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About FeBox

FeBox was founded in 2003 with the initiative to provide web hosting solutions that are made of utmost quality and efficiency for all aspects of the hosting market. Our vast server and technology experience ensures that our client's business application gets the best possible attention. We mold these solutions around our client's needs so that the end-product is one that is done right the first time around.

Why Us

We will always be there when you need us, period. We're sure that's not enough for you, it wouldn't be enough for us, so we'll explain what really makes FeBox a trusted web hosting provider:

100% Network Uptime
The industry standard is 99.999% uptime, but we feel that due to our extensive redundant setup, 100% is a piece of cake. Any less and we'll be paying for part of your bill.

24/7 Direct Line to Engineers
No voicemail, call center, or a tech to have you run some "tests", you will reach one of our engineers everytime you call the support line.

Expansive Range of Solutions
We look out for you:
From the moment you begin using our services, we don't just treat you like a client, but as a business partner. We will not become a "yes-man" by simply agreeing to something that you will outgrow in a month. Every purchase you request, we will evaluate it to see if that is the best route to take. With many of our clients, we actually use the the service they provide or have even lined up prospects for them! It helps when your provider knows who they are providing for, doesn't it?

Tailored Solutions
When your application is down, you are losing money by the second. Then, to add insult to injury, your company image degrades. If you don't have a solution in mind to conquer your issue, whether it be an application that is about to boom with traffic, storage woes, security paranoia--we can bring the firepower.

The IronPanel
When you signed up with a past provider, did they send you an email with 5 usernames and passwords for all of the services you just purchased? Yeah, we thought so. That’s why we created the IronPanel. Since there are just too many features to put in a sentence, we detailed some of the features below.

- Unique secure login system designed by us
- Support tickets
- Billing
- Add support staff
- View your server specs
- View your bandwidth graphs
- Reboot your servers
- Reload your servers operating system
- View your IP addresses
- Manage reverse DNS entries for your IPs
- Much more.

Our Datacenters

FeBox is situated in two of Equinix's largest facilities. We currently operate out of a 180,000 square foot facility and a 340,000 square foot facility. These multi-hundred million dollar datacenters are located in Secaucus, New Jersey. These and any future datacenters we select have one common factor, they are their own building. We will never situate ourselves where the servers are located inside another building of business, and especially a building with floors that do anything but house servers.

By having these datacenters at our disposal, we are able to maintain a very high level of security and have plenty of room for future expansion.

Our facilities key features include:

24/7 manned onsite security
Individuals must pass through 5 biometric handscanners from the entry into the facility to the entry into the server cage
Man-trap prevents anyone from leaving or entering without passing through normal security procedures
Exterior is anonymous with no signage and no windows
CCTV cameras throughout the facility
Shipping docks are walled off from critical areas
Exterior walls are bullet resistant

Our Network
We utilize only the best in networking hardware and bandwidth to handle your application's connectivity. Our network was designed with the mindset of getting the packet there in the fastest and most stable way possible.

How we do it:

Both of our datacenters have diverse redundant fiber drops from our bandwidth providers, diverse redundant private links between the 2 datacenters, and redundant core routers. The fiber entering the facilities are on diverse circuits to prevent against accidental fiber cuts. Our "U" shaped design enables our network to stay online by either routing through the private link between the datacenters, or the primary bandwidth provider for the datacenter.

Our Network - Hardware

FeBox's network is comprised of all Force10 hardware. We use their E-series routers at our edge with their S-series access switches to provide our racks with as much bandwidth as they need. Their TeraScale E-series hardware holds the industry's highest in throughput, with the capability of processing over 1 billion packets per second at line rate. They also feature a 3-processor design where switching, routing, and management functionalities are distributed over their appropriate processors. This ensures maximum uptime and superb resiliency.

This technology is also used in other large network-demanding enviornments such as American Express, Google, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Dedicated Servers
Servers, the specialized computers that makes the Internet what it is today. We use only the highest quality parts that are meant for demanding server environments, which means no tower cases or power supplies meant for a desktop computer. Before you purchase servers with us, you will be consulting with one of our engineers that knows what's best. We will make sure you get exactly what you need with a plan already in mind for when it's time to scale.

We offer our dedicated servers in two ways, unmanaged and fully managed.

Unmanaged servers are for those who have the technical know-how of managing a server, and fully managed is the other side of the spectrum.

Our fully managed servers are handled by our engineers who have detailed information on every server and formation. Rest assured that you will not need to re-explain yourself each time you need work done on your deployment.

Co-Location Services
We understand that sometimes purchasing your own specialized hardware is a better option for you. Because of this, we offer co-location services so we can still manage your server deployment. Your servers will be in one of the most secure facilities in the world. We take gentle care of them as if they were our own.

Shared Hosting

As of October 2008, we have forwarded our shared hosting services over to our recently aquired virtual web hosting company, MediaCatch. They will be handling all virtual hosting services which include the following:

- Domain registrations
- Shared/Virtual Web Hosting
- Virtual Private Servers
- Small personal dedicated servers
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