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-anonymous- (-hidden-) / t-global.in
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
They fuc.ed up our system and living in the "upgrade" world with no business understanding. Terrible
-anonymous- (frankyin720@h...) / wallsense.ca
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Too much maintenance works to do for an e-commercial website especially for those frequently downtime and security issues.
The response time is fairly quick but have to email back and forth several times due to the estimation of work need to be paid.
From business perspective, never recommend for anyone who cannot hire Linux experts.
John (jrobens@i...) / interlated.com.au
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
great service
Always respond quickly. They monitor the servers well and remain competitive by providing ongoing upgrades.

Haven't had major unscheduled outages.
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About Rimu Hosting

RimuHosting's Goals

Our goals are pretty simple:

* Offer a flexible, reliable hosting service.
* Make our customers deliriously happy with the support they get.

Why RimuHosting?

* Looking for a host with a solid track record? RimuHosting has been working hard to provide great server hosting since December 2002.
* One of the original UML VPS hosting companies, and also one of the first to offer Xen-based VPS hosting.
* RimuHosting is a successful, customer-focused business that aims to be here for years to come. In 2008 we were ranked the 16th fastest growing company in NZ in the Deloitte Fast 50 Index (up from #25 in 2007). We were the only hosting company to feature on their list. We also made the 2008 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Index.
* Our friendly and knowledgeable staff includes developers, and professional system administrators.
* Quick responses from our email and ticket support systems. One-on-one support with our hosting experts.
* RimuHosting is not a reseller. We operate our own servers. If something goes wrong, we're the ones that fix it.
* We specialize in JBoss J2EE and JSP hosting, but our servers are set up for pretty much any web-hosting task you'd care to throw at them.

We Stand Behind Our Hosting

We have confidence in our technology and our support. So, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our hosting fees, as well as a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Our plans have a one-month minimum contract period. No long-term commitments are required.

Support worth raving about

We work hard to provide support worth raving about. To do that we are always looking for ways to provide the assistance our customers request.

But then we go just that little bit further and surprise them with something just a little bit more/better than what they were expecting.
Dedicated servers
Support Factoids

* 84% of our customers are delighted by our support (the rest are 'merely' happy with it.)
* Our average customer has been with us for 18 months.
* 19/20 customers remain with us after their first two months (indicating they made the right choice choosing our service).
* 60% of our new business is by word of mouth (we appreciate that our customers are so happy with our service they tell their friends and colleagues about it).
* 91% of our customers rate us better than their previous host.
* We start responding to most support requests in under 2 minutes.

Examples of RimuHosting support

The following are just some of the things we have done for our customers:

* Installed JBoss/tomcat/Liferay. Helped deploy WAR and EAR Java webapps
* Installed a Rails hosting stack, upgraded gems, troubleshooted mongrel instances
* Configured and troubleshooted email servers. We are familiar with DKIM, postfix, ClamAV, Spamassassin, Postfixadmin, you name it.
* Performance troubleshooting. We find and help resolve bottlenecks. e.g. tracking down MySQL servers bogging down your server. e.g. finding the optimal amount of memory for your server.
* Configure backups, MySQL replication, failover and monitoring.

RimuHosting support philosophy

Our goals are to be honest, upfront, straightforward, work in the customers' best interest, and provide service that delights.

At RimuHosting we work really hard to never say 'no'. We try to help our customers in any way we can to make their hosting setup work the way they need it to.

Well Connected Data Centers

RimuHosting uses data centers in multiple countries. This lets you host with a server closest to you or your users. We currently use data centers in the following locations:

* Dallas, Texas
* London, England
* Australia
* Auckland, New Zealand

These locations let you choose a server nearest your US, European or Australasian users.

Each data center has redundant UPS systems, generator backup, closed circuit monitoring, card key access, 24-hour guards and redundant a/c systems. Rest assured your hardware is being well taken care of.

* Lots of low latency bandwidth. Typically you can 'ping' other US servers in an incredibly fast 20ms or less.
* Multiple, Gigabit Connections to the Internet. So even multi-megabyte files can be downloaded in seconds.
* 24x7 Server Monitoring. And our sysadmins are paged if anything is wrong. It's "peace of mind" hosting.
* UPS Power

Dallas Data Center

The Dallas-based data center we use, colo4dallas, provides a reliable, fast and affordable mix of BGP routed bandwidth. The data center run a Cisco networking environment. And is staffed 24x7 by technicians who perform all our remote hands work (e.g. changing drives, memory or swapping servers).

For a sample ping try host112.rimuhosting.com.

The servers we purchase and colocate at the Dallas data center are the latest and greatest our money can buy, so we are able to offer customers great pricing on extra memory and disk space.

