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David Smith - CEO (david.smith@b...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
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I was looking around one night about 4 years ago for a host with dedicated IP numbers. Never did I know I would luck out with a host where I could get three dedicated IP numbers and a decent amount of web space and bandwidth for what was needed. Sure there are hosts out there where you can buy unlimited space and bandwidth. But I have seen them come and go, mostly go. This is my fourth time renewing with Boen, this time I renewed for the two year deal which will be over 6 years when it comes time to renewing again. I am the CEO of my company and it is comforting to know I can sleep well at night knowing the clients I am providing services to can contact me anytime knowing the message will get to me. And knowing my web services are running without a hitch. Anytime I need Boens help he is always there. I have a team of designers, there have been times I have asked Boen for assistance. There has never been a time that I can remember where the help was not right on the money with a good [read more...]
duckieQT (review@d...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
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Been using risingnet since 2006. Joined because they offered IRC hosting and had cheap virtual private servers. I’ve been using them ever since. Only had a few down times in 4 years, 3 I can recall. 2 where scheduled, 1 unexpected but nothing more then a few hours. Boen is truly the man when it comes to support. He has helped me update and config my server for the full 4 years. If you’re looking into getting a VPS, give them a shot. I only wish they had more flexible upgrade packages.


About Rising Net

RisingNet, LLC is a privately held company based in Seattle, Washington USA.
RisingNet, LLC known as RisingNet.com or RisingNet.net was founded in the early 1999.
About RisingNet During that time, we have grown into one of the leading provider of world-class internet hosting.
We carefully picked our partners and staffs member so that we can provide you with the best services. Our mission is to provide nothing less than first-rate services.

In order to accomplish this, we have made major investments in our network platform, servers platform and software application, which uses state-of-the-art hardware and software from the leading manufacturers in the industry today.
Unlike any other providers, we are an ISP. We own and have full control the servers and the network.
We continuously evaluate our servers performance and network performance on multiple levels so that enhancements and upgrades are in place before customers experience any service degradation. We work hard to bring new technologies, systems and facilities to you on a continuous basis. Our pro-active attitude can ensure that you get high quality internet hosting services at all times.
Our long list of hosting features and services are growing fast, as we offer the latest in world-class internet hosting technology to our customers around the globe.

Data Center Facility

RisingNet Data Center - The Westin Building Facility.
2001 Sixth Avenue
Seattle WA, 98121

RisingNet data center facility is located in the heart of connectivity in the Northwest, the Westin Building, Downtown Seattle Washington. The building is also known as the Securities Building Technology Center and facilities. The Westin Building is one of the largest carrier hotels on the West coast of the United States and the premier telecommunications hub, POP and carrier hotel for the Pacific Northwest. The building has the world-class environment for mission-critical infrastructure and the structural engineering to withstand, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

The Westin Building is a state-of-the-art carrier neutral environment, giving us the access to more than 150 providers of high-bandwidth Internet access as well as telecom services and fiber providers in a single location. Access virtually unlimited bandwidth capabilities from DSL to multiple OC-192 and in between. The building also give us access in the region through the extensive copper and fiber optic Meet-Me rooms as well as interconnection to other networks or peer via the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) and the Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP). The Westin building is the home of the Northwest Network Access Point (NAP).

Meet-Me Rooms.
The Westin Building's Copper and Fiber Meet-Me Rooms (MMRs) are access controlled, managed facilities where buyers and sellers of Broadband networks offer interconnectivity to their backbones and diverse services. The MMRs are state of the art areas centrally located within the building, facilitating easy access to our new and existing high-rise and low-rise cable risers. The MMRs allow us to cross connects with multiple Internet Service Providers or network carriers. It is also allow us to exchange bandwidth with multiple ISP. The interconnection of carriers to other networks in a central location is a highly efficient and expanding a network's reach.

