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Website DNS: MX::ctrl-alt-deli.com => ( Wolverhampton ) / VeloxServ Communications Ltd - veloxserv.co.uk
ns1.scotia-it.com => ( London ) / OSHS Ltd - oshs.co.uk
ns2.scotia-it.com => ( Dallas ) / Limestone Networks Inc. - limestonenetworks.com
Server Software: Apache|PHP/5.5.32
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IP Location Country/State/City: United kingdom / England / Wolverhampton - see top providers in Great Britain
ISP Name / ISP URL: VeloxServ Communications Ltd / veloxserv.co.uk

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Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
This site still displays out of date info 3 years at least - this is from the actual previous owner of the domain and not the incumbent domain park/whatever you would call them.

They are unfortunately arrogant and so the details listed are entirely wrong as of this date and a long time before, in fact entirely.

Enjoy this site.

This does not refer to the domain name listed about but the domain name 'lister' - that is the site you are seeing this on as in here.

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