If you are not sure which data center to go with then we recommend you setup your VPS or dedicated server at this data center. We host most of our customers at this facility.

Order a Dallas-based VPS, a semi-dedicated VPS or a Dallas-based dedicated server.
London Data Center

The UK-based data center
we use is located in Maidenhead (just outside of London). It operates a Cisco and Extreme Networks powered network. It has access to a 20Gbit network including Level(3) and Tiscali as carriers. The data center is manned 24x7, and has diesel generator UPSs.

For a sample ping try host335.rimuhosting.com.

We recommend our London data center if most of your users are in Europe and low latency is critical to you.

Order a London-based VPS or London-based Dedicated Server.
Australian Data Centers

RimuHosting provide both VPS and dedicated servers from the Australian data centers we use.

We have some servers that we use for VPS hosting colocated in the Global Switch data center. This location is ideal when you need low latency to users in Australia, New Zealand or the western pacific rim Far East countries. Network costs are quite high in Australia so the data transfer allowance included in the price is lower (at 6GB/month) than on other (e.g. Dallas or London) servers.

Because we are colocating our own hardware here we can use very powerful servers. The VPS plans here run on one of our fast servers (at the time of writing, a server with two quad core Xeon CPUs) with a heap of memory (12GB) and lots of disk space (four 750GB disks).

Some facts about the Sydney datacenter:

* Data Center Location: Global Switch Data Center, Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney
* Data Center Space: 41,575m2 of gross building space
* Rack Space: 2 Floors ~1000 Racks
* Minimum N+1 Redundancy on Power Supply
* Diverse A&B Power Supply through UPS
* On-site diesel tanks (360,000 litres) support minimum of 24 hours at full capacity (2 hour contract for further fuel)
* Temperature maintained at 22C (+/- 2C)
* Aspiratory Analogue Addressable Fire Detection System
* Access Control Using Proximity Card Readers
* Multiple CCTV Cameras (interior and exterior)
* Barrier Controlled Vehicle Access
* Data Transit: Optus, Verizon, Asia Netcomm, Pacific Internet, Pipe Networks
* Data Center Staff not on site, but just 15 minutes away
* Uses Cisco networking equipment
* There are multiple inter-continental internet cables plugged into Sydney including the Southern cross cable (US and NZ), Pac Rim West (Korea, Japan) and Tasman (NZ)
* Sample ping times (at time of writing): 30ms ping to NZ, 120ms to Japan, 160ms east coast US.

For a sample ping try host426.rimuhosting.com.

We also provide dedicated servers in Australia from a Brisbane-based data center. The data center has two Gigabit ethernet links to SingTEL/Optus, a Cisco-based network core, and on-site staff 24x7 for rapid response to hardware emergencies.

If you or your customers are located in Australia, Asia or New Zealand then one of our Brisbane-based VPSs is a good choice. Bandwidth in this part of the world is not cheap, so data transfer allowances on these servers are lower than at the other data centers we use.

Some facts about the Brisbane datacenter:

* has multiple carrier-grade connections to various Australian network providers including SingTel Optus, AAPT and UECOMM for excellent redundancy
* has Gigabit Ethernet over copper and ATM throughout our internal infrastructure and Gigabit Ethernet optical fibre uplinks to all external carriers.
* 24 hour 7 day Emergency support.
* 24 hour 7 day On Site Security.
* N+1 UPS Power Protected Servers.
* N+1 Caterpiller Generator Backup Power.
* N+1 feeds from state power grid.

For a sample ping to Brisbane try host905.rimuhosting.com.

Order a Sydney-based VPS or an Brisbane-based dedicated server.
Auckland-based Data Center

Our NZ-based hosting plans are offered out of the Orcon data center in Auckland, New Zealand.

Some facts about the Auckland data center:

* Pressurised under floor cooling which direct cool air to the cabinets, and ensure a constant airflow.
* Online UPS system providing constant and regulated power to the cabinets
* Backup generator in case of extended power failure
* The facility is connected via Telecom, Telstra Clear and Vector fibre and with ATM and Ethernet connectivity to multiple upstream providers, provides an extremely high level of redundancy.
* The Southern Cross Cable is a stone's throw from the facility.
* Sample host to ping (for latency to your location):
* Sample download url.

Order an Auckland, New Zealand-based VPS or an Auckland, New Zealand-based dedicated server.
Choose VPS By Data Center

We do most of our VPS setups at the Dallas data center. We think this data center offers a great mix of performance (with our most powerful host servers), reliability (with its premium network), and pricing (since we do so many setups there, economies of scale work in our favor).

