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About Engine Hosting

We here at EngineHosting specialize in load-balanced, highly available, clustered web-hosting solutions. While our solutions are highly optimized for clients in need of ExpressionEngine hosting, they work equally as well for other dynamic web applications based on PHP and MySQL. We provide only fully-managed web-hosting solutions, including extensive on and off-site backups, and monitor all of our network operations with in-house and extensive 3rd-party global-monitoring locations. Our primary focal points as a web hosting solutions provider are Security, Performance and Stability. Every choice we make is based on these three goals.

We currently operate out of four state-of-the-art data centers in three different cities in North America: Minneapolis, Minnesota; Edina, Minnesota; Fremont, California, and Reston, VA.

In 1998 Nevin Lyne founded Gippy's Internet Solutions, a technology consulting company focused on primarily the high performance web server needs of a group of niche industries.

In 2002, Nevin Lyne and Rick Ellis met, and formed a partnership which opened pMachineHosting.com in October of that year, to provide secure and stable hosting for the growing community of pMachine Pro, Rick Ellis' original blogging/CMS tool.

In 2005, we shifted our primary data center location to Minneapolis, Minnesota from our single location in Fremont, California, keeping the Fremont location in place, and starting our voyage away from non-load-balanced web hosting solutions to fully load-balanced web hosting in the process.

In 2007, pMachineHosting.com changed its name to EngineHosting.com to better communicate our focus on fully load-balanced, clustered web hosting solutions for ExpressionEngine, and other apache/mysql/php based web applications which continued the tradition of our focus on Security, Performance and Stability for our web hosting clients.

In 2007, added a partnership with Userscape, Inc. the makers of the advanced helpdesk web application, HelpSpot, again focused on providing hosting services to a market with a critical need of our three business focuses, Security, Performance and Stability.

In 2008, we expanded to a third data center location with an eye towards disaster recovery and off-site backups conducted over fully private metro-optical ethernet connections. This data center location is directly linked to our primary data center for higher performance and full security of data in transit between the two locations, rather than relying on routing across the public Internet. Our support/help desk systems are also run out of this data center.

In 2009, EngineHosting.com continued our focus on our primary goals by moving our infrastructure into the cloud computing world by fully using the advanced technologies of VMware vSphere. This included automated high availability, "Live migration" of any service between physical servers or storage arrays, and the full separation of our services from the underlying hardware that drive our infrastructure.

In late 2009 and beyond, we will be introducing more exciting new products and services for our clients, and continuing to push our focus on providing our clients with solutions rather than excuses.
Lead Staff Members

Julie Lau - Majority Partner - Director of Operations
Her web experience started in college with web site development in 1995 while she was getting her BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Mills College, and continued while assisting the Department of Immunology at the Mayo Clinic with their web site development needs. She now has a Masters of Science in Immunology from the Mayo Graduate School and continues her love for the Internet by making sure everything at EngineHosting flow smoothly.

Nevin Lyne - Founding Partner - Director of Technology
For over 20 years, Nevin Lyne has worked with servers and networking in a number of technology sectors, as well as over 25 years of computer and online experience overall. His clients have included small businesses, to enterprise level institutions like the Mayo Clinic. In 1998, Nevin founded Gippy's Internet Solutions, a provider of hosting and web-based services and solutions for a very select group of clients. As the Founder of EngineHosting, and the Director of Technology, Nevin brings a wealth of experience and a proven commitment to our clients.

Laurie Ruggles - Director of Client Operations
Laurie has worked in technology for over 25 years beginning as a technical user advocate, technical analyst, and a technical writer to operations and management for technology companies. Laurie works daily to improve the EngineHosting experience including support and developer relations.

Network Infrastructure Overview

EngineHosting operates out of 4 state-of-the art data centers in four different cities in North America;

The highly secure, redundant infrastructure at each of the data center locations help to protect and ensure you are up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Network Infrastructure

Each data center location utilizes a minimum of three connections to top upstream providers, with GigE or greater connectivity to each upstream. Combined with our own internal high performance, and redundant network infrastructure to ensure continued high performance, and reliable web hosting solutions.
Regulated Climate Control

Our HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems have full particle filtering and humidity control. The environment within each of the data centers is maintained at a proper temperature and humidity level to ensure that our servers are functioning at their best in an optimal environment.
Backup Power Systems

We do not rely upon the local power grid to guarantee uptime. Our data centers' on-site, diesel-powered generators and centralized UPS (Uninterruptible power supplies) provide power conditioning and ensure uninterrupted dedicated hosting data center operation. The generators and UPSs are regularly tested to make certain that they will function as needed in the event of an emergency.
Data Center Security

Our server and network infrastructure are physically isolated from everyone but our senior technicians within private cage space or locked cabinets. Monitored by closed circuit television and onsite security personnel, the facilities also utilize multiple levels of swipe card, proximity + PIN code and/or biometric hand-scan units to provide further layers of security.
24x7 World-wide Monitoring

Network Operations Center (NOC) staff monitors the network and server infrastructures, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We use both our own internal, between data center monitoring systems, as well as 3rd party monitoring solutions utilizing multiple global locations. Sr. Network engineers are always on-call, and available, in the event of an major emergency. Our dedicated web solutions clients can also select from multiple Support SLA agreement levels, to better match their specific needs or corporate policies.

