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david (gsy.brand@g...)
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
I order on Aug 22 , but today is Aut 25, the vps is still now in pending, post 2 ticket but 2 days pass, still no one to answer it .
I feel very sad.
You were provisioned / setup within 3 days of your ordering as per our website.

Posting a review when you aren't even a customer is not fair to the provider. Service was rendered in full to you.

Customer service representative (Robert Marder - ram@r..., ).
Daniel Meah (admin@f...)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Couldnt ask for much more, Great uptime and great server. Support is also very good, Very quick Replies.

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Services: Web HostingDomain Registration

About RAM Host

The RAM Host service was launched in the early hours of January 19 2009 with the mission to provide quality hosting services to the masses. A year later, we are happily serving hundreds of customers from all parts of the world, and continue to surprise people with a quality service that doesn't cost a small fortune.
We don't aim to be the cheapest - We Aim To Be The Best

RAM Host offers a great alternative to the generic offerings of corporate ISPs, cable companies and bulk providers of Internet services. Comparable to corporate providers, we offer the same services or more for much less cost in many cases. Our staff have years of IT experience and stay abreast of evolutions in the industry, and because we are a small operator we can move quickly.

But unlike larger providers, our size enables us to focus on our individual customers. Support comes directly from the people in charge of the server, which translates into expert knowledgable support for you that is USA based - something that's getting harder to find in today's globalized marketplace where it's cheaper to hire foreign support that barely understands english and knows nothing about your system - expert US-Based support is something we're very proud of. If you have an issue we actually look at your account - not give you endless explainations.
Real Human Support

We believe you should get a real person when you need help - not endless automated scripted support drones. In fact, we believe that if you need to speak with the big boss, you can at any time without hassle.
Honest Pricing

We refuse to play the games that trick you into thinking our prices are lower than they really are. If we say something costs $5 now, you can rest assured it will still cost $5 next year, and the year after. We don't believe in concealing parts of our prices as "surcharges," binding you into penalty-ridden service agreements, or baiting you with limited-term offers that don't reveal the higher rates that kick in later. And we don't promise speeds that can't be delivered at prices that only apply to our lowest levels of service.

The target consumer for RAM Host is someone who knows what they want and who doesn't need newbie-style support - when you contact RAM Host for support you get a professional server tech. Not many web hosts can say that! (Please feel free to contact us anytime)

Of course, if you are a vps customer who has some linux knowledge but is willing to learn how the server works we'll gladly take care of you.

For over 2 years RAM Host has been impressing our clients with our high quality low cost virtual dedicated / virtual private VPS / VDS services.

To get started, select your preferred Virtualisation Technology and location.
Pick Your Preferred Location & Service Level
Premium VPS - Atlanta (East USA)
Budget VPS - Kansas (Central USA)
Premium VPS - Germany (Europe)
Coming August 2011 (West USA)
Bonus Features Included FREE With All Plans

No Bandwidth Overage Guarantee: We will never charge you for bandwidth overages. If you exceed your bandwidth quota your server will be turned off.If you need more bandwidth than is available in your plan simply contact us anytime for a customized plan.

IPv4: all virtual servers include 1 IPv4 address. Additional IPv4 addresses can be provided for $1.49/mo each, however due to the decline available IPv4 space valid justification will be required for all additional IPv4 allocations.

IPv6: all virtual servers support native IPv6. Each server will be assigned 1 IPv6 address with as many additional as you need available on request for $0.01/mo.

Unmetered IPv6 Traffic: all IPv6 traffic will be unmetered and free until at least 2012 (whereupon it will be counted towards your usual quota).

Private Unmetered Internal Traffic (Atlanta & Phoenix only): private network to enable high speed free data transfer between vps on our network in the same datacenter location. Perfect for making clusters and distributing your application across multiple virtual servers for scalability. This feature is enabled on request for no additional charge.

FUSE Support (OpenVZ): FUSE, filesystem in userspace, allows our clients to mount and access encrypted remote filesystems (SSHFS), mount ISO images, remote FTP shares, among many other exceedingly flexible features. For a complete list of supported options, please see the FUSE website.

TUN Support (OpenVZ): TUN, the Linux tunnel network device, allows our clients to run virtual private network services, such as OpenVPN, on their virtual server.

Hosted DNS Service: RAM Host provides all our customers free access to our hosted nameserver cluster consisting of 4 nameservers distributed in 4 different datacenters, enabling our clients to receive industry-leading DNS service for any of the customer's domains, including full control over A, CNAME, and TXT records via a convient web interface.

