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Nikolay (rabalkin@m...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I'm client since 2008.
Over the years spent more than $5,000 USD for their services.
Experiencing a different problems - dead PSUs; motherboard replacenet; disk replacement; server replacement.
The last 2 years i'm using the VPS with 12GB of memory (44 euros a month - price as iron server OVH, Hetnzner etc.).
Tentatively on February 12, some idiot from the support, changed VPS limits so that now makes shmpages 289562 - about 1GB instead of 12GB.
Today 18 February and the problem is not solved.
Arguments brought them prove incorrect VPS configuration, but they just do not understand OpenVZ (Virtuozzo) documentation.
The server does not operate correctly.
Tens of thousands of visitors are lost.
Lost profits are difficult to quantify.
I had to configure the services as if I have 512MB of memory but not 12228Mb.
do not mess with serverloft and their brands: ( ( [read more...]
suhail (suhailvoip@G...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
i have been hosting last 3 years with different colocation for my voip business. one of my friend recommended that to try their network. but their support is utter useless and their control panel always has issues like "An error has occurred. Please try again later or contact our technical support team"

my hearty advice that PLEASE DO NOT HOST ANY IMPORTENT SERVERS ON THIS. You will left back with in maximum2 months

Bet :( (a sad serverloft customer)
-anonymous- (-no email-)
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
I still have a bad experience. eventho i said i want to disconnect the server in a ticket. after a month they redraw the monthly amount from the credit card again!!!. they said i need to send a fax to a number and i did. But still no luck, even with that the account is still active. Im afraid that i have to cancel that credit card and go through legal services to get my money back.

Stay away from serverloft.


About Server Loft

Powerful hardware, a fast and stable network, and transparent offers with a remarkably good value for money. We are able to make such reasonably priced offers, because we leave the servers' management to you. You gain full root access and manage your server yourself. Of course, you can reset and reinstall your server anytime via the web interface, or start it in rescue mode, respectively.

And in case of a hardware breakdown, we will replace the server within four hours – 24 hours per day, seven days a week! Moreover, you can profit from the know-how of our experienced system engineers by booking different managed hosting products.

serverloft is a brand of PlusServer AG – the company, that sold the first dedicated server in Europe more than ten years ago, and is today one of the worldwide market leaders in the hosting business.

Currently, PlusServer hosts more than 30,000 servers in data centers in Germany and the USA. The company strongly focuses on optimal performance in combination with state of the art technology.

With its multiple brands, PlusServer disposes of a broad portfolio of hosting and internet services. Starting from private users up to medium-sized and large companies, all target groups can be provided with the appropriate services.

In the center of Europe or in the USA: Choose your server location!
It's your choice: Your serverloft server is either hosted at datadock – Europe's greenest data center – or in our state-of-the-art Datotel data center in the USA. Whichever data center you choose, you will surely get the best possible availability, efficiency and security.

datadock was built by our parent company PlusServer AG in more than three years of planning and construction time. The main target was to satisfy the highest demands on fast connections and high availability without disregarding the environment. Therefore, only the latest eco-friendly devices have been integrated into the infrastructure, and an innovative well cooling system installed. Thanks to these measures datadock features an outstanding energy-efficiency. And as all relevant facilities are laid out with redundancies, the highest availability is also ensured. Further information about datadock and an interactive tour are available here.

Our US data center is located in St. Louis, Missouri, which has a central position within the United States. That way, the fastest connections from coast to coast are guaranteed. The Datotel data center in St. Louis is laid out fully redundant, all functions are permanently monitored, and numerous security systems protect the servers from unwanted access by third parties. All servers are placed in an highly secure environment and are protected from dust, humidity, fire and quench water. Special door systems, video surveillance and a dedicated security service make for an effective, complete anti-burglary protection day and night.