All of this, along with our 100% Uptime SLAs, lets you enjoy peace-of-mind year round when you choose a managed load-balanced web hosting or dedicated server solution from EngineHosting.

Data Center Locations

* Minneapolis, Minnesota (primary)
* Edina, Minnesota (support)
* Fremont, California (secondary)
* Reston, Virginia (secondary)

Monitoring Station Locations

* Houston, TX
* Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Hong Kong, China
* Sydney, Australia
* Sao Paulo, Brazil

Our Advantage

Highly scalable managed hosting plans you can grow with. From basic managed shared hosting solutions through to high performance load-balanced dedicated server solutions to support your large-scale, mission critical applications, including ExpressionEngine and Helpspot along with other CMS, e-commerce, and SaaS applications.


We use state-of-the-art load-balanced clustering technology which enables groups of servers to work in unison to handle web, e-mail and other vital services for our clients. Our F5 load-balancers track the performance of the servers in each cluster, and send new traffic requests to the server that is currently handling the least number of requests, and is also responding the fastest to new requests. If one of the servers in a cluster is too slow, or not responding at all, requests are sent on to other servers in the cluster, making sure requests are handled quickly and correctly.

Performance Tuned

Our staff constantly monitor and evaluate our shared and dedicated web hosting solutions. With years of experience managing dynamically generated web sites, we have the know-how to get the absolute best performance possible from our servers and network.


Clients can easily and quickly be moved between our different hosting solutions as their site needs grow and change. A client can easily migrate from simple shared web hosting all the way up to a complex load-balanced dedicated web server solution seamlessly. Likewise, our web hosting clusters can be upgraded and additional servers added at any time, allowing us to scale and increase cluster capacity without affecting uptime or performance during the growth.

Fast Networks

Our data center locations are outfitted with redundant GigE/OC12 or greater connections to the net through top transit providers and our own servers are all interconnected with, at a minimum of, GigE Ethernet. Likewise, our servers and clusters are dedicated to specific tasks enabling us to better optimize the systems and fine tune the performance. Separated services ensure that our web server clusters do not have to expend processing power to handle email accounts, for example. This approach is in stark contrast to most hosting companies which run all services associated with a particular web site on a single server.

Business Availability

Starting with our Tipping Point Intrusion Prevention Systems, Juniper SSG Firewalls, F5 Network load-balancers, and Netapp storage arrays, down to the high-quality rack-mounted servers from Sun, IBM, and Dell, everything we have incorporated into our network is designed around performance and availability. All of this allows our customers to enjoy consistent performance regardless of traffic or load, as well as uninterrupted service, even if a hardware failure occurs. Clustering also allows hardware and software upgrades to happen with almost zero down-time.

In-House Support

We directly support our clients so there is no outsourcing to a call center nor are support emails handled by people unfamiliar with our systems or network. Instead, our staff handles all support requests directly, enabling us to give factual answers about your site, our servers and network, or anything revolving around services provided to our clients.

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Owner: Gippy's Internet Solutions, LLC
Web Site Title: Managed SSD VPS Solutions | Load-balanced Web Hosting for the Dynamic Web | EngineHosting
Website Description: EngineHosting - Load-balanced hosting solutions optimized for dynamically driven web sites and applications. Specializing in HelpSpot, WordPress, ExpressionEngine and other PHP and MySQL based web applications.
Links to the site: 91
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Server Software: Apache
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ISP Name / ISP URL: Arcustech LLC / arcustech.com
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TestimonialsCustomer testimonials

"I have moved nearly all of my web design clients to Engine Hosting over the past five years because a) they don't overload their shared-hosting servers, so that even tiny sites display instantly b) they have very friendly, knowledgeable, US-based 24/7 support either by phone or email (and you get a very fast reply to any email requests), c) their servers are very secure and d) they are extremely cheap - $10 per month for top-quality hosting with multiple databases, perfect for clients who need either WordPress or Expression Engine blogs."
Suuzen Ty Anderson ( sta00@u... ) / sandiegolawfirm.com

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About: Load-Balanced hosting solutions
optimized for dynamically driven
web sites and applications

Engine Hosting is a Privately Held entity having followers on LinkedIn and 2-10 employees, industry Internet.
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