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Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
I'm just angry that they won't forward dns requests for subdomains to my own servers without me giving them extra money. Had I been paying closer attention, I would not have registered my domain with Misk. I am not looking forward to either paying Misk's ransom or registering with a new service.
Keith Moriyama (info@s...) / soundchaser.ca jbl4315.com
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I switched over to Misk only because it was cheap and I did not require a huge amount of storage. As I do video I need good download speed which their server handles well. Anytime I've had to contact them it's been no problem. I've since taken out a second domain. Good price, smooth reliable server, service when I need it...what's to complain about?
p.s. I've gone through a number of providers over the last 15 years. I just want one that's reliable. I don't even think about Misk, and I don't even want to think about my service provider, so that means they are good.
Dion (woopidoo@g...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
If you havent used Misk for domains, DONT!. I have tried contacting them again and again and my requests to tranfer a domain internally to another Misk user have fallen on deaf ears.

Support is dismal, non existent. You can try being nice, start screaming, or be relaxed, with the same result (no reply).

Save yourself the hassle and do not use Misk. Dont even buy a domain that is registered at misk as it is so difficult to have it transferred to another registrar.

I'm still waiting to have mine transferred.
Pooor service, shocking service.
This was our fault. We were in the process of upgrading our ticketing system to fix some older problems and the customer's emails were not seen due to an issue with the upgrade. We did get back to them and took care of their internal domain transfer as requested.
Customer service representative (nagarwal@m..., ).


Services: Web HostingDomain Registration

About Misk

Misk.com has been helping individuals and businesses register domain names and put themselves online since 1998. Misk.com is driven by research and innovation, which is backed up with a passion for stellar customer service.

Following the privatization of the domain registration industry, in May of 2000 our first automated domain registration web site was launched as RegisterSite.com. We changed our name to Misk.com in July of 2005 to build a unique brand and so our name wouldn't restrict the type of services we could offer.
No Gimmicks

Our pricing is to the point. You won't see any $9.99 or $24.95 pricing with us. Nice round numbers. We're not trying to trick you into thinking the product is a dollar cheaper.

You won't get routinely bombarded with offers from us either.

Our products are straight forward. You won't see 5 plans with tiny differences in features and pricing. We offer Domain Registration, which pays for the domain registry fees, Domain Essentials (includes web hosting, email, dns, and more) so you can fully use the name, and Premium Email Packages for those with professional email needs.
Serving Customers is Our Focus

We take customer support very seriously. During the early days Nitin Agarwal (our founder, President & Chief Architect) provided support himself around the clock, no matter what he was doing. That drive for excellence now motivates our entire company and keeps our customer support team stay focused on providing some of the best customer support we hope you've ever experienced.

Our support section is hand written by the same in-house support team that answers the phone and your emails. Check it out!
Superior Technology and Reliability

We have an excellent uptime record and have heavily invested in our infrastructure to ensure the highest uptime.

This includes buying the highest quality equipment and running extensive burn-in tests before deployment. We also utilize RAID 1 Mirroring or RAID 6 technology on every server to protect against hard drive failures.

Every server needs a reboot now and then. That's why we buy two of everything and utilize load balancers. This allows us to maintain unparalleled uptime. This is a major differentiator for Misk, especially in the hosting industry, where 99% of the hosting companies host your web site on a single server. NOT AT MISK!

Our servers are housed at an Internap facility. Internap is a known leader in high quality co-location services. This ensures that our servers are physically secured 24/7 and gives us access to some of the highest quality, N+1 redundant, (and expensive) low-latency bandwidth on the internet. That means the fastest website load times.
In-house Development

We've developed our website and all the software that powers it from scratch, in-house. This allows us to bring new features to our customers very quickly and gives us the freedom to think outside-the-box. The biggest benefit you get from this is a website that, "Just Works". With years of experience at this, we've learned so much about this stuff and usability. We hope our new website is a clear indication of what experience brings to the table.

Some examples of unique features due to our incredibly intelligent team and in-house software development:

Ajax We've been using Ajax for years before this technology was even called ajax on our domain search pages. We recently switched the domain search pages back to non-ajax so we could work on some upgrades. However, we continue to use AJAX in a number of places on our website including our shopping cart. Changes to options in your shopping cart are made immediately without having to use a "Update Cart" button. We also use auto-complete thought the control panel to power features such as the Domain Quick Jump box that suggests names to manage for you based on the domains in your account.

Country Targeting We auto detect the country you're connecting from and select the appropriate country level checkboxes on the domain search by default. When creating a new account, we also auto fill your count Auto country populate.

PayPal Integration We're directly integrated with PayPal Express Checkout. This means if you select PayPal as your payment method, we'll send you to PayPal's site to make the payment and PayPal will send you back to finish the order immediately. No waiting for the PayPal payment to be credited to your account, etc.

There hundreds of features like above integrated throughout our services . The Misk development team is detail oriented and a group of perfectionists driven with a passion to innovate. For example, just take a look at our web hosting service with features like hosting on a grid, content compression, and ssl ftp. You can't buy anything like it anywhere else. The same innovative instinct extends to every feature in ever product we offer including domain cloaking/forwarding, our spam filtering and email, custom dns, and so much more!

Domain essentials - hosting

Clustered Grid Hosting (highly reliable websites)
Your web site is hosted on a clustered grid of web servers. If any of the servers in the grid go offline, your website is unaffected.

