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Silicon Valley Web Hosting is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley and is a provider of shared cpanel, VPS, and dedicated server webhosting, and colocation solutions for both Linux and Windows. Since our inception in 1996, we have been steadfastly committed to providing superior customer service to our clients. We are continually developing our staff, systems, processes, and network in order to offer reliable and scalable hosting and colocation services at very competitive prices. Silicon Valley Web Hosting continually invests in new products, training and advanced service processes, to ensure the delivery of best-of-breed hosting solutions, all while focusing on providing excellent customer service and creating significant cost savings opportunities for our customers. Being one of the oldest web hosting companies in the industry we have the skills and experience necessary to service the most demanding customers.

What makes Silicon Valley Web Hosting unique is that we offer inexpensive high quality Web Hosting solutions to meet the needs of personal and SOHO customers, as well as support the more sophisticated requirements of content providers, ISVs, ASPs, SaaS providers, and large enterprises that need extensive infrastructure support and access to large amounts of dependable and inexpensive bandwidth. The depth of our technical staffs knowledge and their ability to customize hosting solutions to meet customers specific requirements sets us apart from most web hosting providers. It is this blend of extensive experience and cost-effectiveness that differentiates us from our competition.

Silicon Valley Web Hosting’s heritage is based upon the advanced technical skills and strong work ethic that make so many Silicon Valley technology companies successful. Because we are located in Silicon Valley, we benefit from having a large pool of world class technical talent at our disposal. In addition to having access to this technical talent, our management team has connections across the valley, both within established technology companies and start-ups, making it possible to access the best technical talent and the latest technology for our customers.

Our Team is composed of some of the best server administrators, programmers, and network engineers in the hosting industry with two primary areas of focus: Superior Customer Service and Maximum Uptime.

Silicon Valley Web Hosting provides 24x7 support and a 100% Uptime Guarantee.

The Data Center

Silicon Valley Web Hosting is located in the SAS 70 compliant Coresite Market Post Tower data center in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, CA.

This Data Center offers an uncompromising level of physical security in addition to multi-stage fire suppression systems; redundant cooling units; and multiple uninterruptible power sources with fully conditioned power.
Physical security is maintained through the use of physical check stations (where ID must be presented before access is allowed to the facilities), closed circuit camera systems, and a combination access card, biometrics entry system, and traditional keylock entry. In the case of the access card and biometrics entry system, an access card is used to activate the palm scanner, and then the palm scanner is used to grant entry to the colocation floor. Once inside the colocation facilities all of our equipment is stored in our own locked suites.

Multi-level (redundant) fire suppression systems are used in the advent of a fire. A combination of dry chemicals and pre-action dry-pipe sprinkler systems are used to protect against fires. A typical response to fires can be broken down into three distinct phases:

When the first smoke detector detects smoke, it primes the dry pipe system and activates alarms at the security desk, facility floor and inside the server room. As a precaution, the system waits for a second alarm.

When the second smoke detector activates, it sounds an additional alarm and starts a 30 second count down to the release of the Heptafluorapropane. During the 30 seconds, the system can be overridden. At the end of the countdown the gas is released to stop the fire reaction.

If the fire continues past the Heptafluorapropane release, the dry-piped pre-action system will isolate the fire. The heat will open one of the high heat sprinkler heads and release the air pressure in the pipe. The pressure release opens the water valve allowing water to flow through the open sprinkler on to the fire. This system will only dispense water through the pipe of the opened sprinkler. The rest of the facility will be unaffected.

Environmental conditions are kept at a constant in the colocation facilities. A constant temperature of 68 degrees (plus or minus 2 degrees) Fahrenheit is maintained with a humidity at a constant of 45%. Multiple redundant cooling units are maintained with ample spare capacity; in the event of a cooling unit failure the environmental conditions inside the facilities will not be effected.

The power system is designed to provide fully filtered non-stop power. The power is drawn upon three sources; (1) commercial utility underground conduits; (2) a full battery backup system; and (3) diesel generators each with 1000-gallon fuel capacity and full-load capabilities. The system utilizes an AC-DC-AC conversion process to completely eliminate surges and under-power conditions. At the heart of the system is the Automatic Transfer Control Logic system (ATCL) which constantly monitors the power throughout the entire system.

In addition to the multiple sources of power, the system has the following features:

Parallel redundant UPS modules
Redundant primary 480V feeders
Split switchboard with draw-out tie-breaker
Redundant 500KVA K13 transformers
48V DC power plant with separate batteries and A+B bus for redundancy
Dual-fed secondary switchboard and critical load distribution boards
Maintenance bypass feeder with dedicated 500 KVA K13 transformer
Dedicated 20 amp circuits with #10AWG (30 amp) wiring to rack plug strips, including dedicated neutrals feeding server racks

The Network Backbone

Our network is comprised of transit capacity drawn from two primary network carriers - Level 3 and Global Crossing; and two back-up network carriers - Cogent Communications and Hurricane Electric. In addition to our connectivity to these network carriers we are a member of the Any2 Peering Exchange located at One Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA.

