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Technical service has gone badly downhill from the time they took over Globalgold. Cannot even get support through control panel as it does not load up. 7 phone calls always in queue of 6-8 throughout the day.
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iomart is part of iomart, Services: Web HostingDomain Registration

About iomart

The Group's principal activity is providing web based managed hosting and cloud computing services for both consumers and businesses.

Founded in 1998, the Group has evolved to become one of Europe's largest providers of managed hosting and cloud computing service providers, serving over 300,000 customers each day.

Having been at the forefront of the UK's technological revolution for the past decade the Group has developed an enviable reputation for its internet expertise, its service ethic and its product innovation.

The Group holds a unique position within the hosting marketplace. By owning its own data centre and network infrastructure, it is able to deliver the complete set of vertical components in the hosting arena from domain names through to cloud security through to private cloud solutions, without reliance on third party suppliers or partners.

As more and more mission critical business applications move on to the cloud, so organisations need more resilience, security and 24 hour management; the market for managed hosting and cloud based services is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, and the Group is well placed to well placed to take advantage of the opportunity in this area.

The Group is profitable with a strong balance sheet and is now set for accelerated growth both organically and through complementary acquisitions.

In addition to new customer revenue growth, the Group benefits from high levels of additional business from its existing customer base, demonstrating that the Group is increasingly enhancing its reputation as both trusted supplier and valued partner.

The group has been listed on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) since April 2000.

iomart Vision

We will:

provide quality datacentre and managed hosting solutions
strive to deliver best in class service
be the hosting partner of choice;
deliver world-class performance;
earn the admiration of all our customers and our employees-
not only for the goals we achieve but how we achieve them.

Our Values:
Responsible - We will conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner
Trustworthy - We will trust, respect and support each other
Accountable - We will accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our work and our actions.
Honest - We will do what we say we will do
Inspiring - We will seek new opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary solutions
Exceptional - We will commit to excellence in everything we do
Regarded - We will earn the respect of our peers, shareholders, stakeholders, clients and employees

iomart Strategy

Our Strategy

Our strategic plan translates our vision into action. It aligns and integrates our organisation, inspires confidence, and differentiates us from the competition.

Business Strategy

iomart will operate ethically, and profitably, by designing, delivering and managing business-critical hosting services that will enable our clients to reduce the cost, complexity and risks associated with maintaining their own applications.

Enabling Our Strategy

We will enable our strategy by:

Investing in our People
Leveraging Technology to deliver superior performance and growth
Building organisational capability to deliver world-class performance
with operational excellence.

iomart group history

The iomart group was founded in 1998 as an integrated Internet and telecommunications provider. The group was one of the first organisations to recognise the effect that the World Wide Web would have on our daily lives, and has been at the heart of the UK’s internet industry ever since.

Over the past decade, the group has evolved, through a combination of organic growth and acquisition, to become one of Europe’s leading internet hosting and managed services companies.

The following timeline highlights the key milestones in the group’s history:
December 1998 iomart founded & obtains a UK telecommunications license
October 1999 Receives first revenues from launch of its business service in conjunction with
April 2000 iomart group incorporated and floated on AIM raising £20M less expenses
August 2000 Offers first UK consumer broadband connection via group’s Madasafish ISP
October 2000 Launches Jings! consumer ISP
Launches Thinkmail – UK’s first managed email and messaging platform

June 2001
Sale of Madasafish & Jings! ISP access business to Brightviewfor £3M
Introduces first ‘self install’ broadband connection into UK
Acquires business broadband customer base from OnCue for £250K
Acquires Netintelligence through purchase of Actis Technology for £270K

August 2001 Acquires German e-mail/messaging company CANBOX for £330K
October 2001 Launches network based Netintelligence for B2B market
January 2002 Completes withdrawal from access supply by selling broadband business to Centrica Telecommunications (One.Tel) for £2M
July 2003 Acquires hosting and domain company Web Genie Internet Ltd (NicNames) for £437K

February 2004 Acquires hosting and domain company Internetters for £250K

September 2004
Acquires hosting and domain company Easyspace for £10.5M Net & places 11,574,075 shares at 54p each
Announces maiden profit of £167K

May 2005 Launches UK business directory service Ufindus
September 2005 Launches Netintelligence Managed Services Platform
January 2006 Launches Netintelligence as world’s first security Software As A Service product
March 2007 Acquires 51 per cent stake in Ezee DSL Limited (5 Datacentres) for £4.8 million in cash & places 20m shares at 55p
May 2007 Launches UK Micro business online marketing service Customer Street
July 2008 Ufindus sold to BT for £20M
May 2009 Acquires dedicated server company RapidSwitch for £5.5M
May 2009 Launches

iomart Responsibilities

Corporate responsibility has long been a part of iomart's values and how we operate. We recognise that our long-term success depends on our ability to develop and offer innovative services that encourage clients and shareholders to invest in iomart with confidence.

