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About Krypt Technologies

Krypt was founded in May of 1998 as a shell and web hosting provider out of Newport Beach, CA. The company was best known for providing some of the best Counter-Strike game servers on the west coast from 2000 - 2005 when the game was at it's peak fan base. Since then Krypt has grown into a full service Dedicated, Web, Colocation, Virtual and Cloud Service Provider and is the perennial leader in dedicated server hosting in the southern California. Krypt is the dedicated server and hosting division of VPLS Inc.

VPLS Inc. was founded on the premise of providing high quality hosting and support. Our high performance and ever expanding network has set us apart from our competition which powers our offerings such as managed virtualization, email, security and IP telephony hosting. All these offerings are managed and supported through our vTAC or the VPLS Technical Assistance Center. also ranks amongst the top 2000 websites in the United States and top 300 websites in China.

The Krypt Way

Financially strong, unstoppable growth from our amazing customers, and an incredible experienced team. Krypt has been around since 1998, so hosting is nothing new to us. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, Krypt continues to be the leader of filling in the gaps for mission critical solutions. Krypt will remain strong as ever with this combination.

* 1 Unrivaled Network latency
Seven tier one providers, 120Gbps+ network capacity, and a world class network architecture. Our network is engineered to handle any demand of traffic and equipped for multiple redundancies.
* 2 We hire passionate employees
All in house support. Nothing outsourced. The passion for technology and being customer driven runs in our blood. We hire and train brilliant individuals to cater to our customer base.
* 3 World class data centers
Superior uptime, security, cooling and power redundancy above the standards of most datacenters. Our facilities are heavily invested in to have the most advance level networking equipment available.
* 4 Seven days a week
Twenty-four hours, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year. Krypt is never asleep. Our staff is fueled by dedication and passion for providing the best possible support. We are always here for you because your business never stops, therefore we don't either.
* 5 Absolute value
When compared to other hosting providers, we are unquestionably the best value and the right choice. We are not just about price, we are about believing in providing quality, reliability, superior support, maximum uptime, and are interested in the best for your business.
* 6 Cutting Edge
Enterprise datacenter grade hardware, pioneers in VMware virtualization, and field-tested software. We've taken the time to research and develop the very best features and benefits for any and all hosting solutions for our customers.
* 7 We're Touchy
Dedicated Account Managers are here to listen to your needs and to make them happen. No solution is too simple or complex for us to handle. Our Dedicated Account Managers add the personal touch by taking the time to actually get to know you and understand your specific needs.
* 8 Trusted
We are trusted and loved by thousands of loyal customers. Roughly 70% of our business has been through word of mouth because of our reputation and legendary support.

Los Angeles Data Center

Krypt operates three datacenters in Los Angeles, California at One Wilshire, 600 West 7th Street and 800 South Hope. Our datacenters boast Tier 1 providers with One Wilshire being the largest West Coast POP (point of presence) for all telecom providers.

About Our LAX Datacenters

VPLS - One Wilshire
One Wilshire is one of the World's largest single site IP peering hubs, which is home to over 200 of the largest carriers in the world. VPLS also participates in the Any2Exchange peering exchange with VPLS' CEO Ted Mektrakarn serving on the Board of Directors for Any2Exchange. Through CoreSite's Any2Exchange VPLS has established numerous peers with over 300,000 combined routes or one third of the Internet routes!

VPLS - 600 West 7th
Our datacenter at 600 West 7th Street is home to the some of the largest ISP's in the world. This datacenter has over 450,000 sq. feet of datacenter space, 17 1500KW Generators, 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel on site and much more. All of our Los Angeles locations are secure facilities and feature 24 hour roving security patrols, video surveillance, card access doors and state of the art fire suppression systems.

VPLS - 800 South Hope
Our newest and largest datacenter space was first built out in December 2009 and was home to over 1200 servers a month later. Currently this datacenter houses over 10,000 servers with room for more expansion. Our LAX VPLS Technical Assistance Center (vTAC) is also located on premise where engineers work diligently 24x7 to monitor and support our systems and network.

We Run Our Own Network

That means we are not dependent on providers to make routing changes. If you have problems with a connection, let us know and we'll change the routing to the best possible route we can offer! This kind of service can not be matched anywhere else. We run our own BGP (Border Gateway Protocol out of AS35908 and AS4213) Check out the CIDR reports to see how large the VPLS backbone ranks up!

Krypt's diverse network allows for better routing and peering which gives the user better connectivity. We have a five main colocation centers in Santa Ana, Orange, One Wilshire in downtown Los Angeles, California and 2 other nearby facilities at DIgital Reality Trust and USCOLO. The five sites are connected via a dedicated dual path dark fiber circuits and a 40Gbps DWDM wavelength. We have Tier 1 providers such as 10Gbps to Time Warner Telecom, 10Gbps to Level 3, 10Gbps to Cogent, 10Gbps to Global Crossing, 20Gbps to TINET/Tiscali, 20Gbps to Teliasonera, 10GBps to Hurricance Electric and 10Gbps to China Telecom. With over 100Gbps per second of transit and 20Gbps of local peering at any2Exchange and Equinix LA peering fabrics. All this amounts to one thing, lower pings, no packet loss and no choke.

