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-anonymous- (-hidden-)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Lies about 24/7 Support!!!
eBound Host lies about their 24/7 support. During the day they do have technicians that are available at night via the email or phone. However, at night, they just have a foreigner that can barely speak english telling you, "someone will answer your ticket as soon as possible." and they are not available via phone mysteriously. Out of the dozen times I have requested support at night (even extremely serious issues such as the site being down), they will NEVER RESPOND until normal business hours the next day. If you actually want 24/7 support, eboundhost is NOT THE COMPANY FOR YOU!!! I have never dealt with a host so dishonest.
RG (ornatemag@y...) / rahulgladwin.com
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Reliable rock-solid VPS
I've been hosting on an Eboundhost VPS since Feb 2010 and moved here from shared hosting.

I've rarely used their support, so can't comment much on that; all I can say is that few times I used their support, they responded within 5 minutes. One day, I got a random call on my cell-phone from Eboundhost requesting my feedback on their hosting.

In summary, their VPS is rock-solid and extremely fast with absolutely no down-time whatsoever. After comparing all the VPS hosting packages, I only decided to go with Eboundhost because they are provided much more on the same pricing others are providing.

But don't take my word for it. My website URL is www.rahulgladwin.com - you can check out my server speed, etc. I am proud to be part of this family.
Louis Persson (lpersson25@c...) / jerseywalker.com
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I am an old man and an amateur at web sites. ebound has helped me with a few startup problems. Otherwise, they've just been a fast, reliable web host. I've had few enough problems that I can't comment on customer support response times. This is, probably, because they publish clear instructions.

I have a lot of large JPEG's and PNG's on the site and so I was concerned about speed. I check speed and availability by uploading my site every few weeks (after clearing memory on my browser). Speed is very good. Reliability has been 100%.

I pay $83.40 for 12 months hosting.

I'm a happy customer
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Services: Web HostingDomain Registration

About EboundHost

eBoundHost is a Chicago based web hosting provider catering to the needs of small business and home users. Extensive experience comes from hosting thousands of websites with very different requirements and audiences. Customers include individuals and businesses worldwide, from the United States of America to China, the Middle East, Australia and everywhere between. Our signature service, the all encompassing hosting platform, is backed by the unwavering commitment to strive for excellence through impeccable design and diligent implementation.

To provide trouble-free web hosting services. To establish customer confidence with an aggressive follow through and outstanding customer service.

The Internet has long since become ingrained into the daily operations of business. E-communication is taken for granted and expected to work with incredible speed and full time availability. Your website needs to be available to all Internet visitors at all times. The role of eBoundHost is to allow you to focus on daily operations of your business by providing a trouble free technological base. We take care of your website while you take care of your business.

3,896 Days Of Uptime

Keeping our Service Level Agreement uptime promise since the year 2000, we consistently experience less than 15 minutes of unscheduled downtime per month. It's a spectacular track record.

Fantastic USA (Chicago) Based Technical Support

No complicated phone menus, you call, we pick up the phone. If we are not available to answer your call immediately, send an email and most issues will be resolved within 30 minutes, guaranteed. Our tech support team is the best in the industry, we know this because customers tell us all the time.

Rock Solid Hosting Platform

Server hardware custom designed from ground up for maximum reliability. Bullet-proof operating system built with security and speed in mind. Final piece of the puzzle is the cPanel hosting platform for easy customer navigation and control.

We Genuinely Care About Your Uptime

Whether its their fault, our fault or nobody's fault, the customer is always right, and when their website is down, it's treated as an emergency. We value your business and go the extra mile to make sure your hosting experience is a good one.

Your Personal IT Team

Web Hosting is complicated, but we are here to make it easy. Trust our team of experts to take the burden off your shoulders. Focus on your own business and let us take care of your website and email. We can offer this freedom so you can accellerate your future.

Easy Migration Path

If you can make a backup file with your current hosting company, we can help to move your account to our servers with almost no downtime. If you don't have access to a backup file, our experts can help you make the move anyway.

Custom Built

Our servers are built in-house from top-shelf enterprise components from Intel, LSI, Seagate, Nvidia and others. Longevity and reliability are valued over cost and appearance. The equipment is often in service for the duration of its useful lifetime and retired without downtime. We do not cut corners and buy only the best equipment from reliable vendors.

Ugly Servers

These systems do not look like your average desktop computer, they are a case study in industrial efficiency, where form-over-function mentality has no place. Sharp corners, loud fans and they come in any color you want, as long as its black. These servers are designed for one thing only, to host your website in the most efficient manner possible.

