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For years, has been serving thousands of businesses and organizations around the world.

With datacenters located in five major cities in North America, offers unpararelled performance and scalability for your business.

At, we believe that your success is our success., a division of Global IP Networks, Inc is a web hosting company that is built from the ground up with strong values and discipline. is privately owned and operated by a team of engineers and professionals with more than 10 years of networking, engineering and computing experiences.

Our mission is to exceed our customer's satisfaction by providing consistent, excellent quality service everyday. For years, we have been providing hosting services for churches, missionaries, businesses, non-profit organization, government, students, teacher, family and individuals worldwide. We do not host spammers, pornography, gambling sites and alike.
Affordable Quality Product and Service

We believe that high quality product and service can be made affordable. With reduced overhead cost and highly efficient management, we are able to keep our expenses low while maintaining top quality equipment and premium services.
Security and Reliability

We understand that your data integrity and availability are crucial. With network redundancy, mirroring technology, state of the art data center and redundant firewalls your valuable data will be both protected and available at all times.
Balance of Price and Quality is serving a specific market where high quality, reliable service and cost effective price are necessary. We also understand that our customers demand nothing but the best. That is where we come in.
Help Us to Help Others

Every month we donate at least 10% of our earnings to charities and non profit organization to help those who are in need. When you host with us, you will become our partner to make this world a better place. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Together, we can make a difference!

Data Center hosts all its equipments in the state of the art Global IP Networks datacenter in Plano, Texas which is purposely built from the ground up to host mission critical applications. From fiber to power and everything in between, our datacenter is built with high availability, security and redundancy in mind.
24/7 On-Site Staff
We understand that downtime equals loss of business and must be cured immediately. That is why our on-site support staff is always here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you are use to holding your breath for hours for an on-call staff, here you will find much relief that our support staff will respond at once to your distress call. Whether it is 3pm or 3am, we are always here so that you do not have to.

Through active security cameras, the facility is monitored inside out at all times with recording of up to 90 days. All access point to the building is controlled by proximity reader and biometric scanner.
High Availability Power

To prevent power outage, we implement industrial grade UPS and generators with the capacity to power up the facility for over 40 hours without refueling. In case of extended power outage, our generator can be refueled on the fly and the facility will continue to operate for indefinitely and independently from the city power grid.
Fire Prevention

Since electronics and water do not mix, our facility is furnished with pre-action system rated for telecommunication equipment with integrated smoke/heat detector system.
Climate Control

The server room temperature is constantly monitored and set to 68-Fahrenheit for optimum operation. Our datacenter is furnished with raised floors, N+1 cooling with direct-heat-intake to enforce the most efficient way of recycling hot air to cold air. This system will dissipate heat much faster before it mixes with the cold air than that of the conventional datacenter. Better climate control also means less chance of downtime and greater longevity to your equipments.

We provide only the best when it comes to quality. Our goal is to provide 100% uptime all the time with the highest quality products and services.


As tier-1 internet service provider, we are utilizing direct connections with the backbone carrier's network. Our network connections are diversely redundant through multiple 100Mbps to 1000Mbps (gigE) connections, burstable to OC-3, OC-48 and OC-192 capacity. Our network speed is at least 50x faster than T1 line and at least 2x faster than T3 line, which are standard connectivities used by many hosting companies. This will ensure growth and will guarantee the speed and performance in the long run. We have some of our nation's major carriers in our data center such as:

* Internap Network
* Level3 Communication
* Cogent Communication
* Looking Glass
* OnFiber
* Time Warner

24/7 Live Network Operation Command Center
Network uptime is critical and that is why our Network Operation Command Center (NOCC) is staffed 24/7, dedicated to monitor the network. In the case of network problem, the support system will be notified instantly and all issues will be taken care of instantly.
Strong Network Peering and Optimized Routing
Our backbone carriers are complement to each other with their vast, diverse network and strong peering policy with other major and minor backbone carriers in America, Europe, Asia and all over the world.

