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About Suso

What is Suso

Suso is a web hosting and Internet services provider and website development company.
Why choose Suso

From the very beginning, Suso was focused on being a great environment for websites. We are web developers for web developers.
Where is Suso

Suso is located in Bloomington, Indiana, in the heart of the American Midwest. Bloomington is host to the world renowned Indiana University. Our location allows us to take advantage of more economical power and Internet bandwidth pricing. Many significant Internet backbones are close to our location too, meaning that Suso is not only in the heart of America but also that it is at the heart of the Internet itself.

Specifically, our offices and data center are located in downtown Bloomington in Fountain Square, Suite 222.
Who is Suso
Suso is more than just a company, its a community. Our staff works with our customers to provide great services that reflect what our customers need.

Suso's History

Suso as a web and email service provider was started on October 31st, 1997 when Mark Krenz created an account for his friend Andy. The original purpose of that server was to host the vast amount of media and content of a website called 'The Philip Glass Library'. Since then the services of Suso have expanded greatly into a "carnival of information", where people can learn about the Internet and realize their ideas.

During the late 90s it was a time of experimentation and learning. It started out originally in Mark's dorm room at Indiana University. In the beginning a lot of content was stuff like people's mp3s, funny movies and basic mail services. Actually, was one of the major hosts of some classic videos and animations popular on the Internet at that time. He was getting requests by several hundreds of thousands of people around the world. And saturating the university's computer network. :-)

In April, 1998 Mark registered the domain and began focusing more on making Suso a web hosting service.

In 1999 it was time to move out of the dorm into an apartment. But what would I do for dedicated server access? Fortunately Mark worked for Kiva Networking at the time and found an apartment right across the street from their office. Using a high power wireless array (before the days of 802.11), he was able to provide 3 Mbits of access to the servers and dedicated IP addresses through my own router. While he was sleeping, thousands of people were accessing the servers 5 feet away from him.

In 2000 he started experimenting with Internet radio and created his own radio station ( that also hosted live music in his living room on Saturday nights. He also started charging users for their usage of for the first time. Being as he was paying $300/month for wireless it only seemed fair that most users who used it would share in the cost.

In the fall of 2000 he Marina, who he had tutored in Java back in 1998 when I was in the dorm and gave her an account. They fell in love, got married and started working on Suso together. Over the next few years they would make Suso an official business, replacing the main servers and moving them into a 24-hour accessible colocation room downtown. Then they we no longer had to worry about overheating computers, providing them with enough bandwidth and power backup.

From 2002 to 2004 they took on more customers. Brining the total to just under 100 people. This was all simply by word of mouth and many of those users are still with Suso today, which is a testament to our commitment to our users. So at the beginning of 2004 they decided to expand, make more official and make it more scalable.

In the beginning of 2004 we decided to incorporate our business to ensure that is well protected and so that customers could count on it being there for a long time to come. The new corporation Suso Technology Services, Inc. was formed in June. That summer we worked diligently to prepare to move into an office, release a new invoice system to keep track of balances, improve our current services and prepare for offering new ones like Linux support and web design.

We will be having our opening day in the new office on September 17th, which is also the 13th anniversary of Linux.

Premium Account

* Dynamic website hosting and e-mail
* PHP, MySQL, etc. support
* Free Domain
* Web 2.0 Applications
* 99.99% Uptime
* No Disk Space Quotas

VPS / Virtual Server

* Root / Superuser access
* Install software you need
* Fast Xen virtualization
* FastSwapTM support NEW
* Server isolated from others
* Admin services available

Dedicated Servers

* High Performance Apps
* Larger Disk, RAM and CPU
* 99.99% Network Uptime
* Brand name hardware
* Admin services available Screenshot
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Suso Blog Blog added on Feb, 2014, with total 29 articles, language en. See recent blogs summary posts:
- Email delivery issues - We are currently experiencing issues delivering incoming email to some Suso accounts. We are working on the issue and hope to have this problem resolved today. We expect that once we have resolved ...
- Mail delivery issues - Today we've been hit with a mail delivery issue caused by our upstream provider misconfiguring some kind of inline mail filtering device designed to stop spam. This was causing some e-mail to bounce ...
- Emergency server issues and outage - We are currently having trouble with the host hardware machine that runs some of the Suso services. Fixing this problem may take several hours and during this time some of our services will be ...

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