Semi-Managed Support: includes limited software troubleshooting (determined at our sole descretion), application of security patches/updates (on request), installation of Webmin, Kloxo, or DirectAdmin control panel software (on request), and answers to general linux questions. If you need more than that please contact us and tell us exactly what you need and we'll determine if we can help you. If you have no idea how to perform basic tasks yourself on a linux server from the console, then we would suggest you consider our shared hosting services instead.
Differences between Budget and Premium plans

* Private network for unmetered data transfer between vps on all Premium American datacenters.
* IPv6 reverse dns at our Premium German datacenter.
* Premium VPS are not oversold; Budget VPS are slightly oversold.
* Premium VPS have significantly faster and better network connectivity than Budget plans.
* Premium VPS include backup storage equal to the size of your vps, as well as the ability to backup and restore your entire VPS on-demand. Budget locations can only backup to external ftp storage and cannot be instantly restored.*
* Premium VPS at our American locations are on Gigabit Internet connections; Premium VPS at our German location are on dedicated 100mbps ports per host server; Budget VPS are on shared 100mbps ports for the location.

Addons / Upgrades / Extras
Upgrades / Extras (Subject To Availability)
Extra IPv4 Address$1.49 / month
Extra IPv6 Address$0.01 / month
DirectAdmin VPS License$6.49 / mo

Our USA-based SSH SOCKS Proxying service works with Windows, Linux, and Mac clients without issue. With unmetered data transfer (100mbps shared) you never have to worry about your usage. Fully encrypted so you can securely and effectively bypasses internet blocks anytime, anywhere for only $24.99 per year.

Available on port 22, 53, 80, and 443 to bypass port filtering firewalls.

ramhost.us Screenshot
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PlansWebsite Products

Shared - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Shared StarterfeaturesFeature-Packed Shared Linux Hosting.

Instant Script Installers: Fantastico and Softaculous
PHP 5.2.x - safe_mode off
Full CGI / Perl
Learn More / Signup Now
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=features
$0.75/mo.1 GB10 GB
Shared Basicfeatures
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=features
$1.49/mo.2500 MB50 GB
Shared Professionalfeatures
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=features
$3.49/mo.5 GB100 GB
Shared Ultimatefeatures
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=features
$9.99/mo.10 GB200 GB
Virtual Dedicated - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Nano VPSfeatures80 MB RAM / 128 MB Burst
50 GB Bandwidth
2 GB Storage
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Setup
ArchLinux, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu OS Choices
Learn More / Signup Now
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=virtual-dedicated-server
$2.99/mo.2 GB50 TB
Micro VPSfeatures128 MB RAM / 192 MB Burst
200 GB Bandwidth
10 GB Storage
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Setup
ArchLinux, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu OS Choices
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=virtual-dedicated-server
$4.99/mo.10 GB200 GB
Mini VPSfeatures192 MB RAM / 256 MB Burst
200 GB Bandwidth
20 GB Storage
Free Setup
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
ArchLinux, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu OS Choices
Learn More / Signup Now
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=virtual-dedicated-server
$8.99/mo.20 GB200 GB
Standard VPSfeatures512 MB RAM / 768 MB Burst
500 GB Bandwidth
40 GB Storage
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Setup
ArchLinux, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu OS Choices
Learn More / Signup Now
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=virtual-dedicated-server
$11.99/mo.40 GB500 GB
Bonus VPSfeatures768 MB RAM / 1024 MB Burst
650 GB Bandwidth
60 GB Storage
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Setup
ArchLinux, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu OS Choices
Learn More / Signup Now
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=virtual-dedicated-server
$14.99/mo.60 GB650 GB
Extra VPSfeatures1024 MB RAM / 1.5 GB Burst
800 GB Bandwidth
80 GB Storage
Free Setup
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
ArchLinux, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu OS Choices
Plan URL : http://www.ramhost.us/?page=virtual-dedicated-server
$19.99/mo.80 GB800 GB

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Targeting: Germany, United States
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Server Software: Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United states / Texas / Plano - see top providers in United States, Texas
ISP Name / ISP URL: RAM Host / ramhost.us

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Loos De Visser (no@s...)
Time Hosted: under 1 month.
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Great quality VPS for only $3 / month, and if I have a question about my server setup the administrator loves to answer it, without any cost.
Everything is running fine.

Control panel:
Start, Stop and restart of the server doesn't work
looks ugly (no problem to me)
the rest works fine.

Only real disadvantage; only 1 backup / week, and the backup is placed on another computer in the same rack in the same datacenter.

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