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About NTC Hosting

NTC Hosting has been in the web hosting business for more than 6 years now, collecting know-how and experience in providing reliable and customer-centric web hosting services. Over the years, we have been doing our best to make our offerings as much based on our customers' actual needs as possible. All our products have been carefully configured to ensure a cost-effective combination between quality and pricing.

Services Profile
NTChosting.com is a 100% owned by LiquidNet Ltd. a UK based company, Registration No. 4654498, which is specialized in the provision of innovative web hosting technologies. Our portfolio includes a rich selection of low-cost web hosting packages offering plenty of disk space and data transfer quotas, domain name registration/transfer options, advanced Domain and Email Managers, multiple website management possibilities, free bonus features, among them a Popular Free Scripts Installer and a Website Builder. All packages' resources can be easily managed through our Multi-lingual Control Panel and are backed up by a round-the-clock customer support team.

Data centers
Since our purpose is to make our services accessible to all users worldwide, we offer two intercontinental data center options to all new customers - Peer 1 in California, USA, and BlueSquare in London, UK. Thus, customers from North and South America and the Caribbean basin may decide to choose the US data center, while those from Europe, Africa and Asia - the UK one.

Server hardware
Both data centers providing the hosting environment for our customers' accounts are equipped with top-class servers of the newest generation. The server networks in both data centers are expanding continually to accommodate the increased customers' demands. Both data centers offer the following Debian Linux-based server specifications - Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz Quad Core hard drives (2x750GB SATA) with 4MB of Cache and 4GB of RAM.

Our Customers
Our services are divided into two basic groups - specialized-use packages, which are targeted at Joomla, WordPress, Moodle and 4images users, and general-use plans, suitable for all types of users from individuals to large businesses and from newbies to webmasters.

State-of-the-art Data Center in California, USA
All customers who have chosen to have their web hosting accounts accommodated in the USA will enjoy the services of our state-of-the-art data center, situated in Fremont, California. The center is owned by the popular US company Peer1 and ensures all the necessary conditions for maintaining a 24x7x365 server performance.

Fully Redundant Network
The network architecture in the US data center is based on Enterprise-level routing and switching engines from Juniper and Cisco. Juniper M20 routers are used as border routers. Cisco 6500 series switches are utilized in the distribution layer, Cisco 6500 switches - in the aggregation layers, and Cisco 3500/ 2900 series switches - in the customer layer. The data center offers a fully redundant network with 9 backbone providers

Optimal Route Selection
The US data center is a Tier 1 ISP, which has established extensive public and private peering relationships. Its peer points currently include the Pacific Bell NAP and the Palo Alto Internet Exchange.

Cisco Powered Network
The US data center relies on redundant Cisco 1200 series routers and 6500 series switches at its core, and is capable of ensuring full server redundancy.

Minimum 99.9% Network Uptime
The US Data Center's operation department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Industry-leading service level agreements ensure company guarantees like 99.9% of server network uptime.

Fast and Efficient Server Network
Our network of servers located in the US Data Center consists of more than 80 servers in total, including main production and backup servers, as well as administrative, spare and dedicated servers.

Service Level Guarantees

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our hosting services, we will refund your hosting fees at any time during the first 30 days after you have signed up for an account with us. You can email us at sales@ntchosting.com and receive full refund for your hosting plan within the 30-day money-back period.

Please, NOTE that domain name registrations are final and non-refundable. As changes are no longer allowed after a registration request is submitted, you should always check for correct spelling before purchasing a domain name.

99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
NTC Hosting guarantees that your website(s) will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any 12-month period. This guarantee includes network and server uptime. However, we cannot be held responsible for upstream problems outside of our network and areas where NTC Hosting has no direct influence, such as backbone provider failures, fiber-optic main line cuts, DNS or Registrar problems with subscribers' domain names, routing problems between a client's location and our data center. The uptime guarantee is also not applicable if the service interruption was caused by a natural or unnatural event that is not directly under the control (or jurisdiction) of NTC Hosting. NTC Hosting may temporarily deny or terminate the Service upon client's failure to pay their charges at due time.