Server location in Europe

Maximum speed is given top priority by serverloft. All servers are connected directly to the worldwide 110 GBit high-speed backbone of PlusServer AG, which has direct connections to the most important providers and the largest European IX locations, for example the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, the AMSIX in Amsterdam and the LINX in London. The complete backbone is laid out multiply redundant in ring topology, so that even in case of a 60% technical breakdown the servers will still be available. Because we are positive of our connection quality, we can guarantee a service availability of at least 99.9% as a monthly average.
Our Connections in Detail:

Level 3: 2x 10 GBit
Global Crossings: 2x 10 GBit
LambdaNet: 2x 10 GBit
Deutsche Telekom: 2x 10 GBit
DE-CIX: 2x 10 GBit
ECIX: 10 GBit
ECIX: 4x 10 GBit

PlusServer IP Network

The global PlusServer IP network is defined through the autonomous system (AS) 8972. The IP network is based on an optical transmission network, which is able to provide transmission capacities of many terabits per second due to the application of sophisticated technologies.

The links to important IX (Internet Exchange) locations in Europe, Asia and America enable PlusServer to run public peerings with all the important IP carriers, ISPs and content providers. Additionally, there are multiple private peering points.

The connection of a server in the serverloft data center to the global internet is realized by means of a 100 Mbit/s switchport.
Server location in USA

Our US Data Center is centrally located in St. Louis, MO, enabling us to avail the best transmission speeds from the west to east coasts. Our system automatically selects the fastest way to move your data, and should one Internet carrier's backbone fail, it quickly switches to another to keep your server online with absolutely no down time. serverloft is a Web hosting leader with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

Two fully redundant POPs in St. Louis. Both connected by our own 10 GBit fiber metro ring for highest redundancy.
High Speed, High Availability Network powered by fully redundant Juniper M20 routers and Extreme Networks switching engines.
Direct multiple GBit connections to leading bandwidth provider: Level 3. Both of them has installed diversely routed fiber optic cable that will never terminate any lower than OC-12.
Network utilization is never more than 30%, and capacity can be turned up at any time.

Level 3

Level 3 operates the first global 10 Gbps (OC-192) seamless, redundant IP backbone. Level 3 has successfully constructed an international fiber optic communications network connecting Europe and the United States. A continuously upgradeable network with high-capacity, scalable peering interconnections ensures uncongested connectivity between the world's largest Internet backbone networks. The average latency is 40 milliseconds or less in all regions, with less than one percent packet loss.

serverloft stands for professional Dedicated Servers without compromise. And with our support concept we follow this focus as well and guarantee hardware exchange in case of a failure within only four hours. What's even more, we guarantee this 24/7. Just call our hotline and our experienced technicians take care of all the rest.

We offer you full flexibility regarding the management and administration of your server: you get full root access to your server and may configure it as you like and according to your demands. Enjoy this freedom and configure your server just the way you want to.

With that much liberty, however, we can not carry out any support regarding your server's software configuration. Our staff does not know the root password of your server, will not log on to your server, and offer no assistance concerning the server's software configuration. What we do, though, is give you powerful tools in form of the web based management system to make the administration of your server as easy as possible. Amongst others, the following functions are 24/7 at your disposal:

reset of your server within just a few seconds (soft/hard)
booting of your server in a rescue system
reinstallation of your server with a standard distribution

You don't want to manage your server yourself or need complex managed hosting solutions? As a perfect addition to your serverloft server, we offer different managed hosting products in various levels, which you can either book as an additional option to your main contract, or require a particular contract. Get more information about the available products..

It is also possible to integrate your existing serverloft servers into PlusServer configurations, thus offering you an opportunity to grow dynamically. Please be aware, however, that we have to charge an integration fee for the enhanced service level of PlusServer AG of € 200 per server and month.
In Detail:

serverloft guarantees for the server hardware and assures hardware replacement in case of a technical failure within four hours. This warranty covers 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

serverloft addresses its offers to experienced users, and provides the servers as pure dedicated servers without technical support regarding the server's software configuration. Customers gain full root access and manage their servers fully on their own responsibility. serverloft staff will not log on to a customer's server, and will not answer any questions about software configurations. If you need support from our qualified system administrators, however, you can book it with the product Managed Support.

