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Why at FORPSI?
Quality, experience, speed and simplicity

several tens of thousands of customers all over the world are already appreciating our fully professional quality services
we have many years of experience (since 1997) in providing professional Internet services
the automated system of customer account administration works without manual intervention, which guarantees the best response time and minimised errors
the system is so simple and user friendly that it is clear to both professionals and complete beginners

Customer support

customer support via fixed telephone line or e-mail, chat
answers to questions, explanation of special terms, instructions, and other information are available in the new Knowledge Base at any time
fully trained staff is ready to answer all your questions

High quality technical structure

we have very high quality technical equipment available - FORPSI Datacenter
all premises comply with all aspects of the most demanding requirements
servers are located in fully air-conditioned areas with backup energy supply, surveillance system, and fire alarm
our company has its own development centre
full automation of all the processes enables us to reach maximum productivity with minimum errors

What does the price include (Why pay elsewhere if here you can get it free of charge!)

NONSTOP (24/7/365) service and supervision incl. monitoring of all services
back-up connectivity - connection through several providers and in several points
regular data backup
DNS server administration and maintenance, on-line DNS administration via a web interface
for each domain
- the possibility to use our pre-selections (the domain is registered, the domain is occupied, the domain is for sale, the domain is for rent, site under construction, error 403 - access denied, error 404 - site does not exist)

Excellent prices starting with just one service, helpful and transparent pricing policy

no fees for activating most of our services
we guarantee the lowest prices on the market to all our customers
a special discount for partners who register more domain suffixes with us

All changes to domain names are provided on-line and FREE OF CHARGE

there is probably nothing more to add or explain - all changes to domain names and contact information are carried out free of charge

"No contract and no lump sum"

we do not require any written confirmation or contract for most domain name registrations
no lump sums or fees for registrations with the exception of charges paid to the central domain administrator

Quick change of the domain registrar or service provider and with no charge

change of domain registrar or service provider is completely FREE for most of the domain extensions
the change is carried out via a simple confirmation by the customer
a domain name (does not apply to all suffixes) does not have to be renewed when the registrar is changed
domains status, technical parameters and settings are not changed when a registrar is changed
the original expire date of the domain name remains unchanged when a registrar or service provider is changed
change of registrar does not influence the location where you operate your domain, and vice versa, the fact of where and how you operate your domain has no influence on the change of registrar
you are not bound to us, as a registrar, and you can change a registrar at any time

Quick registration of new names and new services

simple and quick registration of domain names and new services are possible via a web interface

Simple and efficient administration

you will find all the necessary information about a domain name or ordered services in our simple and clear administration
all changes of contact data, including change of owner and payer of a service, can be made through the administration


Renewal of domain names can be carried out at any time, and renewed for a period of 1 - 10 years. The original expiry date remains the same and the extension time is added to it
the renewal is quick and easy and can be applied for in administration at any time
before the expiration of your domain name you will be notified and requested to renew it


Are you still hesitating whether to choose us?
we offer a transparent and clear solution, understandable and simple rules for all our customers
as an important company in the field of domain names, webhosting and serverhosting, and as an important ISP, we are fully aware of the importance and significance of Internet presentation for any Internet business, which is why we approach all maters with maximum integrity and maximum quality
we offer our customers the professional quality know-how of a large company with more than one hundred thousand customers in many European countries

EMAIL hosting includes:

operation of your own second level domain name (, .net, .org ...)
10 e-mail boxes, 100 MB each
unlimited data transfer
real NONSTOP service and supervision
NONSTOP customer support

PIDIhosting includes:

operation of your own second level domain name (, .net, .org ...)
500 MB of space for your presentation
unlimited data transfer
10 e-mail boxes of a 100 MB size (only for the PIDI + mail alternative)
operating system WINDOWS
HTML - static pages only with no scripts (ASP, PHP) provided
unlimited FTP access
real NONSTOP service and supervision
NONSTOP customer support