NTC Hosting guarantees 99.9% network uptime and server stability. This, however, does not refer to problems stemming from:

1. Server Hardware Breakdown.
2. User error(s) or purposeful interruption(s) (e.g. if the client shuts his/her own server down, NTC Hosting is not responsible for the downtime).
3. Failures due to software that is not explicitly supported by NTC Hosting. Consequently, if a hardware crash provoked by the customer happens, NTC Hosting has no responsibility for the resulting downtime.

Network Outages or Unexpected Downtime is any unplanned or unexpected interruption in the network availability due to hardware, software, network connectivity or data center problem, during which a 100% packet loss is experienced.

Scheduled Downtime is any scheduled interruption of the services for the purpose of network software/hardware upgrades, or replacement of any network equipment in order to be provided better service for the customers. Scheduled downtimes occur within pre-notified downtime periods, with as many warnings as possible sent via e-mail or posted in our news section minimum 24-hour in advance.

NTC Hosting guarantees 24/7 support available 365 days per year. Support is available via our online Contact Us form, via our phone lines and live chat, and the web hosting control panel integrated ticketing system. Each ticket is replied to within no more than 60 minutes after it has been opened.

Dedicated 24/7 Support For All Customers

* 24/7 Ticketing support with 25 minutes average reply time
* 2 US tel. support lines are available from 4am to 8pm PST
* An additional UK tel. support line is now available

NTChosting.com is a 100% owned by LiquidNet Ltd

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Linux - Shared Keep mouse
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PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
BUDGET Web Hosting PlanfeaturesNTCHosting (formerly known as Ancient Media Ltd., founded in November 1999) is an Web hosting company with offices in London, United Kingdom; Coral Springs, FL, USA; and Sofia, Bulgaria. Our company offers a complete suite of professional web [...]$4.95/mo.450 MB5 GB
PERSONAL Web Hosting Plan $7.95/mo.1 GB20 GB
ADVANCED Web Hosting Plan $14.95/mo.2 GB35 GB

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Web stats

Owner: LiquidNet Ltd.
Web Site Title: Web Hosting Services, VPS Servers and Domain Names by NTC Hosting
Website Description: NTC Hosting is a provider of top quality Linux web hosting solutions, VPS and dedicated servers, and domain name services at competitive low prices.
Site in business since:
Links to the site: 2499
Details for http://www.ntchosting.com
Website DNS: ns1.ntchosting.com => ( Coral Springs ) / LiquidNet US LLC - liquidnetlimited.com
ns2.ntchosting.com => ( Coral Springs ) / LiquidNet US LLC - liquidnetlimited.com
MX::mx.ntchosting.com => ( Coral Springs ) / LiquidNet US LLC - liquidnetlimited.com
Server Software: nginx
Website FIRST IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United states / Florida / Coral springs - see top providers in United States, Florida
ISP Name / ISP URL: LiquidNet US LLC / liquidnetlimited.com
Website Extra IPs: new162.210.102.161 ( Coral Springs, Florida ) LiquidNet US LLC - liquidnetlimited.com
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StumbleUpon: 92

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NTC Hosting Blog  Using Wordpress version 4.7.3. Blog added on 2012 Mar, with total 15 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- .AE – the TLD for the United Arab Emirates now open for registration - You can now register .AE - the official domain name extension for the United Arab Emirates for your personal or business website. Read more...
- Daily backups for will now be stored for up to 30 days - We have extended the period within which backups are stored on our servers to 30 days. Learn more from out post. Read more...
- .UK domain names now open for registration (free with a hosting plan) - The long awaited .UK domain is finally here! You can now register your unique .UK for free with any of our web hosting packages. Read more...

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