Located in a carrier neutral, Tier III+, 2N+1, SAS 70 Type II compliant facility, the eBoundHost data center is the very definition of State of the Art. It is one of the most secure, most redundant data centers in the USA and one of the premiere data centers worldwide.

Video surveillance and electronic motion sensors provide continuous interior and exterior observation and 30-day retained storage. The building's single entry point is outfitted with security sensors, vandal resistant and bulletproof glass, biometric hand scanning, mantraps, private parking lot and a secure loading dock.


Peering with some of the largest Tier 1 bandwidth providers, we are truly a carrier neutral host. Whether you will arrive to our network through XO, AboveNet, Level(3), SAVVIS, AT&T or Quest, depends on the current optimal route to your location. On the rare occasion when a provider goes down, traffic is simply rerouted to the surviving links without any outages to end users.

Located conveniently in the heart of the continental USA, it's a short hop to any metropolitan center. Your visitors in Los Angeles and Seattle will have just as fast of a response as those in New York and Miami.

Our international network shows the following ping times:

* UK: 105 ms
* France: 119 ms
* Germany: 119 ms
* Moscow: 148 ms
* Israel: 176 ms
* Turkey: 169 ms
* Japan: 186 ms
* Hong Kong: 225 ms
* Shanghai: 223 ms
* Beijing: 257 ms
* Australia: 216 ms
* South Africa: 276 ms

Electrical Power Infrastructure

* Power room is a fully independent Electrical Distribution Matrix with dual feed source support
* On-Site diesel fuel-based power generation
* Diverse power rack PDU distribution in 120/208, NEMA or IEC receptacles
* Multiple power lineups with high density deployments
* Redundant power infrastructure on all system levels
* Power backup systems include redundant APC Power Distribution Units (A+B)

Electrical Power Generators

* Three 1.25 MW and three 2.25 MW Caterpillar and Cummins generators
* 48-hour on-site fuel capacity per generator
* Multiple re-fueling contracts

Facility HVAC

* Twenty 135-ton custom Trane rooftop units
* Over 1000 cfm for each supply and return
* Multiple thermal layers and real-time electronic adjustment of cooling needs for each individual cage or cabinet space
* Multiple Liebert CRAC units provide cooling for electrical rooms and private micro-suite data centers

Fire Protection

* Pre-action multi-zoned VESDA smoke detection system monitoring all areas of data center
* Two-stage dry pipe suppression system with localized distribution

eboundhost.com Cover
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PlansWebsite Products

Shared - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Unlimited +FREE DOMAIN $3.00/mo.unlimitedunmetered
Home by eBoundHost FREE Domain 200 GB HD/2,000 GB BandwfeaturesServer Specs Provided:Dual XeonSCSI HDDRAID Controller4GB RAMRemote Reboot100 Megabit PortOperating System:LinuxWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLSQL ServerPostgreSQLWeb Hosting Server Features:FTP AccountsCron [...]$6.55/mo.200 GB2 TB
Unmetered $9.00/mo.unlimitedunmetered
Professional - eBoundHost FREE Domain 300GB HD/3000GB BandwfeaturesServer Specs Provided:Dual XeonIntel CPUSCSI HDDRAID Controller4GB RAMFree RebootsRemote Reboot100 Megabit PortOperating System:LinuxWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLSQL ServerPostgreSQLOther DatabasesWeb Hosting Server [...]$9.99/mo.300 GB3 TB
Dedicated - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
DedicatedfeaturesManaged$99.00/mo. $99 Setup Fee1000 GBunmetered
Reseller - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Unlimited +FREE DOMAIN $3.00/mo.unlimitedunmetered
Virtual Dedicated - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
eBoundHost VPS 100 GB Storage 8 GB RAMfeaturesServer Specs Provided:Dual XeonSCSI HDDRAID ControllerFree RebootsRemote Reboot100 Megabit PortOperating System:LinuxWeb Server Software Offered:ApacheDatabases Features:MySQLmSQLPostgreSQLOracleOther DatabasesWeb Hosting Server Features:FTP [...]$25.99/mo.100 GBN/A
VPS - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
VPS-BIZ $25.00/mo.100 GB400 GB
VPS-PRO $49.00/mo.300 GB750 GB
Domains - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
Price Updated
Home by eBoundHost 5 domains 200 GB HD/2,000 GB Bandw $6.55/yr.