Combined, these networks peer at all of the major Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and Network Exchange Points (NAPs) world wide. Multiple connections to each IXP and NAP are maintained from different points on the networks so if major regional outages occur connectivity to these exchange points will not be lost.

In addition to public peering, all networks maintain an extensive set of private peers and session exchanges. Private peering arrangements allow us to exchange traffic directly with other networks; completely bypassing the public exchange points.

Web Hosting Services Overview

Silicon Valley Web Hosting offers several pricing options for meeting your budget requirements. Below are descriptions of the various types of web hosting products and services we offer.
Shared cPanel Web Hosting

Our Shared cPanel Web Hosting solutions are intended to meet the needs of customers that are looking for an entry level price point and want a fully managed solution with a cPanel control panel that provides an easy to use graphical user interface. Our cPanel Hosting servers are not overloaded with customers to the point where performance problems occur. We do charge a slight premium for this guarantee, but our customers see value in this approach. With a SVWH cPanel Shared Hosting plan you can experience peace of mind by knowing your website will perform well, you will receive excellent 24x7 technical support, and the operating system, hardware, and back-ups will be fully managed for you.
Linux and Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Through the technology of virtualization, you can now host your site in a secure and private environment with sole access to the operating system and all software at a low price point. You get all of the features found on a dedicated server, with the lower cost associated with a shared hosting environment. We offer Virtual Private Server packages that start at as low as $9.95/month.

SVWH Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans allow you to take advantage of the benefits of virtual computing. You can compile your own software and you get all of the features found on a dedicated server, all with the lower cost associated with a typical shared environment, and the flexibility of having the option to cancel at any time. A major benefit that comes with using our VPS hosting services is flexibility. It enables you to cost effectively extend your dedicated server infrastructure into the virtual cloud for short periods of time to support your immediate business demands. Some companies suffer at times from the Digg or Slashdot effect, which is where their website becomes inundated with millions of requests due to almost instant popularity on the Internet of a new product, service, press release, news article, video, or special offer. Our VPS virtualized computing offering allows you to expand within minutes into a virtual environment to support the sudden increase in traffic, and then you can cancel the extra service at any time if the traffic subsides or your dedicated infrastructure has been expanded to support the new level of traffic

With Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting you get:

More Control: Each VPS has its own independent operating system with its own web server, mail server, and independent software. You can choose from operating systems such as: Windows Server 2003/2008, CentOS, Debian, FedoraCore, Ubuntu, Gentoo or Red Hat Enterprise. Virtualization allows for greater control than you can get with a standard shared hosting plan, while offering significant cost savings over a dedicated server. Once the VPS is configured, there is very little functional difference between it and a full dedicated server.
Secure: Because of advanced virtualization technology, VPS Hosting offers increased security over a traditional shared plan. Even though you are sharing server resources, you are guaranteed specific amounts of the servers resources, and do not share the same file system as other users. With an isolated virtual environment, any security breach on the server is restricted to that user’s specific file system. This means your site will be safe from back-door attacks.
Optional VPS Management Service: Get all of the benefits included with the SVWH Fully Managed Server package for Dedicated servers, for half the price. When your company needs to focus on it’s core business activities, our Managed Linux or Windows Service Packages allow you the freedom to work on increasing your organizations revenue without the added worry of monitoring and maintaining your virtual private server. Silicon Valley Web Hosting’s managed solutions offer you complete administrative control over your content, while our experienced technical services team monitors and manages the hardware, Internet access, operating system, Apache, Php, Mysql, and overall server security.

Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers and Managed Hosting

Dedicated servers are well suited for organizations that do not want to share computing resources with another organization and want the highest performance available.
Having your own dedicated server is important if you need:

Access to large amounts of storage space
Redundant hard drives for redundancy or backup management
High traffic capacity
Ability to load and manage your own complex applications
Root Access for maximum control and security Screenshot
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PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Silicon Valley Web HostingfeaturesServer Specs Provided:CeleronOperating System:BSDWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLmSQLOther DatabasesWeb Hosting Server Features:FTP AccountsCron JobsBackupFile ManagerPassword Protect DirectoriesServer Side [...]$82.00/mo.160 GB1 TB

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Website Description: Silicon Valley Web Hosting gives you the best options in dedicated web server hosting, cPanel webhosting, and VPS hosting. We offer both Linux dedicated servers and Windows servers, as well as shared cPanel webhosting. We are located in San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
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prashanth (prashanth@a...) /
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
bad company, hopeless products, no refund hence you cant escape
we purchased a hosting package from silicon hosting. the package consisted of 2000gb space and unlimited domain hosting.

within the first month of having this package from them we have had

1) more than 48 hours of complete downtime (all domains and emails stopped working ). during this time support was completely not available (no phone, no email , no chat).
basically you have to just wait it out.

2) every day we are finding out some new ridiculous restriction. example: today we find out that inspite us having purchased 2000gb space we cant increase customer email mailbox size to to anything more than 100mb.

100mb max mailbox size !! thats unnaceptable.

now we are stuck because they are refusing to refund our money, so we cant even cancel the darned service.

I hope this helps atleast a few others from landing into this bear trap called silicon hosting.

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