Our corporate responsibility efforts are defined as:

Consistently applying our core values.
Maximizing the positive impact of our service offerings.
Integrating social and economic considerations into our business practices and decision making.
Engaging with and balancing the needs of our customers.

For iomart, corporate responsibility means ensuring we have or are developing sound policies, practices or programs that address each of the following elements:

Business ethics and transparency
Workplace practices and employee relations
Customer consultation

In practice, our commitment to corporate responsibility plays out in a wide variety of ways and includes our employee diversity program, which is designed to foster an inclusive workplace by employing and developing people from the areas in which we operate.

We are proud of iomart's corporate responsibility; however, we recognise that this is not a static concept. We are committed to continually improve our performance in this important area.


Diversity iomart is recognised as a leading supplier of managed hosting solutions and has grown as a business by employing people from a mixed diverse ethnic origin

In recognition of diversity, iomart endorses the statutory requirements relating to Race, Gender and Disability. Our approach to equality and diversity is to focus on the best interest of each employee.

At iomart we tackle discrimination and harassment head on and promote equality to all groups. Consequently all employees are made aware when they join the iomart of the companies Equality and Diversity policy which covers age, disability, gender, sexuality, race and religion.


Qualityiomart is committed to providing customers with services and responsiveness that set industry standards for quality and value. We relentlessly strive to be the best in every aspect of our business, by fostering a culture of trust, teamwork, responsibility, high expectations and open communications with employees, customers and suppliers. Quality and continuous improvement are the guides for every employee.

Every employee action has implications that reflect the actual and perceived quality of service. Every iomart employee is responsible for quality and our employees understand this. The company has implemented a continuous review process that monitors quality goals, objectives, processes and requirements.

iomart works to the principles of ISO/IEC 9001:2000 for quality management and ISO/IEC 27001 for network security. The results of these continuous evaluations are utilised to improve and further strengthen our current quality management system.

iomart has adopted the methodologies as outlined in Prince2 for Project Management as the preferred method of implementation of services, using a mix of open communication and documented procedures to ensure timely delivery of services.

Health and Safety

Health and Safetyiomart provides a safe and healthy working environment which does not pose an undue risk to the health and safety of employees, customers, contractors, visitors and members of the public.

It is iomart’s policy that so far as is reasonably practicable, an environment within the company is created and maintained that is safe of hazards and eliminates the risk of injury to employees and others as well as the risk of damage to its property. Accordingly iomart has implemented a safety management system that encompasses all reasonably practicable means to eliminate hazards and reduce the risk of injury and damage to property.

Our approach to health and safety is based on the identification and control of hazards. iomart recognises that it is important that everyone concerned is made aware of their responsibilities. Employees and contractors undertake to uphold a safe environment, which does not impose unduly on the health of persons.

Maintains a constant and continuing improvement culture in health and safety performance and encourage all employees to set an example in safe behaviour;
Promotes consultation between employees and management concerning matters of health and safety;

EnvironmentAs a provider of data centre and hosting services, iomart is acutely aware of its responsibilities towards preserving the earth’s natural resources. We acknowledge our environmental responsibility and are committed to operating our business in an environmentally sensitive manner. The iomart Group recognises its responsibility for people and the environment, and operates to the ethos and best practices of ISO 14001, which requires the integration of environmental planning with day-to-day operational activities.

iomart periodically reviews practices and procedures to address changing circumstances or legislation so as to improve our environmental performance and foster a culture where it is the responsibility of all employees to work in partnership for the benefit of the environment and the health and safety of all.

