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About Gate is founded on one simple principle - affordable, reliable Web hosting can be smarter.

We believe your Web site should do more than just exist online without any interruptions. Your Web site should be your calling card, your portal to success and make a stellar first impression for those who come across it with its performance and abilities.

We are experienced Web professionals just like you and we understand just how critical the right Web host is to your business; keeping infrastructure costs down while maintaining a high level of stability and performance. has been hosting mission critical Web sites since the dawn of the World Wide Web itself, and have been improving upon the concept ever since. We were the first major Web host to implement clustering technology across all of our hosting accounts, and we remain the only major reliable Web host to continue to provide this technology at affordable prices.

Our greatest asset (by far) is our experienced team of support reps, developers, and engineers. Our support team has the highest average tenure in the Web hosting industry, and several of our administrators have been with the company more than a decade. It's simply not possible to have more experience in hosting than we do.

Quality, Performance and Reliability— Cultivated by our Experience

When you purchase a hosting account, you are essentially acquiring three things: systems, network connectivity, and facilities. It doesn't take a failure to bring your site down either; it only takes one or two active Web sites to monopolize the resources of a server and bring the other thousands of sites to a crawl, unless the Web sites in question are hosted at

Each and every Web site hosted at is served by an array of high performance servers.

In the traditional hosting environment, a single server "hosts" many Web sites, often several thousand. While this model is quite cost effective for the provider, it has some major drawbacks for the customer, namely reliability and performance. If you happen to be on a server that experiences a hardware failure (and when a server is churning out data 24x7, they happen more frequently than you might imagine), your site is down until that machine is repaired (assuming someone noticed the failure to begin with). It doesn't take a failure to bring your site down either; it only takes one or two active Web sites to monopolize the resources of a server and bring the other thousands of sites to a crawl, unless the Web sites in question are hosted at

In our architecture, each Web site is hosted by an entire array of servers. If a server experiences a hardware failure, the other servers in the array automatically pick up the slack, therefore, your Web site continues to function... and the failure goes completely unnoticed (except by our team of engineers, who are monitoring all systems 24x7). The server cluster also means more resources are on tap when you need them, and faster response time for all visitors to your Web site, all the time.

The power of's hosting architecture also extends beyond the server to the application layer. Our platform is continually updated to support the latest in hosting technologies such as the ASP.Net framework, new versions of PHP, and literally dozens of other developer tools and compilers. Our diligence allows you to build or install the latest Web modules and applications with confidence.

Each and every Web site hosted at is served by an array of high performance servers.

The key to a stable high performance network is that there is no key. No one thing makes a network robust, it's a combination of many factors: capacity, peering, DDoS mitigation, WAN redundancy, LAN redundancy, network topology, and high performance network hardware, just to name a few. operates one of the largest high performance networks in existence. We own several class B IP blocks and have several of our own antonymous system numbers (few hosting providers do) which gives us direct control over peering and traffic engineering. Our network pumps out nearly two gigabits of sustained traffic each and every second, and serves an estimated 5% of all commercial Web pages. Perhaps the best way to describe our network technology is to walk you through the path all of our data takes, from the server to the visitors on your Web site.
From the server...

Each server in a cluster is directly connected to two redundant high performance Cisco switches via two gigabit Ethernet connections. Each switch is in turn connected to two different core routers via two gigabit Ethernet links. A loss of an Ethernet link, a switch, or a router therefore has no impact on service, as each machine has a completely redundant path to the wide area network (never mind the fact that even if a server did lose connectivity, it still wouldn't matter due to our clustered architecture).
Through the core...

Each of our core routers are connected to high-performance border routers with multiple gigabit Ethernet connections, by way of Mazu Networks' best-in-class DDoS detection and mitigation equipment. This forms an impenetrable wall that successfully protects all customers' Web sites, making service affecting attacks a thing of the past. The core is so resilient that if one of every piece of network equipment were to have trouble, service would still not be affected.
To the Internet...

Each of our border routers are connected to the Internet via multiple SONET or gigabit Ethernet MAN rings. Each SONET (Synchronous Optical NETwork) and gigabit Ethernet MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) ring is fault tolerant. Data can be routed in either direction along the ring, so even a physical fiber cut does not result in the loss of connectivity. Even the unlikely loss of an entire ring still does not affect our connectivity, as each of the two rings has the capacity to support the entire network load.
To the end user...