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Owner: eBoundHost.com
Web Site Title: eBoundhost - Better Cloud VPS services
Website Description: Provider of linux VPS Hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated servers. Offering a robust and reliable linux vps service. Our linux virtual private servers will allow you to service your customers and let us worry about your IT. Virtual dedicated server with 300 gb storage, 8 gb ram and other vps [...]
Targeting: United States
Site in business since:
Links to the site: 148
Details for http://eboundhost.com/
Website DNS: MX::alt2.aspmx.l.google.com => ( Mountain View ) / Google LLC - google.com
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home1.eboundhost.com => ( Skokie ) / EboundHost.com
Server Software: Apache
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United states / Illinois / Skokie - see top providers in United States, Illinois
ISP Name / ISP URL: EboundHost.com / eboundhost.com
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eBoundHost Offers WordPressPlan - Web hosting provider eBoundHost (eboundhost.com) announced on Friday it has launched its new WordPress engine-based Web hosting plan, BLOG >.
Open source software WordPress features a WYSIWYG interface for publishing text, and includes bold face, italicized font, ordered and un-ordered lists and simple management of hyperlinks. This intuitive system enables users to quickly publish content to the Internet without any HTML knowledge. eBoundHost BLOG> hosting plan is priced at $5.00 per month, and includes 20GB of storage, 500GB of transfer and a free domain name. The hosting plan includes a full-hour of customizations in the first month of hosting and a half-hour every following month, providing customers with access to an expert with hundreds of hours of troubleshooting and customizing experience to help with any questions. [search all eboundhost.com news]

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About: eBoundHost provides professional web hosting solutions. Since 2000, we have been doing business the old fashioned way --- focusing on the customer. Customers love us because we are competitively priced, we are very good at what we do, and we have US-based, 24/7, customer support --- where we actually answer the phone and support our customers.

We're not programmers, we're not search engine specialists and we can't design websites. However, if blazing fast
web site hosting or affordable VPS or dedicated hosting, with exceptional customer support, is what you need, we are here to help.

eBoundHost also provides fully managed, redundant, off-site, secure, encrypted, data back-up solutions with a custom, hands-on approach.

eBoundHost (est. 2000) is a Privately Held entity having 59 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Internet.
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EboundHost Blog  Using Wordpress version 4.9.6. Blog added on 2011 Oct, with total 89 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- Magento 2.2.3, 2.1.12 and 2.0.18 Security Update - Magento Commerce and Open Source 2.2.3, 2.1.12 and 2.0.18 contain multiple security enhancements that help close Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), authenticated Admin user remote code execution (RCE) and ...
- Magento Security Patch Update: SUPEE-10570 - SUPEE-10570, Magento Commerce and Open Source contain multiple security enhancements that help close remote code execution (RCE), cross-site scripting (XSS), and other issues. These ...
- Magento Security Patch 10415 Reminder - SUPEE-10415, Magento Commerce and Open Source contain multiple security enhancements that help close cross-site request forgery (CSRF), Denial-of-Service (DoS) and authenticated ...

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Rahul (rsssingh555@h...) / rahulgladwin.com
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Very reliable and high-quality VPS hosting. Customer service is outstanding. The only problem is the slow execution of PHP scripts.
privatednsserver (-no email-)
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Better Never, excellent service if you want be safe and build your business without worries, they are your backbone, 100% recommended
Jindrich Radic (-no email-)
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I have been with eBoundHost.com since 2006. These guys provide services of excellence. They answer questions in minutes at any day/night time. It means they provide a real 24/7/365 support.
If your website ((x)HTML, PHP, MySQL databases) is well written then you will not need to contact them. There was always an error caused by my scripts!
Uptime is great! There servers are incredibly fast and reliable.
These guys can ask more money than they do ($3.95 for shared hosting at the time).

I recommended them to my brother (www.alarmyvyskocil.cz) and friends of mine (www.dickgreasley.com and www.romanmarsalek.cz). All of them could not be happier.
Clarence J. (webmaster@h...)
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
This was one of most sluggish vps providers I have ever ran into.
Also decided to leave their hosting package they tried to take all my hosted customers :(
Then told me Will send a check for whats left on your hosted package still nothing to this day and over 2 months. They keep moving servers without your knowledge and I had to get my memory allocation corrected!
Thank you for that review, Clarence. I think what you really need is a full time consulting firm to help you with your technology problems, not an unmanaged hosting account.

Just as a note for everyone reading, he abused our support staff with profanity laced emails and phone calls, blaming us for problems he caused to his own sites. And this is after months of our patiently reimaging and reinstalling his custom software (which is outside of normal boundaries of support). We refunded his money and asked him to leave.

Now he goes from site to site and leaves bad reviews. We host tens of thousands of websites, untold numbers of VPS's, whole data center full of dedicated servers, but you only see Clarence giving us bad reviews. Sign up today and ask for the "clarence" discount and we'll give you a 30 day free trial to evaluate our service.


Customer service representative (artur@e..., ).

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