The customer is solely responsible for the server's management. serverloft gives full root access to the customers, so that they can manage their servers' software configurations. Additionally, customers gain access to the ServerView/iRMC system of their server, thus being able to make adjustments to the server hardware.

Moreover, serverloft customers can carry out the following automated operations via their customer interface:

reboot of the server (hard/soft)
reinstallation of the server
starting the server in a rescue system

Zusätzlich steht eine Auswahl an individuellen Managed-Hosting-Produkten zur Verfügung, welche je nach Bedarf in unterschiedlichen Ausprägungen zum Serververtrag hinzu gebucht werden können bzw. für die teilweise eigene Verträge abgeschlossen werden.

serverloft is available for the customers via hotline 24/7 on 365 days a year. The hotline number is announced to the customer in the course of the service allocation. serverloft confirms failure reports, which it receives from the customers, normally within one hour, and informs the customers in regular intervals about the trouble shooting status.
Scheduled Maintenance

serverloft announces scheduled maintenance works, which might have an influence on or interrupt the customers services, at least three business days in advance. Scheduleds tasks are carried out usually between 6 and 9 a.m.
Service Level

A Service Level Agreement is offered for serverloft servers. It contains service availabilities, maximum recovery times, and maximum response times. The Service Level Agreement is provided as a separate document.
Service Availabilities and Recovery Times

The availability of the service serverloft Dedicated Server is calculated over the period of a business year, i.e. starting with the service allocation. The availability is defined as the ratio of the operating time, in which the service is available, and the business year.

The Time for Service Restoration (TSR) is defined as the period between failure notice and the service recovery. The failure notice is provided by the customer.

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About: serverloft ist eine Marke der PlusServer AG– das Unternehmen, das vor über 10 Jahren den ersten dedizierten Server in Deutschland verkauft hat und heute zu den weltweiten Marktführern im Hosting gehört. PlusServer hostet mehr als 40.000 Server in den technisch fortschrittlichsten und sichersten Rechenzentren in Europa und den USA.
serverloft account is having 16 followers and 26 plus one count. See recent Google+ Posts: GPlus Icon
- Wir wünschen Ihnen am heutigen Heiligen Abend ein Frohes Fest im Kreise Ihrer Liebsten.
- Das Beste aus zwei Welten: Volle Performance, höchste FlexibilitätMit den dedizierten Servern von serverloft behalten Sie stets die Kontrolle über Ihre Daten. Außerdem nutzen Sie allein die volle Performance und Anbindung Ihres Servers. Alle System serverloft – Dedizierte Server

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Angelo (-no email-)
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
they did allmost 2 weeks!!! to prepare a mainstream server.
they give extra ip's which you can only use with the bare metal server. they use mac address filtering on their switches and will not add exceptions, that means that your virtual machines will never see the internet natively. their tech support is horrible they are allways "happy" to tell you that they are there to help you and they do nothing more than give bogus solutions like "use nat or proxy arp" (why would i need these on a production server???) and if that doesnt work they blame it on you.
Greg (gregone@a...)
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Thank you for your order with SERVERLOFT. We have received your order for the PerfectServer XXL 2.5 Xeon (US) server.

Unfortunately we are not able to process your order at this time.
The product of your choice is sold out at the moment and there is a delay in the new hardware delivery.
We expect new PerfectServer XXL 2.5 Xeon (US) servers to be available within the next 10-20 working days again.

The above was their answer when I tried to order from them, is unacceptable, their website listed the servers as ready to go within 24hrs. Who knows what type of scam these clowns are running, keep away from them.
-anonymous- (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
The guys ansering tickets are slow, and too much closed minded.

They misconfigured a server giving us a server with one HD and not TWO as we requested.. and to solve they claimed they want to reboot the server to see if it was true that there was just one HD! Come on, for rack servers you don't need reboot to see if two HD are plugged or not to the mainboard... !
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