E-shop - online shopping module.

All content modules can be adapted for different tasks. For example, Site Catalog can be arranged and adapted as a catalog of goods, recipes, articles etc. Photo Albums can be used to make a very good wallpapers catalog with all necessary features. The name of each module just describes its preconfigured purpose and functionality.

Our services are unique as the main principle of their design is "Maximum in all", namely:

* functionality
* usability
* tuning capabilities, flexibility and simplicity
* attractiveness of predefined designs and capabilities of manual design modification
* spam and unwanted visitors protection

Don't doubt! Join uCoz community right now!

uCoz is a SaaS platform that includes hosting and a website management system. uCoz works according to the principles of Web 2.0 and allows creating of the most complicated projects with extraordinary simplicity and speed.

* Universal content management system (CMS).
* Hosting with unlimited disk space.
* A lot of default designs to choose from.
* A domain in any zone (for example: mysite.com).
* Stable work of the servers (uptime 99.8%).
* E-mail addresses of the form mail@mysite.com.
* Automatic sitemap file creation.
* Handy adding of video (youtube.com etc.).
* Data backup.
* Technical support and documentation.
* Large community of users.
* No cost of a website creation and support.
* More than 900.000 people have already chosen uCoz in three years.

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Linux - Shared Keep mouse
over features!
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uCoz  $7.00/mo. unlimitedunmetered
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About: uCoz is a modern SaaS website builder that will be celebrating its 10th birthday in 2015. Throughout its existence the service won a number of prestigious Internet awards, became an absolute leader in its niche in Russia and Eastern Europe, and currently hosts over 1 million active websites.uCoz offers 23 modules that let you create fully-fledged websites with the integrated social sign-up feature. With uCoz you can easily create a blog or a personal homepage, as well as an online store, a forum, or a website with a large community.uCoz is now available in 16 languages and is experiencing its business expansion stage.
uCoz account is having 411 followers on LinkedIn and 51-200 employees.
About: uCoz is a free web hosting with a built-in content management system. The modules of uCoz CMS can be used either in combination to create a full-featured website, or separately, for example as a blog platform, webforum, etc.
uCoz website builder account is having 11 followers and 18 plus one count..
UcoZ Blog  Using uCoz Web-Service. See recent blogs summary posts:
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- Secure Your Website with HTTPS - It is with great joy that we announce the release of the long-awaited and frequently-requested feature. From now on, you can install SSL certificates on uCoz websites!
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Mcwepubacc (mcgopubacc@g...)
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Best free web hosting provide genuine free & easy to use & powerful webspace.
Slick (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
this site used to be the best hoster around until the recent upgrades. now they've gone corporate and require you to pay for most of the features. you can't disable the ad bar on logged in users anymore, and to be honest they're now just another crappy corporate web hoster. they went from being the best to being the worst in just under a week, which is saddening :(
Mcwepubacc has got it all wrong. No update included new additional fees for features.

Even more, disk space was increased for free users.

As for the displaying of ad bar for logged-in users – no one stops you from using global authorization system that gives two advantages for your users – they do not see ads and they need only one account to log in to all uCoz websites.

Therefore uCoz is still the best web service of free hosting.

Marketing representative (Mike Makhinko - nik@ucoz.com, ).
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