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At our philosophy is founded upon traditional business value: patience, honesty, hard work, and loyalty. Our mission is to provide you with quality services, outstanding reliability, and value, in addition to supporting you with exceptional customer service. We set ourselves a step ahead of the competition by becoming averse to the "quick fix" mentality that sacrifices quality.

Our trusted customers are our second greatest resource. As a service company, we recognize that customer service is the foundation of our success.

Our highly trained and experienced employees are our most precious resource. Our enjoyable, productive work environment fosters effective teamwork and dedication to your every hosting need.

We have been providing hosting and Web services for nearly fifteen years. We look forward to serving our customers throughout the future as we focus on these four core principles: Service, Quality, Reliability and Value.

Top-of-the-line service means giving our customers the dedicated assistance they need to succeed. We provide expert consulting in helping our customers select the right solutions for their unique needs. Our standard is complete satisfaction, and we won't settle for anything less when it comes to customer service.

Our exceptional quality is comprised of many principles that come together to create something extraordinary. The building blocks of's quality include knowledgeable assistance, customer driven products, responsive service, and meaningful interaction with our customers.

Price is not the best or the only measure of value. Our value comes from focusing on innovation, customization and quality. By always striving to provide unique products and competitive pricing, we make ourselves and our products an exceptional value to our customers.

Professional Support adheres to a simple credo of quality and dependability, which is why we've been a top dedicated hosting provider for nearly fifteen years. When we commit to a client, we do it with the understanding that we've put our reputation on the line, and we take that commitment seriously. Your very own team of Dedicated Experts (TM) is ready and waiting to answer your questions, tackle the problem, or just lend a helping hand.

Why NETHOSTING Should be Your Dedicated Hosting Provider
Dedicated hosting is a must-have for companies whose websites experience high volumes of traffic on a daily basis. Having a dedicated server that is hosted here at Nethosting guarantees that you will have an uptime of 100%. And you can even be up and running in just ten minutes (or less)!

While you have full control over your rented server, and can purchase one of our customized dedicated hosting packages based upon your needs as they relate to hard disk storage space and data transfer allowance, you won't have to deal with the headaches of updating and maintaining the equipment. It's all done for you. Our technical support team is second-to-none in the entire web hosting industry.

Your Security is Paramount With Our Dedicated Hosting Service
The initial capital outlay required for the outright purchase of your company's own web hosting equipment (in-house or co-location) is in many cases cost prohibitive. You may not have the financial resources or the time to maintain it all. Let Nethosting take care of these worries for you. Beyond the issue of these two mountainous constraints, Nethosting can also put your mind at ease as it relates to security. In fact, you may consider us "extremists" when it comes to the security of the data you have stored on our servers. But we believe you can't be too careful in these matters. So, we deploy various software programs on an ongoing basis, complete with human interaction and intervention, to scan systems and networks thereby preventing potential problems. We put the "dedicated" in dedicated hosting.

Self-Managed Dedicated Hosting or Managed Dedicated Hosting
If you want a completely "hands off" dedicated hosting experience, and wish only to deal with your website and its content, try our managed dedicated hosting. We will install software and configure your dedicated server for you, monitor it, provide software updates and operating system upgrades, do backup and restoration, include database administration, perform security audits on it, and be your storage engineers among other things. If you have the personnel to remotely manage the hosting yourself, that's fine too. We just want you to feel comfortable whichever route you choose. And if you start out with self-managed dedicated hosting and find that after a time that managed hosting would fit you better, we're more than happy to help you make the switch.

Dedicated Hosting for Streamlining Your Operations
Beyond just the necessity of dedicated hosting for reasons of high daily traffic volume to your website and bandwidth issues, there are other reasons for having a dedicated server. You may run a business with several divisions in various parts of the country. Further, these divisions may all have their own web domains to distinguish themselves in the local market. Providing dedicated hosting for all of the company domains and having them all on the same dedicated server allows for the pooling of resources, thereby making operations more cost effective and streamlined. For example, if there are online tools and software that can and should be used company-wide, a dedicated server is the best option.

Don't Trust Your Dedicated Hosting to Anyone Else
We don't mind saying that our dedicated hosting is simply the best. It's who we are and what we do. Your data will be more safe and secure with Nethosting that with any other alternative you may be looking at and considering. Please take a virtual tour of our facilities so that you can see how serious an undertaking we are involved in. Or, just make an appointment and stop by. We want you to feel like you've made a solid selection for your dedicated hosting needs for years to come.

Nethosting Also Provides Virtual Hosting and Virtual Private Servers
If you need something simple and straightforward, Nethosting also provides the most basic of web hosting needs -- virtual hosting packages. If you don't need something as intricate and progressive as dedicated hosting, but just need domain registration assistance and a place for your website to call home, you can rent space on a server that shares space with a large number of other websites. However, if you do require almost as much capability as dedicated hosting provides with your own dedicated server, but don't want the full price tag, try on of our virtual private server packages. You won't be sharing space, and you'll spend much less than with the full dedicated hosting experience.

Demand the most from your dollar. Let us hook you up with an all-inclusive dedicated hosting package that can keep pace with your growing business all for one flat rate!
Reserve your dedicated hosting server today with NetHosting, your net hosting solutions expert. NetHosting's dedicated experts have 17+ years in dedicated server hosting.

Virtual Private Server
NetHosting combines the industry's best VPS server hosting with the 24/7 support of Dedicated Experts, your virtual private server experts.

Virtual Hosting
Simplify your hosting experience without compromising on quality. Virtual hosting is a no hassle, straightforward solution to your most central web hosting needs, and it's never been more affordable! NetHosting's Virtual Hosting servers offer the complete package of affordability, quality, and simplicity.