Our commitment is:
To meet and whenever possible, exceed all relevant environmental and health and safety legislation and regulations.
To utilise and implement the most eco efficient technologies and power wherever possible.
To prevent pollution by minimising waste, recycling whenever possible and properly disposing of waste that cannot be recycled.
To use energy, water and natural resources wisely.

iomart will:
Set objectives and targets to continually improve our environmental performance and monitor our progress through measurement, inspection, audit and review.
Ensure all employees are: aware of this policy, and suitably trained to meet their environmental responsibilities.
Provide adequate resources to establish, document, implement and maintain an environment management system and continually improve its effectiveness to reduce the impact of iomart services and activities on the environment.
Be environmentally responsible for the collection, storage and disposal of all redundant IT equipment in accordance with the standards set out in the WEEE directive

iomart cloud services
In recent times virtualisation has become both associated with, and confused with cloud services. Cloud services can of course be deployed using physical resource only, without any virtualisation technology involved. The reason virtualisation has an impact is that it adds another 'layer of reliability'. This further layer, on top of the physical layers of reliability that we have become used to mitigates the risk factor associated with purchasing cloud services

Most buying decisions are made on the basis of some kind of risk analysis. "Do I trust this vendor and the solution as described?" "Can I risk putting my critical services on these platforms?" The layers of reliability the Group provides all add up to minimising its customer's risks and giving them the comfort that it has successfully eliminated any single points of failure, that the Group has full control of every deliverable in the solution and that it is constantly monitoring and managing the end to end infrastructure on the customers behalf.

The Group has now developed and deployed a virtual layer that is built on top of multiple layers of physical reliability and resilience. Using only the best in hardware and software and with the 'cloud control' operability that is unique to the iomart Group we can now deliver on this virtual layer.

This virtual layer can be deployed using single components in an architecture i.e. one web server, one database server etc., with the knowledge that there is a 'back up' component in the virtual layer, albeit not immediately available but coming to life in the event of failure. By their very nature virtual platforms also have the advantage of speed around deployment, provisioning etc.

If we then take this architecture a stage further and use the traditional physical resource policy of doubling up components i.e. two web servers, two database servers etc. then that eliminates another set of single points of failure. This adds a further layer of reliability which is we would describe as 'high availability'

If we then add in dual geography where there are two separate platforms across the Group's estate of UK wide data centres, again adding another layer of reliability then we can begin to envisage 'absolute or total availability'.

This is the direction that the iomart Group is taking with its cloud computing and services platforms.

The Group has the advantage of owning and controlling every aspect of service delivery and it will work hard to educate the market to ensure that it understands the advantages this provides.

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Future of iomart Pre-close Trading Pleases CEO - Cloud company iomart (AIM:IOM) has issued a positive pre-close trading statement for the six months ending 30 September 2015 ahead of the announcement of its half yearly results.
In its statement to the London Stock Exchange, iomart reported that business had continued to perform strongly in the first half of the financial year with both revenue and profits expected to be materially ahead of the comparative period last year. iomart also stated that it hoped to make further strategic acquisitions, having bought public cloud consultancy SystemsUp in June.
iomart said that as enterprise increasingly looked to a hybrid approach to the cloud, there was a clear market role for companies like it to help manage the complex transformation to the cloud.
Angus MacSween, CEO of iomart, said: “We are very pleased with the way the business has performed in the period and the Board is highly confident in the future. The Group is well positioned to sustain its competitive advantage within the ... [search all news]

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About: Originally founded in 1998 as an integrated internet and telecommunications company, iomart Group has evolved to become one of Europe’s largest providers of cloud computing services, serving in excess of 300,000 customers each day, through several distinct brands.

Having been at the forefront of the UK’s technological revolution for over a decade the Group has developed an enviable reputation for its expertise, its service ethic and its product innovation.

The Group holds a unique position within the UK marketplace.

By owning its own data centre and fibre network infrastructure, it is able to deliver the complete set of vertical components - from domain name up to the cloud – without owning and managing every aspect of the customer experience. This enables the company to offer complete accountability and world beating service level agreements to its customers.

iomart offers hosting servies to both the private and public sector via its brands, iomart Hosting, Easyspace, [...]

iomart (est. 1998) is a Public Company entity having 956 followers on LinkedIn and 201-500 employees, industry Internet.
About: iomart Group plc (AIM:IOM) is one of the UK’s leadingproviders of cloud and managed hosting services. By physically owning andmanaging its own infrastructure and fiber network, iomart offers world-beatinglevels of service. Customers include Royal Horticultural Society, GuardianMedia Group and Stagecoach.
iomart account is having 237 followers and 0 plus one count. Last activity on Jul 31, 2017. See recent Google Plus Posts: Icon
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Brian (wiredducks@e...) /
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Iomart support SUCKS
IF you are looking for a host and have found iomart - keep looking! You will be horribly disappointed in the support you receive! Takes them 1-2+ weeks to respond to technical issues and if you are in USA - expect to be on hold long distance for 20-40+ minutes. STAY AWAY!

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