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Founded in 1998 by a team of Broadcast, Finance, and Internet leaders, Irides Hosting began as an Internet Service Provider specializing primarily in media and streaming solutions.

Located in the Northern Virginia Technology Corridor, Irides Hosting has grown to become a leading Managed Service Provider in the Web Hosting Industry.

Home to the web sites of thousands of businesses from around the world, Irides Hosting provides reliable, affordable, and secure customized hosting solutions.

No customer is too small for Irides and we support large ones, too.

We have seen many times a "small" customer grow and succeed. Watching and participating in this process brings enormous personal and professional satisfaction to our whole team. This is because we believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our customers. An Irides' customer is not a stranger. We emphasize to all our staff the need to understand the customers' business in order to better understand their technology needs. At the same time we take the time to get to know the customer team. This dual approach - technology and people - allows us to contribute effectively as a company's needs change by recommending not just great technology, but the right technology for the business.

Irides recognizes that only when our customers are successful, will we be successful.
We invest in technology
We have made and will continue to make long-term investments in our infrastructure to ensure that our customers have a stable, reliable service.

Our engineers have a career not just a job
An integral part of Irides' success is our emphasis on our engineers' professional growth. Irides and our customers benefit from a well-trained, engaged and challenged engineering team. We encourage our engineers to grow and learn in the fashion best suited to their learning style; professional class-based learning, buying and reading technical books, exploring new technology through test environments or on-the-job training through knowledge sharing within a team environment.

We also strongly encourage hiring from within our organization as a way of retaining key individuals while allowing them to grow. At the same time we recognize there are multiple career paths and support the ambitions of our staff both in technical and managerial areas.
Our engineering staff have the time to build trust with our customers
For all our customers we ensure that the account team, both the manager and key engineers, have time to develop an understanding of the business and technical needs of that customer.

When it fits with the customer we will assign a Lead Engineer to work beside the Account Manager acting as the primary contact for day-to-day technical issues and when needed engage other members of the Irides team with specific technical knowledge.

Even the most dedicated engineer cannot always be available, so our engineering staff are responsible for documenting a customer's installation and educating the entire Irides' team on the needs of that organization. This ensures that no matter what time of day, the engineer that responds to a problem has up-to-date information in hand.

We share information and keep it secure
Internally we share data so that each engineer has up-to-date information. The team not only uses this information but also contributes to our knowledge base producing high quality documentation on the technology we support.
While sharing key data, we also carefully control sensitive information. For example, access to individual servers is secured and partitioned by group and retrieval and use of login credentials is audited.

We take our responsibilities to our employees and community seriously. We have focused our efforts in developing an environmentally sustainable business by:

* zero carbon emissions
* metro travel subsidies for our staff
* a commitment to reuse or recycle when needed

Zero carbon emissions
In late 2007, Irides made a commitment to run our business without CO2 emissions. Since then, we have emitted no CO2 from the day-to-day operations of our data center. No CO2 from the electricity to power our servers. No CO2 from our network infrastructure. No CO2 from the electricity to cool our data centers. No CO2 from our back-office operations.

We do this through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits. These ensure that the electricity we use comes from CO2 free resources such as wind turbines. In 2009, Irides was recognized for its 100% green power use by Arlington County's environmental program FreshAIRE.

Are we perfect? Definitely not. But we are trying and want to do more, whether it is encouraging the use of environmentally sound servers, supporting our metro subsidy program for employees or flexible working schedules that reduce commute time and allow regular telecommuting.

Putting Irides Service In Context

Every day we strive to bring the best service possible to our customers. In Context connects our services with our business environment ensuring that the Irides services remain up to date and continues to deliver value to our customers.

Smooth Ride Service - Less Stress, Less Hassle
We understand that you want to run your business and not the technology. You want your e-mail to work, your website to be available and most importantly you don't want a technology problem to get in the way of supporting your customers. All the computers are just a means to an end.

