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From the 1st of November all the services provided by companies P.E.S. consulting s.r.o., INTERNET CZ, a.s. and INTERNET SK, s.r.o. were integrated under one main trade-mark FORPSI. This trade-mark will be used for all the services such as Webhosting, Domain Registration, Servehosting and Internet Connection.

We believe, it will simplify the wide offer for our customers and at the same time help us to improve worldwide activity to one trade-mark which guarantees a high quality.

Member of Aruba groupIn September 2005 became companies joined under FORPSI trade-mark members of European webhosting group Aruba.

Products and Services
* Webhosting - Web Space for your presence on the Internet - Websites, databases, mailboxes and other related services.
* Serverhosting - connecting your own or dedicated servers to the Internet for any applications or services running on these servers, full hardware and software service.
* Domain Registrations - registration of more than 30 extensions and their full servicing including DNS servers and redirecting, domain registration partnership programs, we are an Accredited Registrar for several domain extensions.
* Wi-Fi connection to the Internet - high-speed wireless solution for homes or businesses using Wi-Fi technology operating in the 2.4 GHz licence-free frequency band in selected areas of the Czech Republic, production and sale of installation sets and antennas, full service.

Companies joined under FORPSI trade-mark

Ktiš 2
384 03 KTIŠ
Czech Republic
IČO: 26043319
DIČ: CZ26043319

* INTERNET SK, s.r.o.
Palisády 33
811 06 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
IČO: 35826339
DIČ: 2020285872
IČ DPH: SK2020285872

* AlphaNet spółka z o. o.
ul. Bema 5
41-200 Sosnowiec

* BlazeArts Kft.
Hunyadi u. 12
6090 Kunszentmiklós

Quality, experience, speed and simplicity

* several tens of thousands of customers all over the world are already appreciating our fully professional quality services
* we have many years of experience (since 1997) in providing professional Internet services
* the automated system of the customer account administration works without manual intervention, which guarantees the best response time and minimised errors
* the system is so simple and user friendly that it is clear to both professionals and complete beginners

Customer support

* 24-hour customer support via fixed telephone line or e-mail or chat (according to the type of support)
* choice of type of customer support for a specific service
* answers to questions, explanation of special terms, instructions, and other information are available in the new Knowledge Base at any time
* fully trained staff is ready to answer all your questions

High quality technical structure

* we have very high quality technical equipment available - FORPSI Datacenter
* all premises comply with all aspects of the most demanding requirements
* servers are located in fully air-conditioned areas with backup energy supply, surveillance system, and fire alarm
* our company has its own development centre
* full automation of all the processes enables us to reach maximum productivity with minimum errors

What does the price include (Why pay elsewhere if here you can get it free of charge!)

* NONSTOP customer support (24/7/365)
* NONSTOP (24/7/365) service and supervision incl. monitoring of all services
* back-up connectivity - connection through several providers and in several points
* regular data backup
* DNS server administration and maintenance, on-line DNS administration via a web interface
* for each domain
- the possibility to use our pre-selections (the domain is registered, the domain is occupied, the domain is for sale, the domain is for rent, site under construction, error 403 - access denied, error 404 - site does not exist)
Excellent prices starting with just one service, helpful and transparent pricing policy

* no fees for activating most of our services
* a special discount for partners who register more domain suffixes with us

All changes to domain names are provided on-line and FREE OF CHARGE

* there is probably nothing more to add or explain - all changes to domain names and contact information are carried out free of charge

"No contract and no lump sum"

* we do not require any written confirmation or contract for most domain name registrations
* no lump sums or fees for registrations with the exception of charges paid to the central domain administrator
* no contracts or entrance fees are charged for access to the reseller section or the commission system
* no minimum advance payment is set for resellers, the resellers decide depending on their needs

Quick change of the domain registrar or service provider and with no charge

* change of domain registrar or service provider is completely FREE for most of the domain extensions
* the change is carried out via a simple confirmation by the customer
* a domain name (does not apply to all suffixes) does not have to be renewed when the registrar is changed
* domains status, technical parameters and settings are not changed when the registrar is changed
* the original expiry date of the domain name remains unchanged when the registrar or service provider is changed
* change of registrar does not influence the location where you operate your domain, and vice versa, the fact of where and how you operate your domain has no influence on the change of registrar
* you are not bound to us, as a registrar, and you can change the registrar at any time