Cloud Virtual
While shared hosting is a cost-effective solution for the vast majority of website owners today, hosting in a shared environment can be a game of chance. When the availability of hosting resources is dependent on every other customer on your server, you can't be certain that you'll have the room to scale when your website needs it most.

Cloud Virtual Hosting by NetHosting changes all that with the integration of CloudLinux, an innovative new operating system that protects your website from the hosting demands of other customers. With CloudLinux, the stigma of shared hosting is replaced with the reliability of a Dedicated Server, minus the extra cost.

Sell unlimited hosting packages to whoever you want at rates you decide. If you have the drive, we have the quality products and support to ensure your success. Our hosting accounts are fully branded and can be individually customized with your customers choice of features.

Other services
In addition to hosting services, also offers numerous services to enhance your business while saving costs. From fiber-optic internet connections to web development and Search Engine Optimization, has what you need to help your business succeed.


Because our services are the foundation upon which our customers build their business, our goal is 100% reliability. We utilize redundant systems, focusing on smart solutions. This allows us to provide guaranteed up-time to all of our customers.

Data Center

* Keyed CabinetsShow image icon
* Data Center owned and operated by the same management team as Fibernet Corp
* Up to 6 levels of 24/7 security
* Real-time IP camera surveillance throughout facilityShow image icon
* Proxy Card and Biometric access controlsShow image icon
* SAS 70 compliance

* Diverse Path Dual-entrance fiber
* 100% Cisco infrastructureShow image icon
* Carrier Neutral Facility providing flexibility & savingsShow image icon
* Fiber from Integra, XO, MCI, Qwest, Comcast & Municipal NetworksShow image icon
* Fibernet BGP bandwidth over 3 Tier-1 carriers for redundancy
* Peered with carriers on a Synchronous Optical Network or SONET
* 4 OC - 48 handoffs capable of 2.5 Gb per second each

* Next generation, Class A, SMART buildingShow image icon
* Redundant HVAC systems by Liebert CorporationShow image icon
* Zone 4 seismic building design
* 20" raised static resistant flooring throughout data centerShow image icon
* Double-interlock pre-action "dry-pipe" fire suppression
* Chiller Plant by York International & CarrierShow image icon

* Dual fuel contracts w/fuel carriers to insure a constant supply
* State-of-the-art Liebert UPS Systems (Uninterrupted Power Source)Show image icon
* Cummins/ONAN diesel generators in a secure, enclosed areaShow image icon
* Generators tested regularly w/scheduled maintenance by manufacturer to ensure reliability
* Municipal power is filtered before being delivered "clean" to colocation
* Generators and UPS Systems tested and maintained regularly


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Website Description: Everything from shared, to VPS and dedicated hosting to get your business up and running online. Plus 100% Uptime Guarantee.
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NetHosting Introduces Core Value Initiative - Cloud hosting, shared hosting, and proactive system management provider, NetHosting, has recently incorporated four targeted values into its employee culture and mission. These values pull from examples in history, pop culture, and current events to create relatable parallels for employees to emulate as Dedicated Experts.
“There are real life examples around us of heroic qualities each of us should strive to incorporate in our own lives,” stated Fibernet CEO Lane Livingston. “We’ve drawn from a few of these examples to create a list of traits we believe that every Dedicated Expert should possess in order to better serve our customers.”
Renaissance philosopher and humanist, Thomas More, is highlighted in the first value: Live like More.
“The motto taken from Thomas More is, ‘We stand with resolute integrity,’” continued Mr. Livingston. “To us this means we are upfront with our customers and each other. He hold ourselves to a high moral standard.”
Star Wars is ... [search all news]

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About: NetHosting has delivered custom web hosting solutions for nearly fifteen years. Serving enterprises of every size, its products include a broad range of cloud hosting and storage options as well as dedicated, managed, and virtual hosting services. Housed within a state-of-the-art PCI certified data center, each service is packaged with a 100% uptime guarantee and the personal support of a Dedicated Expert™. Curious to know what sets NetHosting’s Dedicated Experts apart from other support teams? Find out at or follow us @nethosting on Twitter.
NetHosting (est. 1996) is a Privately Held entity having 34 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Internet.
About: We have been in business since 1994. Products range from Shared and VPS Hosting for smaller clients to Dedicated Hosting for larger clients. Reliable hosting is a must-have for companies whose websites experience high volumes of traffic on a daily basis. Having a server that is hosted with NetHosting guarantees that you will have 100% uptime, your price will never increase, and you can even be up and running in ten minutes or less. Find out more about us at:
Nethosting account is having 77 followers and 107 plus one count. See recent Google+ Posts: GPlus Icon
- The weather got pretty crazy here in Utah last night. Read up on #disaster preparedness! Data Center Disaster Preparedness 101
- Your Tuesday Tip: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder. #tuesdaytip 5 Tips to Skyrocket Your Productivity Levels by Working Smarter, Not Harder
- Do your readers never finish your blogs? Learn how images can help you keep their attention. #blogging How Images Improve Your Writing | Nethosting Blog
Net Hosting Blog Blog added on Nov, 2013, with total 107 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- 3 Tips for a Homepage that Converts - You probably wouldn't have a website if you weren't trying to drive business from it. If you're struggling to gain traction from your homepage, it's time to make some changes! These three tips are an
- 5 Best Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress - Picking a shopping cart plugin in WordPress is overwhelming! There are several lists recommending Shopping Cart plugins, but I noticed that many were wildly out of date or just a little too long for ...
- Get Found with Local Links - What is a local link? Local links are local business placements on websites like Yelp!, Yellowpages,, Urbanspoon (now Zomato), and many more. How many of these exist? Hundreds! Many of ...

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