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About Contegix

Contegix provides high-level managed hosting solutions for enterprise applications and infrastructure. We deliver proactive, passionate support that is unparalleled in the industry.

Contegix is an award-winning managed hosting provider with a hard-won reputation for reliable hosting, reasonable pricing and expert support that goes beyond managed hosting. We've worked hard to earn the respect and loyalty of our customers by ensuring everything we do - from our hosting infrastructure to our services and support - are simply the best in the industry. All of our hosting solutions are built atop premium hardware, applications and technology and located in a world-class data center that serves as the area's technology center for almost every major data and voice provider in the region. Our internal processes and controls allow us to rate some of the highest level security certifications and standards compliance, ensuring every customer is secure in knowing their data is safe with us and their systems are compliant with regulations.

Without a doubt, the singular best part about working with Contegix is the people. We've built a team of exceptional professionals who are simply the best at what they do. All of our engineers are located on-site at our secure data center facility, alongside your hardware and applications. Every single engineer is a level 3 support engineer, which means that these individuals are experts in their field and are capable of every level of support as well as research and development of solutions to new or unknown issues. This is why every time you call Contegix, the person that answers the phone or returns your email is capable of answering your question and guiding you on infrastructure design, implementation and configuration of your applications.

In short, we strive to be leaders at everything we do. From delivering high level hosting, providing passionate support, to ensuring connectivity for enterprise applications - we lead by example.

The name "Contegix" stems from the Latin word "contego" which means "to shield or to protect". Our philosophy is to take every precaution possible, from our redundant power to intelligently routed network to our management principles, to ensure that your Internet presence is shielded from downtime.

Contegix Core Values

Our name is based on the Latin word contego meaning "to protect." That’s our mission: to protect clients from the unknown, so they can focus on their businesses. Whether it’s by safeguarding their data and infrastructures, or by testing their systems and configurations to ensure uptime, we go to every length to make our clients' jobs easier, and better, so they can relax… because we don’t.

1. Wow the customer every time, every engagement with integrity and no exceptions.

To say we place customer priorities first would be putting it mildly. We don’t want to meet our customers’ expectations; we want to exceed them in every way possible. This includes every aspect of our business including customer service, account management, billing and reception. If a problem or question does arise, we have an average five-minute response time (yes, 300 seconds). The reply call isn’t from an auto-responder or an operator, but from a Tier 3 technician who is aware of the client’s system and service, and has a solution in the works.

Contegix clients are our biggest fans and promoters, and they rely on us to worry about things, so they don’t have to. Nothing could happen here without them, and their best interests are first and foremost in every action we take.

2. Respect people, time and data.

Our customers are busy growing their business; their time and their data are priceless. Data is at the heart of every server, and our client’s best interest is at the core of every action. There is no convenient time for downtime or asking questions we should know the answer to.

We strive to be proactive with solutions before there are problems — regularly testing every system: loads, servers, ping, pipe, and power. We have imagined every worst-case scenario, and have planned for it. Our clients depend on us for mission-critical solutions so they can focus on their business. When a problem arises, there’s no "winging it" — we’ve got a solution ready. Our Tier-3 support team works from a continually improving playbook, built on a foundation of our best practices, processes and methodologies.

3. Foster communication through transparency.

Experience has taught us that it’s easier just to tell the truth, and we refuse to hide behind jargon or keep details to ourselves. Whether it’s with our employees, partners, or clients we know that nothing builds trust better than simple, straightforward facts. Clear communication keeps everyone on the same page, and leads to faster, better solutions. We know that when we remain completely transparent, our respect, passion and integrity show through at every turn.

4. Innovate.

Technology isn’t our industry; it’s our passion. We leverage technology and innovation in everything we do. Whether it’s building a system that puts a Tier-3 engineer on a ticket within 5 minutes, or building a system that puts pertinent information at the tip of our customer service reps fingers, if it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it.

We don’t only rely on technology to innovate, some of our innovations are decidedly low-tech. Our employee incentive programs and team huddles keep our staff motivated, informed and on-track. Innovation is how we help our clients and partners maintain their advantages and achieve their greatest potential.

5. Rapid accelerated growth.

If you’re going to change the world of hosting, you don’t want to wait until tomorrow. We set aggressive goals, and work hard to beat them. Our employees are encouraged to question everything - systems, processes and technology - so we can continuously improve. We know that the faster we grow our business, the better we’ll be equipped to help grow yours.

Powerful Infrastructure to Power Your Business

Contegix's data center is a world-class facility situated in the St. Louis region's premier carrier hotel, The Bandwidth Exchange Building. Our 27,000 square foot facilities include top notch security, redundancy in all critical systems, as well as our expert team—comprised exclusively of level 3 engineers. Our onsite Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed at all times, allowing us to monitor the network for performance issues and proactively troubleshoot any potential issues.
Secured Facility

Our state-of-the-art data center is housed in a secure facility tracked with closed circuit digital cameras, biometric hand scans, keycards, coded badges, controlled access after hours, security system monitoring, restricted access beyond the lobby, and security guards during regular business hours.
Multiple Connection Points

Our data center houses POPs for all of the major carriers operating in the region including Verizon, Level(3), Sprint, XO Communications and WilTel. This allows for "On-Net" connections to these providers. No local loops!
Multiple Redundant Power Supply

Based in downtown St Louis, we have access to multiple sources of electricity from both public and private, regulated and deregulated power-sellers, in addition to generator back-ups onsite.