Our data center has the multiple layer of power backup protection. The Multiple layers of reliability consisting of 2N redundant industrial capacity power distribution systems, Three Grid power system from the Seattle City Light, N+1 redundancy, diesel backup generators and UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). In some cases if the data center has the power spikes, power drops or power failure, UPS units will kick in instantly and then switch to emergency backup power. Therefore, there is no interruption in the flow of electricity to computers. The redundant power in our facilities enable your equipment to run continuously, even in the event of a major outage.

Climate Control.
Our datacenter is equipped with a superior monitored climate control cooling system that ensures climate temperatures do not affect computing power. We use the Air Conditioning (HVAC) units maintain a climate of 67 degrees (+/- 5). The Humidity 30-60% is also maintained at optimal level to keep static electricity level to its minimum.

Fire, Life and Safety.
The Westin Building Telecommunications Facilities offer pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system with computer and telecommunications rated smoke and heat detection systems. FM 200 fire suppression systems are installed in some caged areas.

On-site physical security offers 24x7 staffed checkpoints, Alarm/Key Monitoring, keycard access is required to all secured areas of the building, Biometric scan and card key required for access to data center, and all activity in/out of the building is recorded. Continuous video recording of all entrances, corridors, and data facilities is provided by closed-circuit cameras. All visitors to our data center must be escorted by an RisingNet staff.

The Network Connection

The RisingNet network connection is designed to help you bring together your company's best resources to communicate better, super fast internet connection, more reliable and work more efficiently than ever before. RisingNet Network Operation Center (NOC) is located in the Westin Building - Seattle, WA and we have direct connection to the Westin Building Meet Me Room with tens of thousands of fiber optic and copper cross-connections that giving us the unlimited number of bandwidth access.

RisingNet has direct connection with multiple bandwidth carriers to ensure the best connectivity for our clients from any location around the world on the Internet. We are a multi-homed, carrier-neutral network which means we are not locked into providing service through any single bandwidth carrier. In fact, we can host your servers and your website through one of several bandwidth carriers depending on which one is best for you.

RisingNet operates its own multihomed BGP IP network, it consists multiple Fast Ethernet connection from high performance bandwidth Tier 1 IP backbone which have the backbone trunks range from OC-48 to multiple OC-192. Moreover, RisingNet IP network also has Fast Ethernet line for direct peering with multiple ISP via Seattle Internet Exchange. RisingNet has the open peering policies in the industry. Our peering relationships with other providers place your servers and your internet application to the closer destination on the Internet.

Our network is powered by the Cisco System and Internap. RisingNet network is using the Cisco technology for our network routing devices and switching devices with fully BGP enabled routing protocol. Furthermore, we use the Internap proprietary route control technology, which overcomes the limitations of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for monitors the performance of each Internet backbone, routing your traffic across the best path, providing fast and more reliable data delivery than traditional routing methods. The result, RisingNet network can automatically choose which transit providers or peering providers have the shortest routes and then automatically selects the highest performing provider to ensure our customers the fastest speeds available and the fastest route possible. Customers enjoy better performance, less latency and faster internet access from around the globe!

RisingNet network can handle the most demanding of bandwidth immediately, the utilization is never more than 60% and capacity can be turned up at any time.
When your business required additional bandwidth, we can quickly provision new service because we own and manage our own network.

In order to increased the stability, reliability and the highest up-times, all of RisingNet servers and network devices are monitored by third party monitoring system that probes our network machines in regular intervals. In the unlikely event of a machine crash or not responding then RisingNet system/network administrators will be immediately and automatically paged or SMS. RisingNet system/network administrators are available around the clock to handle any remote machine problems and network problems. You can free yourself of the significant investment in hardware and IT personnel for managing your network and let RisingNet's administrators team implement, and manage the network infrastructure for you.


Web site service (Web Hosting)
Take control of your domain, easy to access, and manage your domains via the web control panel: PLESK or cPanel.
Our web hosting packages include web store, website builder and auto-installer web applications.

Web developer (Web design and application)
RisingNet will answer all your needs with our web development and internet application creation packages.

