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About Dynamic Net

Started in June 1995 as PMP Computer Solutions and then incorporated in Pennsylvania as Dynamic Net, Inc. has been providing business Internet services since September 1996. Currently serving 600 customers worldwide, Dynamic Net, Inc. is a fully managed hosting provider and the provider of facility and non-facility based managed services.

Dynamic Net, Inc. offers a full range of web hosting services ranging from shared hosting to ecommerce hosting to virtual private servers to unmanaged dedicated servers to managed dedicated servers.

About DNI

Our core focus as a company is serving small and medium businesses by combining extremely high quality web hosting and server management solutions with friendly, attentive customer service.

What does that mean to our clients? Simply put, we’re dedicated to making sure your site performs at an extremely high level, has a myriad of security layers, and is backed up in multiple ways to ensure business continuity regardless of events outside your or our control.

We can’t promise you’ll never experience any bad luck or challenging circumstances, but we can promise you we’ve invested in architecture, people, and planning to mitigate the impact of those sometimes unforeseen bumps in the road.

Beyond that, we strive to deliver the solution with customer service completely uncommon in our, or nearly any, technical industry. One of the more common sentiments we hear from clients, especially if they call, is their surprise that a human being answered the telephone, but we believe that’s a critical step in providing the quickest, most personal support we can offer.

We do things the right way because our experience in this industry has taught us over and over again that cutting corners to compete on price alone will eventually cost clients far more than a few dollars per month…it could cost them their reputation or even their business.

Company Background
Dynamic Net, Inc. is a fully managed hosting provider and the provider of facility and non-facility based server management and security services. Often times, we’re actually the server management or server security team behind other hosting companies and data centers.

DNI was founded in June 1995 as PMP Computer Solutions and incorporated in January 1998 as Dynamic Net, Inc. We’ve cultivated long-term relationships with the overwhelming majority of our clients and we view our customer focus and customer commitment as being a major factors why we have such low customer turnover compared to the industry.

Why DNI?
Why us? Quite simply because we’ve designed our services and hosting packages to provide one thing: peace of mind.

We don’t care if you need to a host a site for your local youth baseball team or if you need 24×7 server management and monitoring on a 20-server cluster, because we know our clients all fundamentally want the same thing.

They want a company that is experienced and willing to help them fill in the gaps of their own knowledge, whether it’s a question about PCI Compliance, help setting up an email account, or an extensive security package for dedicated servers.

Give us a try and experience the DNI difference on a wide variety of web hosting, server management, and server security services today!

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Targeting: United States

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Dynamic Net Migrates Hardware - Web hosting, Internet server administration and security provider Dynamic Net (dynamicnet.net) announced on Monday it has completed major hosting migration for a universal hardware and facilities upgrade in Cincinnati, Ohio. The move marks the first time Dynamic Net has migrated hosting clients to a completely new environment in nearly four years. "We made this move because we had the opportunity to upgrade to a superior facility that included improved infrastructure, increased physical security, and a vast list of improvements across the board," says Peter Abraham, CEO of Dynamic Net. "Our drive to continually improve on everything we do is critical in not only keeping our servers fast and reliable, but in keeping our clients safe and secure behind the scenes."
 The new facility, which has maintained 100 percent power availability for 18 consecutive years - includes raised floors, 24-hour hardware technicians, redundant carrier grade Internet links and redundant forms of backup ... [search all dynamicnet.net news]

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About: Dynamic Net provides PCI Compliant web site hosting, email hosting, database hosting and DNS hosting; and, is a managed service provider.

We are focused on customer service, and providing a secure environment for one to grow their business online.

Dynamic Net, Inc. (est. 1995) is a Privately Held entity having 13 followers on LinkedIn and 2-10 employees, industry Internet.
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Dynamic Net Blog  Using Wordpress version 4.7.2. Blog added on Feb, 2012, with total 15 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- TLSv1.0 and PCI Compliance. - Pci DSS compliance states by June 2016 that TLSv1.0 must be disabled. The downside to this is any browser IE10 and prior will not work to connect to your website. Those clients will need to upgrade ...
- Glibc Ghost Vulnerability - On 1/27/2015 we were notified by our software vendors of a critical flaw in the Linux glibc library CVE-2015-0235 affecting all Centos, Redhat and Cloudlinux servers. After our vendors released OS ...
- HeartBleed Openssl Critial Security Issue. - On 4/7/2014 a critical flaw in openssl became public. Openssl published a page called CVE-2014-0160 (also known as the Heartbleed bug).http://heartbleed.com/ We immediately began patching all managed ...

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