We purchase premium hardware, standardized to allow for quick replacement, but customized for each client. Each server is unique in its build, but standardized at the component level. We do not use white boxes (generic pc's), as parts purchased one day may not be available when required. Hardware plans are available with a 30 minute replacement guarantee.
Locking Cabinets

Controlled access to your servers is a requirement for Sarbannes-Oxley and HIPAA, and other legal compliance.
Climate and Fire Suppression

VESDA smoke detectors, CRAC Units, and controlled access. Our system utilizes empty pipe fire suppression to prevent accidents while still maintaining fire codes.
Raised and Anti-Static Floors

Servers can be housed both on raised and anti-static floors. Raised floors improve access through data cabling, but static floors provide the benefit of automatic and safe discharge when you pull off a server.
Experts On-site 24/7/365

Our data center is staffed around the clock with an exclusive team of level-3 engineers who can assist you immediately should you have a challenge with your equipment.

A Fully Redundant & Fully Reliable Network

Contegix's network is comprised of top brand networking equipment from Juniper, Cisco and Foundry lying in a fully meshed configuration. The core of our network is fully redundant, with every switch or router having at least one redundant hot spare.

The Contegix network is connected to multiple Tier 1 network providers to minimize the network distance to the end user and to build network redundancy. We always ensure our network is below 50% total utilization. This allows peak network performance during normal traffic spikes.

Network Redundancy

From our redundant core, we supply two diverse network connections from two separate core switches. While only one connection is used to route traffic, the second connection is a hot-standby circuit ready to route traffic in the event of problem. The change-over to the hot-standby circuit happens instantly without any changes to the network configuration.

Intelligent Routing

Most network providers use standard BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) as their routing protocol. However, BGP's route selection process is limited and does not take individual network quality or performance into account when making routing decisions. To combat these issues, Contegix takes intelligent routing one step further. By supplementing BGP with several network metric tools, we can determine the quickest and most reliable path to the end user. Network samples are taken with small probes (UDP) across all available paths from our datacenter to the end user. Once the best path has been determined, the BGP routes are then manipulated to improve network performance. These real-time improvements allow for quick changes on an always changing Internet. The result is consistent end-to-end network performance for business critical applications.

Load Balancing For Peak Performance

Load balancing is typically used in order to enhance connections and efficiently distribute traffic among network servers to ensure application availability and performance. Contegix takes load balancing one step farther by building in proactive monitoring and management of your server availability and network performance.

When providing an online service, 100% uptime is the first requirement. Our data center connects to multiple providers, giving our system a broad range of options for access to the Internet. Load balancing enhances your connections, distributing traffic efficiently among network servers so that no individual server is overburdened. It can also allow the service to continue even in the face of server down time due to server failure or server maintenance. Proper load balancing and monitoring can actually increase the speed of your packets while improving the reliability of the entire network.

Traffic is often unpredictable, and even the best maintained servers can be overwhelmed during peak usage. Load balancing from Contegix includes enhanced monitoring of your servers at the bit level to establish benchmarks for measurement, giving us your baseline performance. This level of knowledge of your server allows us to proactively manage bottlenecks to prevent service slowdown or downtime. Cover
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Contegix Hosts Public Radio Exchange - Managed hosting provider Contegix ( announced on Wednesday it has been selected to provide hosting services for The Public Radio Exchange (, an online marketplace for distribution, review and licensing of public radio programming.
"Our business requires a highly available website and network but, it's important for us to spend our time and energy focused on solutions that directly provide benefit to our members," says Matt MacDonald, technical director at PRX. "Contegix has played a significant role, providing us with the ability to spend more time working directly with our customers and less time worrying about our technical infrastructure." The agreement between PRX and Contegix has also enabled the Exchange to scale its organization. As a growing social network and community of listeners, producers, and stations striving to reshape public radio, the Exchange needed the flexibility to scale up its technical infrastructure.Contegix offers customers its Beyond ... [search all news]

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About: Contegix® is a Cloud Computing, Colocation and Managed Hosting company that delivers Go Beyond Support to global customers from our St. Louis, MO headquarters. Our state-of-the-art, N+1 data center built in 2013, allows us to offer IPv6, HIPAA and PCI compliant solutions, along with multiple 10Gbps providers to customers.

A staff of Tier 3 Engineers provides 24/7 Application Management and Managed Services. Other services include supporting dedicated hardware, OS management, data protection and licensing management. With 5 major network providers and fully redundant critical systems, Contegix offers the most advanced customer hosting solutions in the region.

Founded in 2004, but with roots that date back to 2002, Contegix was listed as the Linux Journal’s Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite Linux-Friendly Web-Hosting Company, and has built a solid industry reputation entirely based on delivering peace of mind to both our valued Windows and Linux clients.

We serve customers [...]

Contegix (est. 2004) is a Privately Held entity having 412 followers on LinkedIn and 51-200 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
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Contegix Blog  Using Wordpress version 4.8.3. Blog added on 2010 Mar, with total 327 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
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