Domain Services, Website Marketing, SSL Certificates
RisingNIC.com provides a low cost domain registration, domain transfer, website promote,
web marketing and secure SSL certificates for your website.

Unix Shell Account (Shell Account for IRC users)
We provide shell account for IRC chat server, eggdrop bots and IRC bouncer.
We are currently hosting more then 500 eggdrop bots on multiple servers.

Virtual Private Server, Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Server
VPS bridges the gap between shared web hosting service and dedicated hosting service. Users can use the VPS for resale, private hosting or provide hosting service with low cost.

Dedicated Servers and Hosting (Server rental).
RisingNet offers dedicated server for web hosting, IRC hosting, game server, eCommerce and beyond.
The dedicated server gives you more resources, full control, security and freedom.

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PlansWebsite Products

Linux - Shared Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Special Web Hosting $4.00/mo.1 GB10 GB
RisingNet Web Hosting Special PlanfeaturesServer Specs Provided:100 Megabit PortOperating System:UnixWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLWeb Hosting Server Features:FTP AccountsCron JobsBackupServer Side IncludesFrontpage ExtensionsPHPMyAdminTelnet / SSHCustom Error [...]$4.17/mo.1 GB10 GB
RisingNet Web Hosting Basic PlanfeaturesServer Specs Provided:100 Megabit PortOperating System:UnixWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLWeb Hosting Server Features:FTP AccountsCron JobsBackupServer Side IncludesFrontpage ExtensionsPHPMyAdminTelnet / SSHCustom Error [...]$7.50/mo.3 GB30 GB
Basic Web Hosting (Host 3 Domains) $9.00/mo.3 GB30 GB
RisingNet Web Hosting Deluxe Plan $20.75/mo.30 GB100 GB
Deluxe Web Hosting (Host Unlimited Domains) $29.00/mo.30 GB100 GB
Linux - VPS Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
IRC VPS Basic (8 Static IP) $29.00/mo.10 GB30 GB
IRC VPS Deluxe (24 Static IP) $39.00/mo.15 GB50 GB
PLESK VPS Deluxe (4 Static IP) $39.00/mo.10 GB100 GB
PLESK VPS Expert (16 Static IP) $69.00/mo.30 GB300 GB
IRC VPS Expert (64 Static IP) $99.00/mo.30 GB150 GB

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Owner: Risingnet, LLC
Web Site Title: Web Hosting, Shell Accounts, VPS, Domains register, Dedicated Servers by RisingNet
Website Description: We provide Web hosting, shell account, ircd hosting, dedicated server, virtual private server, domain services, and free web design
Targeting: United States
Site in business since:
Links to the site: 34
Details for http://www.risingnet.net
Website DNS: MX::mail.risingnet.net => ( Seattle ) / Risingnet LLC
ns1.stabilized.net => ( Seattle ) / Risingnet LLC
ns2.stabilized.net => ( Seattle ) / Risingnet LLC
ns0.stabilized.net => ( Seattle ) / Risingnet LLC
Server Software: Apache|PHP/7.0.14|PleskLin
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United states / Washington / Seattle - see top providers in United States, Washington
ISP Name / ISP URL: Risingnet LLC / risingnet.net
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About: SitusMe is an online lelang store for Asia. Most of our products are Asian antiques from China and Japan.
All of our users are welcome to post any other products that they would like to sale online. It is free.
Please visit our website for more information about the items that we are currently selling.

SitusMe (est. 2010) is a Privately Held entity having followers on LinkedIn and 2-10 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
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Alexandru (top.alexandru@g...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Dear reviewers, Dear internet users,
I kindly inform you that Risinget is one of the best webhosters, hosters, and whatever you want to call them!

I'll tell you just one thing:
Since the day that i bought a common shell acount, i had a minimum uptime on irc connections of at least 2-weeks! Believe me please.
I think i made myself clear.
Great services, If you want First-Class service, choose Risingnet!
A. R. T. (Bucharest, Romania)

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