In addition to diversity, we utilize Internap "Assimilator" pattented and optimized routing to find the fastest path (not necessarily shorter, but faster) from the server to the destination and vice versa. This will significantly improve the efficiency of download/upload speed by avoiding unnecessary loops possible network congestion. In short, you will be guaranteed instantaneous connectivity.
Top of the Line Network Appliances
We use only the best appliances to deliver your valuable data: Cisco and Riverstone Metro routers/switches with redundant power supply. Our premium network is configured with BGP and fail-over settings to prevent down time with multi fiber entry.

In addition to automatic redundancy we keep extra hardware on hand in case of emergency.

Superior Network Uptime

The server room temperature is constantly monitored and set to 70° Fahrenheit for optimum server operation. All of our servers are stored on raised floors with large Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) from Liebert to enforce proper air circulation. This will dissipate the heat faster, thus increases the reliability and longevity of our equipment significantly compare to regular cooling system.

We understand that your website should be accessible at all time. With high availability and redundant carriers, our network is protected from downtime. If one carrier is down, all traffic will route to other carriers automatically. We guarantee 99.99% network uptime or greater. Cover
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PlansWebsite Products

Linux - Shared Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Globalcon - BasicfeaturesWe use industrial strength high performance servers with Dual Intel Processors and minimum of 2GB ECC registered memory to host your site. Our servers' redundant storage system will mirror your data in real-time.
Operating System:LinuxWeb Server [...]
$4.08/mo.10 MB1 GB
Globalcon - DesignerfeaturesOur reseller program is designed for everyone whether you are a full-time or part-time web master, web designer or entrepreneur who wants to have your own web hosting business without investing in expensive equipment and network [...]$5.00/mo.20 MBunmetered
Globalcon - Personal $6.99/mo.100 MB4 GB
Globalcon - Standard $9.99/mo.200 MB4 GB
Globalcon - Enterprise $14.99/mo.300 MB6 GB
Globalcon - Corporate $19.99/mo.400 MB8 GB
Globalcon - Industrial $29.99/mo.700 MB12 GB
Globalcon - Economy $35.00/mo.500 MB10 GB
Globalcon - Silver $45.00/mo.1 GB20 GB
Globalcon - Platinum $60.00/mo.2 GB40 GB
Globalcon - Titanium $70.00/mo.5 GB80 GB
Globalcon - Rackspace 1/4featuresDo you need to colocate your server? Our data center is furnished with 24/7 security monitoring, locked cage or cabinet, continuous power and multiple internet backbones to provide safety, reliability and bandwidth redundancy.
Operating [...]
$125.00/mo. $50 Setup Feeunlimited5 GB
Globalcon - DS1featuresDedicated hosting will give you 100% allocated server resources exclusive to your site with more space, more memory and unrestricted server access. Our dedicated server is ideal to host your mission-critical site that requires higher [...]$199.00/mo. $149 Setup Fee40 GB100 GB
Globalcon - Rackspace 1/2 $245.00/mo. $50 Setup Feeunlimited5 GB
Globalcon - DS2-150 $249.00/mo. $149 Setup Fee60 GB100 GB
Globalcon - DS1-100R $299.00/mo. $199 Setup Fee80 GB100 GB
Globalcon - DS1-150R $349.00/mo. $199 Setup Fee80 GB100 GB
Globalcon - Rackspace 3/4 $365.00/mo. $50 Setup Feeunlimited5 GB
Globalcon - DS1-200R $449.00/mo. $199 Setup Fee90 GB200 GB
Globalcon - Rackspace Full $475.00/mo. $50 Setup Feeunlimited5 GB

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IP Location Country/State/City: United states / Texas / Plano - see top providers in United States, Texas
ISP Name / ISP URL: Global IP Networks Inc /

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About: Looking for uptime and reliable support? Our high security data center offers server hosting services that will keep your business online all the time. Our colocation facility offers customers 24/7 access to our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Centers so when disaster strikes your business can continue to operate. Call us today!
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- Here are 10 reasons why companies should incorporate data analytics into their core business strategies: Ten Tips for Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics | Data Center Knowledge
- Not only 4 hours, we do Level-1 complimentary remote hands or smart hands for free for our customers! Here’s our support guidelines:
- With this year’s approaching holiday gift season, the rapidly growing IoT is about to get a lot bigger, and fast. The Internet of Things Is Growing Faster Than the Ability to Defend It

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