We also offer VPS hosting from a few other data center locations. Choose one of these options if you need a higher data transfer allowance than what we can offer in the Dallas data center. Or if your users are near one of these locations and every millisecond of network latency is critical.

rimuhosting.com Screenshot
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Shared - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
RimuHosting MiroVPS1featuresPowered by Xen, the RimuHosting MiroVPS1 gives you full control over your server. Perfect as a Personal Linux Server, get root ssh access to install and configure whatever you need and the ability to choose the Linux distribution that best suits [...]$19.95/mo.4 GB30 GB
RimuHosting MiroVPS2featuresPowered by Xen, the RimuHosting MiroVPS2 gives you full control over your server. The RimuHosting MiroVPS2 is perfect for JSP Hosting and Web Development and comes with MySQL database server. Get root ssh access to install and configure whatever [...]$29.95/mo.8 GB40 GB
RimuHosting MiroVPS3featuresPowered by Xen, the RimuHosting MiroVPS3 gives you full control over your server. The RimuHosting MiroVPS3 is suitable for Plesk Reseller Hosting. Get root ssh access to install and configure whatever you need and the ability to choose the Linux [...]$39.95/mo.8 GB60 GB
Dedicated - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Core 2 $145.00/mo.160 GBunmetered
Quad Core 2009 Nehalem Xeon $209.00/mo.160 GBunmetered
Quad Core 2011 Sandy Bridge Xeon $229.00/mo.160 GBunmetered
2 x Quad Core 2008 Clover/Harpertown Xeon $299.00/mo.160 GBunmetered
2 x Quad Core 2009 Westmere/Nehalem Xeon $329.00/mo.160 GBunmetered
2 x 2012 Sandy Bridge Xeon $369.00/mo.160 GBunmetered
2 x Quad Core Westmere/Nehalam Xeon $895.00/mo.unlimitedunmetered
VPS - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Budget $25.00/mo.4 GB15 GB
Popular $35.00/mo.6 GB40 GB
Large $59.00/mo.8 GB100 GB

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Owner: Hosting, Rimu
Web Site Title: RimuHosting - Linux/Xen VPS Hosting | Tomcat JSP Hosting | JBoss J2EE Hosting
Website Description: RimuHosting provide fast, reliable Linux VPS and dedicated servers. Their servers are a great fit for sites running on Java, Ruby on Rails or exotic setups like nodejs, django, Erlang or you name it.
Email/Contact: support at rimuhosting dot com
Phone Number: +64 7 823 7468
Country: United States
Targeting: New Zealand, United States
Site in business since:
Links to the site: 330
Details for https://rimuhosting.com/
Website DNS: ns2.rimuhosting.com => ( Saint Louis ) / Rimuhosting
ns4.rimuhosting.com => ( Maidenhead ) / Simply Transit Ltd - euroconnex.net
ns1.rimuhosting.com => ( Katy ) / Access Integrated Technologies Inc. - coreitx.com
MX::mail.rimuhosting.com => ( Saint Louis ) / TierPoint LLC - tierpoint.com
Server Software: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) mod_python/3.3.1 Python/2.7.13 OpenSSL/1.0.2l mod_perl/2.0.10 Perl/v5.24.1
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United states / Missouri / Saint louis - see top providers in United States, Missouri
ISP Name / ISP URL: TierPoint LLC / tierpoint.com
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- Kernel 4.14 LTS released - We have added the latest 4.14 kernel to our list of stable kernels for 64bit VPS servers. The 4.14 kernel includes a large number of performance enhancements, including ... filesystem io block_mq ...
- Letsencrypt with Zonomi and Rimuhosting name servers using hooks - SSL is good, you should use it everywhere! Letsencrypt it is a project that allows you to obtain signed certificates for free (you should consider donating though) to secure your website. Big efforts

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Paul (paulsop@p...) / www.redwolfsecurity.com
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Been happy with them for many years
I've been using them for several very important business projects for years. I've used their support many many times and unlike the other comment they have never charged me extra for support. I think I've been using them for over 6 years, and have several servers in different regions (Sydney, London, Dallas) and all have been very stable -- only one impactful outage in one site due to generator failure in over 5 years.

The support I've received is very competent and polite. They are helpful people for sure. Much better than the support I got from Rackspace, which always tried to upsell me on things.

Every support request I created was implemented quickly.

Their control panel lets you easily set up new servers, manage dns, mount backups (they actually do good backups for you) etc...

I have been very pleased with the internet connectivity from the servers (100 megabits) and have never felt they over subscribe their bandwidth.
Roshan (roshan@j...) / janz.co
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
rimuhosting is WORST
Absolutely terrible support...they say they give good support but when you ask for a bit generous amount they charge you $40/hr for basic things like setting up emails...absolutely worst I have used so far...It looks really good from outside but really terrible...
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