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About Turhost

Our Mission

Customers, products and services to use effectively and efficiently provide the most quality way. Seamless to our customers, providing fast and reliable Internet service and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Both individual and corporate market is a challenging position to come, to maximize market share and Internet services, known in Turkey is to become the first name that comes to mind.

About our company

Our company, in order to offer individual and corporate Internet Services was established in 2004 in Izmit. Since its inception to its customers without interruption, providing fast and reliable Internet services and is committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Since 2004, our company mainly operates in the enterprise hosting market, although since 2006 the main role in the individual market to make new investments. To this end, in May 2006 with a new corporate identity and services, new services continues. The aim of our company is an ambitious position in both individual and corporate market to come, to maximize market share and internet services in Turkey, known to be the first name that comes to mind.

Operations of the services we provide Domain Registration, Hosting (Hosting), E-Mail Services, Virtual Server Services (VPS), Streaming (live broadcast) and Commercial Projects are online.

To protect and improve the quality of our services are always following the innovations and innovation uydurmaktayız foot. To provide the best service the best in you should practice. For this reason, we are working with business partners and suppliers is also very meticulous about the davranmaktayız. You the industry's best software services, are offered the best hardware and the best internet downs.

In Turhost.com without compromising quality will continue to provide the best service to our customers. You can trust us.

turhost.com reliable hosting solutions

Network Infrastructure

We serve all our servers directly from within the country depends on the backbone of the Turkish Telecom. With the existing infrastructure servers, both domestic and abroad with a total output of 1-Gbps Internet provide a reliable and fast internet connection. TTnet domestic connections through redundant sites within the country makes the fastest publication.

Our speed is 1 Gbps internet in the total output Turhost.com.

Hardware Infrastructure

The server infrastructure consists of real servers. We use the IBM xSeries servers, rack mount hardware business.

A large part of the configuration of our servers, Intel Dual Core and Dual Processor (total of 4 Core), SAS SCSI hard drives, 8-16 GB ECC Registered RAM consists of. A section at the Intel Xeon dual processor, Ultra 320 SCSI Hard Drives, 4 GB ECC Registered RAM configuration features.

There are 30 units of IBM server with the same standard features inventory. These servers are Windows and Linux-based hosting service with seamless and high performance with the most able.

Juniper Netscreen firewall is used as a model of network security hardware.

All of our servers and network donanımlarımızın belongs to ourselves.

Software Infrastructure

Turhost.com operating systems on servers, hosting control panels and the many software used to support software. All of the software we use is licensed. The most important advantage of using licensed software, software updates and technical issues can be supplied as continuous technical support from software companies. Our company uses the most out of these benefits.

CentOS 3 and 4 as the operating system Linux-based systems, operating system, Windows-based systems are used in the Windows 2003 Server operating systems.

In your hosting control panel for Windows and Plesk for Linux Plesk hosting control panels are used. Hosting services are subject to a fully automated operation. Periodic updates of applications on a regular basis.

Turhost.com Why?
Servers in Turkey

Turhost, service lines to the network is connected directly to the backbone of the Turkish Telecom. In Turkey, a majority of users are connected to the internet via ADSL. From time to time Telecom's overseas connections become problems and problems occur in the display of pages of firms with hosting services from abroad.

In addition, Telecom servers' to be a direct connection to users connecting to the internet via ADSL, will generate the display pages more quickly than others.

Shows the approximate pace with the quality of the connection depending on the test: Speed ​​Test

Firm Image

Aerotek Turhost.com Information Commitments. San. Tic. Ltd.. Sti. is a trademark of. Documented so that you have Turhost'tan services invoiced. Infrastructure investments that we have done since 2004, is an indication that we are not in the market daily.

Real Servers and Enterprise Software

To that used by the server hosting companies in the world has made a name Turhost solutions using services. Our servers is strictly between the desktop (desktop) computer available. All servers are designed to give hosting service consists of equipment. Enables us to provide uninterrupted service to our clients, and high uptime rate of the Buddha.

Ticket System

To resolve problems that may occur Turhost systems to provide liaison between the customer with the ticket (troubleshooting) uses a system. With this system, in accordance with customers' problems, a common question pool are collected and answered by the competent colleagues.

To date, the problems passed;

30% in the first 10 minutes
60% in the first 1 hour
99% of the solution has been acquired within the first 12 hours.


If you are not satisfied with our system, we will refund within 15 days of hosting fee.

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About: Turhost.com has broad range of IT experience from regular bulk shared hosting services to application cloud services. Has started hosting business in 2007 and currently managing more tahn 40K web sites and domains.Turhost.com is one of the icann acredited regisrar in Turkey. Also has partnerships with leadar hosting software providers like Parallels, Cpanel, Vmware and Microsoft.
Turhost.com account is having 19 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees.
About: Uyumlu, güvenilir ve hızlı hosting hizmetlerinin doğru adresi Turhost.com
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Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
They use %100 SDD drives for all hosting packages. It is well organized for shared especially wordpress hosting.
Run 30K unique visitor web site without any slowness
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