Perhaps most importantly, each of our SONET rings connect to multiple Tier 1 network backbones, including MCI, Level 3, SBC, Quest, InterNAP, and Telefonica. This is critical not just for redundancy, but for performance. The more backbones you connect to, the more likely it is that your Web data will have the shortest and highest performance path to the visitor trying to retrieve it. A short network path ensures a responsive Web site, which can mean the difference between a happy visitor, and a frustrated visitor.

Our entire network infrastructure is built on state of the art hardware from Cisco Systems and protected by best-of-breed network security solutions from Mazu Networks. The real foundation of our network, however, is our experienced team of network engineers who keep the entire system several steps ahead of the curve.

Even the most fault-tolerance network and system infrastructure can be foiled by a physical security breach, power outage, or natural disaster - unless, of course, the systems in question are in a data center.

Our facility has been designed around a single objective: to protect your data. We think of our data centers as the Fort Knox of Web hosting. Each have multiple layers of defense against a variety of threats: fire, flood, power failure, physical intrusion - you name it, we're prepared.

Our FM200 system will detect the presence of a fire in the early stages of combustion, and automatically discharge an oxygen-robbing gas with hurricane force velocity. This gas suffocates the fire, but is harmless to computer equipment and humans (although we don't recommend hanging out in the data center after a discharge). Fire suppression is more important than you might think, more than one hosting company has lost substantial amounts of customer data due to fire related events.

Our data centers actually run off battery power all of the time, not just during a power outage. The batteries feed the data center, and are simultaneously recharged by the power grid by redundant control units. In the event of a loss of power, there is no cut-over delay, the batteries simply continue powering the facility. Our generator kicks in within milliseconds, and resumes recharging the batteries, taking the place of the power grid. The result? Completely un-interrupted service.
Physical Security

Data is valuable, and even high tech intruders will resort to low-tech methods to obtain or destroy it. For this reason, physical access to our infrastructure is protected by multiple layers of security. Access to the outer building is limited by access card, while access to the data center is limited to key personnel and controlled by both access card and biometrics. All entry and exit points are under 24x7 surveillance.

The quality of's email service goes far beyond high performance and reliability. has invested over a million dollars in its spam and virus filtering technology, and is the only major hosting service to offer an enterprise grade filter on all accounts, free of charge. The reason is simple: the amount of SPAM being transmitted has reached record levels, and can cripple the ability of a Web site owner to process legitimate email. Since our goal is our customers' success – SPAM becomes our problem, regardless of its origin.

Stopping SPAM isn't easy. We start with the standard filters and flags that identify typical unsolicited emails – which is about the level that most other providers go to, if they offer SPAM protection at all. Most savvy SPAMers have elevated the practice of defeating filters to an art form however. That's where we're different. We actually have a 24x7 team that monitors email activity on over one million "dummy" or "probe" email accounts. Since these accounts are bogus, ALL email received by them is flagged as SPAM. We then write new filters in real time to block the same unsolicited message from being delivered to any of our real customers email boxes.

Through Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam, multi-layered spam protection leverages over 17 different filtering technologies, including spam signatures, heuristics, reputation filters, language identification,and many proprietary methods while minimizing false positives (99.9999% accuracy rate). An amazing 80% of all email traffic sent to Web site owners is SPAM. Imagine how much time and effort the filter has saved our customers. Cover
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About: was founded on one simple principle – affordable, reliable website hosting can be smarter. We’re experienced Web professionals just like you, and we understand how critical the right host is to your company’s online presence.

We've hosted mission-critical websites since the Internet’s dawn, improving on the concept all along. We were the first major web host to use clustering technology for all of our hosting accounts, and we continue to provide this technology at affordable prices. is a Privately Held entity having 12 followers on LinkedIn and 51-200 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
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joey fresh (jfdub78@m...)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
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I was a proud customer of Gate until I tried to cancel my accounts. I asked to cancel a few of my accounts and what requested to supply some info. I supplied the info and did not receive a response back. I was then rebilled for those accounts. I have since requested to have all of my accounts canceled and still have not received a response. I have referred numerous people to gate but not anymore. Too bad.

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