Irides' Smooth Ride Service is what you need. We take the time to understand your business and get to know your people and how they work. This achieves two thing: it allows us to specify, install and operate the right technology for your business and it ensures that Irides works seamlessly with your team.

Focused on the Technology for Your Business
First and foremost, the entire Irides' team is focused on understanding and meeting your business needs. Our seasoned engineers learn your business model and goals and, of course, your technology environment. With large providers you can easily get lost in the shuffle. With Irides, you get the infrastructure of a large provider but the personalized support and nimbleness of a smaller company that caters to your needs.

We will:

* Provide you with reliable, secure customized technology that meets your business needs.
This includes our hosting environment (redundant power, cooling, connectivity) and your dedicated equipment.
* Define clear service levels (through an Service Level Agreement or SLA) and deliver them.
Irides commits to 99.99% availability on the systems we managed. But our service commitment means more than keeping your systems up and running. It also includes the basics of responding to e-mails, answering the phone and resolving both routine and urgent tickets promptly.
* Make the information about your service available to you.
This includes delivering comprehensive, real-time information about your service securely through the web and preparing a regular analysis of your service so that you can see the bigger picture of how your technology is working.
* Make it easy to contact us 24/7.
You can contact us by phone, e-mail or through the MyIrides portal any time of the day or night. We also make sure that when you do contact us, that the person you talk to knows who you are and how the technology that we manage supports your business.

Less Stress, Less Hassle
The whole Irides' team will work to keep the technology for your business up and running. We do this for many organizations both large and small and we can do it for you.
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Irides Hosting Spider Entrepreneur PlanfeaturesAt the request of many of their customers, Irides Hosting has spent considerable time deploying popular add-ons for automated and semi-automated provisioning to Irides Hosting Spider Entrepreneur Plan. Some of these are open-source, written in PHP [...]$13.50/mo.200 MB6 GB
Irides Hosting PennyHost Entrepreneur PlanfeaturesAt the request of many of their customers, Irides Hosting has spent considerable time deploying popular add-ons for automated and semi-automated provisioning to Irides Hosting PennyHost Entrepreneur Plan. Some of these are open-source, written in [...]$13.50/mo. $15 Setup Fee200 MB6 GB
Irides Hosting Spider Small Business PlanfeaturesAt the request of many of their customers, Irides Hosting has spent considerable time deploying popular add-ons for automated and semi-automated provisioning to Irides Hosting Spider Small Business Plan. Some of these are open-source, written in [...]$27.00/mo.500 MB2 GB
Irides Hosting Spider Corporate PlanfeaturesAt the request of many of their customers, Irides Hosting has spent considerable time deploying popular add-ons for automated and semi-automated provisioning to Irides Hosting Spider Corporate Plan. Some of these are open-source, written in PHP or [...]$54.00/mo.1 GB30 GB

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Irides Offers Exchange with Anti-Spam - Web hosting provider Irides ( announced on Tuesday that it had released a new Microsoft Exchange service equipped with a spam filtering solution from email security vendor Postini (
 The Irides Exchange service includes all of the messaging and collaboration tools that come with Microsoft Exchange. Irides says the service is protected by multiple layers of security and intrusion prevention, while mail is filtered for spam and viruses with postini technology. "Our customers have continued to express the need for more tools to secure and screen their email, and a need for the tools and features of Exchange without wanting to administer their own Exchange Server," says Dan Kunitz, chief operating officer of Irides. "Irides's strength continues to be managed hosting solutions like this and we are excited to introduce a reliable, affordable, and secure Exchange solution combined with a comprehensive plan to secure and screen emails for spam and viruses." [search all news]

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About: Irides brings all of the benefits of world-class, full-service web and application hosting solutions to small and medium-sized firms. While we are fully resourced to handle the most demanding needs, we are just the right size to provide highly personalized service that both anticipates and responds to your needs.

Full-service at Irides includes: Solutions Design, Infrastructure Management, Application and OS Management, Monitoring and Systems Administration - in our data centers, in your data center or for the servers in your office.

Irides, LLC (est. 1999) is a Privately Held entity having 18 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Internet.
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