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About Runbox

Founded in October 1999, Runbox is a profitable and growing private Norwegian company that specializes in email hosting. Based in Norway, Runbox has delivered more than 750,000 mailboxes ever since.

Runbox also provides web hosting. Known as Runbox Web Hosting, it includes 200 MB of diskspace, 4,000 MB of bandwidth, and a cPanel control panel. This service comes along with a Runbox Email Hosting account at no extra cost.

Runbox’ goal is simply to provide the best email experience available. This means that we’re dedicated to improving your personal or business-related email experience and helping you get the most out of your email usage.

Besides buildling professional, flexible, and user-friendly email services, we provide access to the tools, knowledge, and a community that will help you use and manage your email efficiently.
Runbox Services

Runbox provides high capacity email services, email consolidation tools, email hosting, web and domain hosting, file storage services, and more. Runbox forms a centralized email communications hub accessible from any Internet client anywhere in the world.

We offer both personal email services, business email hosting your company’s or organization’s email, and customized email solutions for your specific needs.
Runbox Mail Manager

Runbox Mail Manager is the core of the Runbox services and is a comprehensive email management and administration tool. With its wide range of features and massive storage space, Runbox lets you easily store and manage all your email and files online.

Runbox Mail Manager consists of two main parts, Webmail and Manager. The Webmail’s unique interface is designed to provide a complete overview and quick access to contents and functions.

The Manager section lets you consolidate all your email into Runbox and control your email through an intuitive interface . Manager consists of 3 levels that your incoming email “fall” through: Retrieve can gather email from any external email account you might have, Filter sorts your email according to any criteria you desire, and Access shows you how to access your email on any Internet-enabled device.


* To provide the best online communications experience and complete messaging flexibility.
* To be a leading provider of open source messaging services.
* To provide the best organized solutions for messaging management.

Corporate values

* Trust: Through our actions we earn each others’ and our customers’ trust.
* Responsibility: We are socially and environmentally responsible for conducting our business such that it benefits both people and our environment.
* Goodness: Human beings are essentially ethically good, and have a fundamental need for communication that we will meet in the best possible way.


Runbox provides the email service Runbox Mail Manager (RMM), which was launched globally in 2000, and since developed to become one of the world’s leading premium email services. Since the launch of RMM, Runbox has delivered more than 800 000 mailboxes.

Runbox provides email hosting and web and domain hosting services, and delivers custom made email solutions. Runbox has developed customized services for several major portals and companies such as the Norwegian Broadcasting Company and TV 2.

Runbox servers run on EMC and Dell hardware and are hosted with our partner ISP Redpill Linpro. Redpill Linpro offers world class access with fully redundant systems world wide and is a premium provider of hosting services.

Runbox Mail Manager is extensively featured in the independent email directory, where the service has a dedicated user forum. This message board is monitored by the Runbox Staff.

Why us?
There are many email providers out there, and some are free.
So why pay for Runbox’ services?

Runbox offers professional email services and we’re entirely dedicated to providing user-friendly and reliable solutions. We have been doing this for 10 years, and spend all our time improving our services and providing support for our customers.

The experience we have accumulated running high-end email systems, and the personal tailored support we provide, will benefit your company from the outset. We help you get started and are ready to assist whenever you need us, or if you have questions about email in general.

Runbox takes care of your email and this means you can focus on running your business. Paying for email hosting is a sound investment that will save you time and money in the long run.

Real people.

We gives you personal support via email and live text chat 7 days a week, all year long. With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of email systems, we can help you with any email related question.

We know that reliable email can be mission critical, and how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t work as expected. With Runbox you can be assured that your email will work right away — we will help you get started or move from another provider, and help resolve any problem that might arise.

In addition, our Support Center, documentation, and FAQ provide an extensive Knowledge Base, and you can use the Runbox Forum where help from other users in the Runbox community, and from the Runbox Staff, is available.

Ad free

The Runbox email service is absolutely ad-free. Some free services not only display ads next to your email, but analyze your messages so that they can show related ads in your web browser. Some services even put ads at the end of your email in the message body. You don’t see them when you write your message, but they appear in what your recipient sees.

Runbox is entirely neutral and clean, while other services put more and more effort into tuning their ad offerings. That is how they make money.
Runbox protects your privacy

We are located in Norway and is regulated by strong privacy legislation that protects your data. We enforce a strict Privacy Policy that ensures no one but you can access your email.

Norway is a pioneer in this area, and in 1980 was the first country to establish an independent body to enforce the personal data legislation from 1978. You can read more about this at (The Data Inspectorate). Norway also enforces strict legislation for consumer rights.
Runbox protects your personal information

We will never use the contents of your messages or other personal data in any other context. Some other companies will, and if you read their terms and conditions carefully, they reserve the right to use, reproduce, and publish content you send through their services.
Runbox is value driven

At Runbox, we are committed to conducting our operations and our business in an ethical manner that centers on our customers and the environment.

We treat our customers with respect, and don’t try to “lock in” users like some companies do — instead we offer maximum flexibility and go out of our way to give you exactly the service you want.

We work to decrease our impact on the environment in every part of our operation: Our server park is entirely hydro powered, we use “green servers” where possible, and make extensive use of telecommuting.

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Runbox Launches Email Hosting - Email service provider ( said on Friday that it had launched email hosting on the email platform, enabling small and mid-size businesses to provide their employees with premium email under their own domain. users can now offer their employees almost unlimited online storage space for their email and files. Premium email also provides access to email on any email protocol allowing the user a great deal of flexibility.
Large email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and now have recently introduced premium email services with features such as a significantly increased online email storage capacity. This move to premium email has benefited users of the large international email providers.
"If your email account doesn't give you at least 1GB online disk space, file storage option, and support for any email protocol and device then you don't have a premium email account today," says founder and CEO Hans Lysglimt. [search all news]

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About: Enterprise-grade Email Hosting for companies, organizations, and individuals.Based in Norway, Runbox adheres to strict privacy regulations that protect account information and user data.Runbox provide a custom developed Webmail interface that let the user administrate all your email needs. We also offer secure POP and IMAP connections on all accounts.
Runbox Solutions AS account is having 230 followers on LinkedIn and 2-10 employees.
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Runbox Blog  Using Wordpress version 4.6. See recent blogs summary posts:
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they said i was spamming with just 5 e-mails sent
very unprofessional company , stay away from them, they take weeks to respond to their customer online tech support, very challenging to deal with ,
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