Although the ping is a good indication of how well your server will likely perform, it should not be the determining factor when choosing a hosting provider. Trace route outputs provide a more detailed routing plan of how you are connected to the server. Since Krypt has multiple data providers we assign customers to various providers based on geographical location, ping, and trace route reports. We do not charge you extra to route through named tier providers such as Level 3 or Time Warner as other companies do.

Your Connection Won't Be Clogged

Don't be fooled by web hosting companies that say they offer 100 Mbps unmetered for less than $150 or so. The reality is that you do get a 100Mbps port, but you're also on a shared switched with 48 or even 96+ users which then has a 100Mbps uplink to the core switch or out to the Internet. What does that mean for you? Simply put, you don't get 100 Mbps if your neighbor and his neighbor are fighting for the same amount of traffic. You'll probably end up getting less than a sustained 2Mbps of average transfer. This leads to collisions, TCP re-transmits and in the end a very non-enjoyable experience if your were an IP packet. This is horrible for video streaming, Camfrog, VoIP, and gaming.

With Krypt Dedicated Unmetered Bandwidth packages you get a server connected to a 100Mbps switched port on a private VLAN, to a switch that is Dual 1Gbps connected to our core switches for redundancy and throughput. We offer 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100Mbps packages. Our switches are never oversubscribed and our providers are Tier 1. There is no cheap or low end transit providers to choose from with us, we'll route you over the best provider that gives you the best latency for whatever it is you need to do. Cover
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PlansWebsite Products

Dedicated - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Green LinefeaturesUnmanaged$79.00/mo.250 GB1500 GB
Pentium 4 2.8GHz $79.00/mo.80 GB1500 GB
Core 2 Duo E4500 $89.00/mo.80 GB1500 GB
Pentium 4 3.06GHz $89.00/mo.80 GB1500 GB
AMD Athlon $94.00/mo.160 GB1500 GB
Core 2 Duo E6550 $99.00/mo.160 GB1500 GB
Dual Core 2.8GHz $99.00/mo.160 GB1500 GB
Dual Xeon $99.00/mo.72 GB1500 GB
Pentium 4 3.2GHz $99.00/mo.80 GB1500 GB
Core 2 Duo E7200 $104.00/mo.160 GB1500 GB
Core 2 Duo E8200 $109.00/mo.160 GB1500 GB
Dual Core 3.0GHz $109.00/mo.160 GB1500 GB
Core 2 Duo E8300 $119.00/mo.250 GB1500 GB
Dual Core 3.2GHz $119.00/mo.160 GB1500 GB
Dual Core 3.4GHz $129.00/mo.160 GB1500 GB
Xeon $129.00/mo.36 GB2500 GB
AMD Opteron $149.00/mo.250 GB2500 GB
Core 2 Quad Q6600 $164.00/mo.250 GB1500 GB
Dual Core Xeon $249.00/mo.250 GB1500 GB
Quad Core Xeon $299.00/mo.250 GB1500 GB
VPS - Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
VPS-1K $19.00/mo.15 GB250 GB
VPS-4K $39.00/mo.30 GB500 GB
VPS-5K $45.00/mo.60 GB1 TB
VPS-7K $54.00/mo.120 GB1500 GB
VPS-8K $59.00/mo.120 GB1500 GB
VPS-9K $64.00/mo.240 GB1500 GB
VPS-10K $69.00/mo.240 GB1500 GB
VPS - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
VPS-2K $24.00/mo.30 GB500 GB
VPS-3K $34.00/mo.30 GB500 GB
VPS-6K $49.00/mo.60 GB1 TB

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News Expands Intel Core Dedicated Server Product Line - Adds additional Intel Core processors to its dedicated server line up., a dedicated hosting server provider, yesterday announced that it has added additional Intel Core processors to its dedicated server line up. According to the company, the additional CPU's range in performance from the Core i3 530 (2.93Ghz) to Core i3 550 (3.2Ghz). Core i5 CPU's include the Core i5 660 3.33GHz single processor, dual-core, and four computing threads. Also included in the i5 line up include the i5 750 single processor, quad core with four computing threads as well. The i5 750 currently ranks 58th while the i5 660 ranks 117th on PassMark's latest CPU benchmark results.It explains that it also offers two 2.8GHz Core i7 CPU's the Core i7 860 and 930 quad-core processor. The main difference between the 2 CPU's is the use of triple channel memory offered as an upgrade for the Core i7 930 versus standard dual channel memory in the Core i7 860. The Core i7 930 also utilizes Intel QPI bus ... [search all news]

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Reza S (yorez@a...) /
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Krypt is an incompetent, irresponsible, and unreliable company. DO NOT HOST [...]
DO NOT HOST with Krypt!

They are merely a startup company. But that's not why you should'nt host with them. I was referred to Krypt by a employee of theirs who used to work for Softlayer and was my account rep over there. He talked so highly of the Krypt staff and their business model that I got convinced and transferred one of our we b projects over (25+ websites and domains).

They were ok till mid year last year (2013) when they had a "portal update" and their payment system started malfunctioning. This caused numerous problems for us and other clients and yet Krypt and its staff did nothing to resolve the issues.

The first time it happened they terminated our account due to "non-payment" and blamed it on us not paying for the services while we have no intention of such. We have yearly contracts with other hosting providers and paying the hosting payments has never been a problem.

After contacting a supervisor there and making sure the account balance is taken care of [read more...]

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