Quick registration of new names and new services

* simple and quick registrations of domain names and new services are possible via a web interface
* the partner section also includes solutions enabling full automation of registration of domain names and new services directly by our partners

Simple and efficient administration

* you will find all the necessary information about a domain name or ordered services in our simple and clear administration
* all changes of contact data, including change of owner and payer of a service, can be made through the administration


* renewal of domain names can be carried out at any time, and renewed for a period of 1 - 10 years. The original expiry date remains the same and the extension time is added to it
* the renewal is quick and easy and can be applied for in administration at any time
* before the expiration of your domain name you will be notified and requested to renew it
* partners may choose the domain names they wish to extend continuously (payment is via a deduction from the advance payment), which they do not want to lose

Advance payments, invoices

* registration of all domain names is only possible after payment has been made. That is why we offer the possibility of advance payments to our partners, and thus the maximum speed of processing all matters regarding domain names (registration, renewals)
* the amount of the advance payment is not limited nor specified
* the advance payment may be added at any time according to the needs of our partners
* you may have an advance payment invoice generated in administration for your accounts
* you can find a history of accepted advance payments and also deducted payments for individual registrations and renewals in administration
* an invoice for made payments can be downloaded from administration at any time
* calculation of advance payments and the issue of an invoice may be carried out at any time or regularly once per calendar month

Solutions for partners and end customers

* we do not intervene in the relationship between partners, who use their own DNS servers, and their end customers
* we offer our partners extended administration of the domains of their customers
* we are ready to ensure not only domain registration to our end customers, but in particular professional webhosting and serverhosting and also other Internet related services


* are you still hesitating whether to choose us?
* we offer a transparent and clear solution, understandable and simple rules for all our customers and partners
* as an important company in the field of domain names, webhosting and serverhosting, and as an important ISP, we are fully aware of the importance and significance of Internet presentation for any Internet business, which is why we approach all maters with maximum integrity and maximum quality
* we offer our customers and partners the professional quality know-how of a medium-size company with more than one hundred thousand customers in many European countries Cover
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Owner: INTERNET CZ, a.S.
Web Site Title: Space for your Success! | FORPSI.COM
Website Description: FORPSI - an european internet and housing company that offers web hosting on Windows/Linux servers, server hosting, server housing services, domain name registrations.
Targeting: Czech Republic
Site in business since:
Links to the site: 2231
Details for
Website DNS: => ( Prague ) / Internet CZ A.S. => ( Lhenice ) / Internet CZ A.S. => ( Arezzo ) / Aruba S.p.A. - => ( Lhenice ) / Internet CZ A.S.
Server Software: Microsoft-IIS/8.5|ASP.NET
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: Czech republic / Jihocesky kraj / Lhenice - see top providers in Česká Republika
ISP Name / ISP URL: Internet CZ A.S. /
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Czech Web Host Uses Virtuozzo - Web hosting control panel developer SWsoft ( announced on Friday that Czech Republic Web hosting provider FORPSI ( has launched new virtual server offerings powered by SWsoft Virtuozzo virtualization software.    
FORPSI Virtual Servers use SWsoft's patented Virtuozzo technology to create virtual private servers on a single physical server and operating system, optimizing the use of hardware, software and other resources. FORPSI Virtual Servers provide a range of Web hosting services, including administration of Web sites, FTP, DNS, email and databases.  The Web host offers two basic and professional virtual servers. The basic server provides a control panel for 10 domain names with 1Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth and 3GB disk storage, while the professional server includes 30 domain names with 2 Mbps of bandwidth and 15GB of disk storage. Both servers are available for Windows or Linux, and start at 300 Czech crowns a month (approximately US $14). "SWsoft ... [search all news]

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Diederik Roliery (drol@G...) / didnotwork.ccc
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Stay away from these scammers. They bill you for a year and when you need support they're taking days to answer. Seems they only have one person for support. They also did not want refund us for the remaining months.

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