This feature gives your website unparalleled uptime and reliability.

Misk.com custom developed and architected its hosting solution to make this possible. You won't get it anywhere else. It was developed in-house!
Content Compression (faster website downloads)
Misk.com compresses your hosted html, text, css, javascript, and many other files before they are served to your website visitors in real-time. This enterprise level feature can reduce the load time of your website by up to 50% depending on the files!

Another feature you won't find anywhere else!
Regular + SSL FTP Uploads
You may use any standard FTP client to upload files to your Web Hosting Space.

Our FTP support section includes detailed instructions on setting up popular FTP clients for use with our Web Hosting service.

Security is very important to us. We're one of very few hosts that support Explicit SSL FTP and Implicit SSL FTP allowing you to have highly secure FTP Uploads.
100 MB of RAID-6 Protected Space
Misk.com's Domain Essentials comes with 100 MB of Web Hosting Space.

This is more than enough storage space for most web sites. Most web sites hardly use more than one megabyte (1 MB) of space. You get a full one hundred megabytes!

Your website is stored enterprise storage servers that utilize RAID-6 technology to help your data survive hard drive failures!

With Misk.com's Web Hosting service, you get enterprise level features not found anywhere else!
High Performance Bandwidth
Misk.com has partnered with Internap to provide our premium bandwidth. Your hosting is fed by premium bandwidth from several tier one providers and utilizes intelligent route control technology. Internap's Route Control Technology monitors the performance of each backbone, routing your traffic across the best path, providing fast and more reliable data delivery than traditional routing methods.

The route control technology considers path characteristics like latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion when making routing decisions. Decisions are made dynamically and automatically to account for network performance changes, without the need for manual intervention.

Misk.com pays a premium for and buys some of the most expensive bandwidth and innovative technology on the net, which helps provide lightening fast load times for your web site.
What Type of Files Can I Upload?
Misk.com's Hosting supports all static content. This includes html files, all types of images, javascript, flash, zip, pdf, and anything else you can think of! There are NO restrictions on the type of files you can upload. You won't find a better service for hosting static content.

For dynamic scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, JSP, or ColdFusion, you'll need to find a hosting service that specializes in the specific language you're looking for. You can still take advantage of the superior dns, email, and other features included with our Domain Essentials plan by using our Custom DNS service to point your domain name to your other host. Using our service this way allows you to take advantage of our enterprise level features as well as leaving you in full control even if your web host is having issues.
What is the Monthly Transfer Limit?
Misk.com provides you with 10,000 MB of premium quality bandwidth transfer each month. More than enough for the busiest websites.

If you are running a normal business or personal web site you shouldn't be worried about transfer limits since you'll hardly approach this limit.

Be careful with other hosting companies since it's industry practice to trick you into buying their service using very large space quotas and bandwidth numbers. They then throttle your website's resources (cpu / bandwidth / memory) and use high latency - low cost (low quality) bandwidth so you'll never come close to reaching that limit. NOT AT MISK! We're are a premium service provider that focuses on performance, quality, and reliability.

misk.com Screenshot
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Misk Launches Grid Hosting Service - Grid Web hosting provider Misk (misk.com) announced on Wednesday it has officially launched its service, which the company says includes powerful technology, unique and innovative features and an incomparable price point.
Misk offers standard Web hosting features including up to 100 Web email addresses. Each address includes powerful, internally-developed spam and virus filtering and is able to send and receive email using software already installed on the customer's computer.Additional features include load balanced grid hosting for unbeatable uptime, content compression for the fastest load times, SSL FTP support for secured uploads, RAID-6 protected storage to help data survive hard-drive failures and high performance bandwidth. The company says it custom developed and architected its hosting solution completely in-house."Most people with Web sites have experienced servers that have gone down," says Nitin Agarwal, president and chief architect for Misk. "With our service, the ... [search all misk.com news]

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Tyler Zernicke (zcomprog@g...)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I have tried several times since 2007 to transfer my domain from Misk to another registrar. Misk cannot be reached by phone and rarely respond to or even recognize support emails. This company cannot be trusted, I strongly recommend choosing a different service provider.
Tyler’s comment is entirely inaccurate. You can transfer your domain name away from us at any time. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable and most ethical registrar on the net. Tyler emailed us for the first time today and each time got responses within minutes. We have not denied a single transfer in out 11 year history. Not one. Only the admin email has the ability to decline a transfer. If they don’t, the transfer goes through anyway. As we tried to suggest to Tyler via email, what most likely happened is that he never finished the steps required by his new registrar to begin the transfer, which includes giving them the auth code, unlocking the domain, and approving the transfer at the admin email.
Customer service representative (nagarwal@m..., ).
Richard Cooper (richardcooperart@c...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
After two tries I have not been able to get Misk to transfer my domain names. Also, I have emailed their support dept with absolutely no response or recognition that I even emailed them. Others say they cannot be contacted by phone. At this point I would think long and hard before giving them my business.
We had an intermittent problem with our email ticketing system and we didn't see Richard's email to us until the issue was fixed. We did get back to him as soon as it was fixed, the same day of his comment here (2009-06-30). What Richard was trying to do is change his CNAME record, not transfer his name to another domain registrar. Details were sent to him on how to set that up in response to his email.
Customer service representative (nagarwal@m..., ).

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