Included complementary services:

establishment, administration and maintenance of DNS records
regular data backup (web + e-mail settings) - once a week
POP3, SMTP, IMAP and HTTPMail access to mail (only for the PIDI + mail alternative)
antispam, antivir (only for the PIDI + mail alternative)
the possibility to redirect the post to another e-mail (only for the PIDI + mail alternative)

Paid services - according to the current price-list:

unlimited number of mail accounts for PIDI + mail alternative
gigamail (e-mail of 1GB space) for PIDI + mail alternative
the catch-all mailbox for PIDI + mail alternative
alias packet (5 alias domains over the basic offer)
detailed access statistics in the form of log files
daily /weekly web backup accessible via FTP

NORMALhosting includes:

operation of your own second level domain name (, .net, .org ...)
up to 10000 MB space for your presentation
unlimited number of mail accounts, 100 MB each
unlimited data transfer
the possibility to choose an operating system: WINDOWS 2003 or LINUX
the possibility to use ASP.NET 2.0/ASP/PHP 5
the Access or PostgreSQL or MySQL database of 100 MB space free of cost
unlimited FTP access
5 free alias domains
support of FrontPage Extensions for MS FrontPage or MS Publisher
real NONSTOP service and supervision
customer support - Mon–Fri 8.00–20.00

DYNAMIChosting includes:

operation of your own second level domain name (, .net, .org ...)
3000 MB space for your presentation
10 e-mail boxes, 100 MB each
unlimited data transfer
the possibility to choose an operating system: WINDOWS 2003 or LINUX
the possibility to use ASP.NET 2.0/ASP/PHP5
the possibility to use databases MS Access
unlimited FTP access
support of FrontPage Extensions for MS FrontPage or MS Publisher
real NONSTOP service and supervision
customer support - Mon–Fri 8.00–20.00

- Control Panel for 10 domains free of charge
- administration of web, FTP, DNS, emails and database
- 5 Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth
- unlimited data transfer
- 5 GB HDD

- Control Panel for 30 domains free of charge
- administration of web, FTP, DNS, emails and database
- 10 Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth
- unlimited data transfer
- 20 GB HDD

A dedicated server is a server leased from us, which we will place in the server room and connect to the Internet backbone network. A customer can use any applications and provide any services (web server, e-mail server, discussion forums, etc.).

Service specification:

placed in own FORPSI Datacenter
now for each type of dedicated server unlimited data transfers
based on the professional DELL technology

Managed Server Service

The Managed Server service is a complete service which includes both the rental of dedicated servers with parameters tailored to the needs of customers and management performed by our technical department. It allows customers who prefer not to take care of managing the server, to use our years of experience in the maintenance and administration of web systems, and therefore devote themselves to the running of their own business.

The Managed Servers are used by customers with technical requirements for server configuration, or who need specific applications, that are different to our standard offers. Through specific solutions it is possible to meet the special requirements and needs of individual customers.

Server installation

Our technical staff will setup the servers according to the requirements of the customer. The type of operating system and installed applications will depend on what the server will be used for. Costs of installation will be included in the estimate, and will be indicated after receiving the specific request of the customer.

Server administration

The basic features of the Managed Server administration service include 24 hr monitoring and 5 hours administration per month during work days (from 8.00 to 15.00), and also:
Individual solutions in line with customer requirements
installation, maintenance and updates of the system and server software
configuration settings of programs based on our long experience in the maintenance and administration of web systems, using our know-how
configuration and setting up of services

A detailed calculation of the price of your Managed Server, will be sent to you after receiving your request and establishing the required work.
Further work arising from the specifications provided by the customer, will be determined and negotiated individually.

Sample configurations for Managed Server:

Managed Server for real estate agencies
1,5 mil. visitors/month
OS Linux Centos/MySQL

Managed Server for online shop with musical instruments
600 thousand visitors/month
OS Windows 2003 Server/MySQL

Managed mail server for insurance companies
1000 mailboxes, each with 200 MB
Windows 2003 OS Server/Mail Enable

Managed web server for web design studios
More than 200 websites
300 thousand visitors/month
OS Linux Centos/MySQL

Managed server - hosting for online car sale shops
450 thousand visitors/month
Windows 2008 OS Server/MSSQL

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